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Show cause notice served to Dr Rajanna Sreedhara by KMC

Bangalore: Dr Rajanna Sreedhara, a nephrologist at Fortis Hospital, Bannerghatta Road, has been served a show cause notice by Karnataka Medical Council (KMC) for having committed perjury and making false statements before the council on a case related to medical negligence which resulted in the death of Seema Rai in 2010.

KMC served the notice on a complaint filed by retired army officer Major Pankaj Rai who lost his wife, Seema, apparently due to a failed kidney-pancreas transplant surgery at Fortis Hospital, Bangalore in 2010.

Dr Sreedhara and Dr Ramcharan Thiagarajan, a transplant surgeon at the Fortis Hospital and whose name was removed from the Indian Medical Register as well as from the Register of KMC for a period of one year with effect from February 19 this year, were key accused in the case.

Major Pankaj Rai told India Medical Times, “Dr Sreedhara had committed perjury to obtain a clean chit from Karnataka Medical Council and had misled the Council. After my complaint, Karnataka Medical Council has issued a fresh show cause notice to him in ENQ51/2013.”

Major Rai, who complained that the hospital had no licence to conduct pancreas transplants, has also obtained some documentary evidence to substantiate his complaint.

“I will prove that that the registration of Fortis to perform transplant surgeries excluded pancreas. I have facts to support my case which also includes the opinions of Director General Health Services, Government of India,” he said.

“Fortis Hospital and Dr Rajanna Sreedhara have suppressed the fact that the hospital was not registered for performing pancreatic transplant surgery since they had not applied for pancreas along with the stipulated fee. Even if the hospital was authorised to perform pancreatic transplant surgery, the entire kidney-pancreas transplant surgery was illegal since Dr Ramcharan Thiagarajan, the transplant surgeon, was the Medical Coordinator of Zonal Coordination Committee of Karnataka for Transplantation (ZCCK) and therefore legally debarred from doing any cadaver organ transplant surgery in Karnataka.”

“Now, I have filed an application of perjury against Dr Thiagarajan in Karnataka High Court since he filed a writ petition questioning the cancellation of his registration for a period of one year,” he said.

Meanwhile, Fortis Hospital, Bangalore has provisionally been permitted by the Karnataka High Court to perform organ transplant surgeries, which had earlier been cancelled in 2011, till the government, records a fresh finding after giving a personal hearing to both Fortis and Major Pankaj Rai. The government has been directed to come out with their decision by December 12.

According to Major Pankaj Rai, Dr Sreedhara was supposed to appear before KMC on October 17, but he didn’t turn up. So, only Major Rai’s statements were recorded and another date i.e. October 31 has been issued by KMC for Dr Sreedhara to appear.

by Vidhi Rathee

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  1. I'm a selective activist I'm a selective activist Friday, December 20, 2013

    And a few days ago on this very website a heated debate went on about an extremely provocative doctor-bashing article.

    You have comments on almost every post on this website. You cite laws and regulations very well.

    But that famous post by Varun Patel – with over 100 comments – didn’t have any comment of yours. You didn’t protest the picture captioned “A pregnant woman in a government hospital.” Didn’t that violate “Section 7.17 of Code of Ethics Regulations 2002?” I’m not an expert like you. But you seem to be indulging in selective anti-doctor activism.

    Would you be a good citizen and use your selective-activist superstar connections to do justice to secure justice for the woman in that picture (if Dr. Patel cannot put up a signed consent form as required under Section 7.17 of Code of Ethics Regulations 2002 cited by you)? I failed to locate any such consent form on that article.


  2. Maj Pankaj Rai (Retd) Maj Pankaj Rai (Retd) Thursday, December 19, 2013

    Section 7.17 of Code of Ethics Regulations 2002 reads, “7.17 A registered medical practitioner shall not publish photographs or case reports of his / her patients without their permission, in any medical or other journal in a manner by which their identity could be made out. If the identity is not to be disclosed, the consent is not needed”.

    To cover up his acts of collusion and perjury Dr Sreedhara has done the worst things that a doctor has done – disclosing the details of a patient (my wife) without provocation on the Internet after her death. Knowing that this amounts to serious misconduct, not a single doctor in India has condemned this deplorable act of Dr Rajanna Sreedhara and that too by making mendacious statements with impunity. This speaks about the so called ethics of Malvinder Singh and Shivinder Singh and their Fortis group. Clearly, the loyalty of Fortis group is towards the wallet of their patients as has been the case of Rajanna Sreedhara.

    I appeal to the conscience of all doctors in India – please be human first and then doctors. If any doctor believes that the obnoxious way Rajanna Sreedhara discloed details of a patient is right, please do correct me. Doctors of Fortis should also realise that patients and their families are human beings and not just wallets having money in it.

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