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Doctor tries to make a difference beyond medicine

New Delhi: “It’s not the age which leads to decline of hormones; it is rather decline of hormones which leads to ageing,” says Dr V P Bansal, an orthopaedic surgeon who has been working on the concept of healthy ageing for the last ten years and has also come out with three books on the subject in addition to other research papers on demystifying the misconceptions about ageing and how ageing can be embraced by appropriate therapies.

Dr Ved Parkash Bansal
Dr Ved Parkash Bansal

Besides working on the novel concept of healthy ageing, he is also actively engaged in community and social programmes like rainwater harvesting and teaching poor kids besides giving medicine to the poor at low cost.

Dr Bansal has over 45 years of work experience in orthopaedics and rehabilitation, which includes 23 years at the Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER), Chandigarh where he last served as professor and head of the department of orthopaedics. In 1988, he assumed the role of director, Central Institute of Orthopaedics, Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi. He has also served as medical superintendent of Lok Nayak Jai Prakash (LNJP) Hospital, Delhi. He retired as Additional Director General of Health Services from the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare in 2000. As ADGHS, he was mainly looking after medical education including the education of paramedics and nursing education.

Talking about the concept of healthy ageing Dr Bansal told India Medical Times, “The whole idea behind my work on healthy ageing is to test and treat a person for Androgen deficiency. As men age, their ability to produce testosterones declines. The deficiency of male hormones leads to Andropause which affects various organs of the body and the overall quality of life of a person is decreased and people mistake it as ageing. The understanding of Andropause among medical professionals dealing with the old age problems is not in pace with the developments in this field. Lack of clarity leads to multiple treatments for multiple symptoms, whereas the whole problem could be solved by just testing the male hormones, particularly the free testosterones.”

Talking about how it all started Dr Bansal said, “It started in June 2003 when I was 63 years old and I started experiencing the ramifications of ageing. All of a sudden my blood pressure started shooting up, I felt acute muscle weakness and severe knee joints pain. I saw some good doctors for the concerned problems like neurologist, rheumatologist etc but no concrete solution came out. I was put on every possible symptomatic treatment for six months but to no relief at all.”

“Then my wife, who is a gynaecologist herself, suggested me to go for hormones check-up. I got myself tested for Andropause and my male hormones were found to be considerably low. I took hormone therapy and there was considerable improvement in my health. Since then I started working on this concept and spreading awareness as well as treatment for this problem.”

“I had a good number of medical problems so much so that I had diabetes (blood sugar 130/190 HbA1C – 8.3). Today, I do not have diabetes; my fasting blood sugar is 98 and HbA1C is 6. Earlier, I had hypertension but today without any medicines my BP is 120/70.”

“I continue to work on healthy ageing and today I have nearly 400 patients from all over the country. The philosophy on which I work is solely done by me in the country but near to me is only one body that is in USA under the name AMMG (Age Management Medicine Group). I had published a chapter in Clinical Medicine Update 2007 and recently an article on ‘Andropause – A Clinical Entity‘.”

Medicine is not the only thing that interests Dr Bansal. He is actively involved in rainwater harvesting in his area and has been working upon to spread its awareness too.

“The place where I live and work is in Naraina (New Delhi). On about 5,000 square meter area, this year, because of nearly 90 mm of rain, I have harvested at least about 3 million litres of rainwater and at least 1 million litres of rainwater has charged the underground water directly while raining. This is my own evolution.”

“In one of my letters in October 2012, I had written to the chairman, Central Underground Water Board, that if my approach is followed on rainwater harvesting, we would solve the water logging on the roads and in the process, we could harvest billions of litres of rainwater. So, this is my objective behind this initiative. I have planted nearly 5,000 trees during the last 10 years. Because of these trees and rainwater harvesting together, air pollution and noise pollution in the area have decreased and the number of birds flocking the place has increased. Honey is naturally produced in these parks. Natural products like Aloe Vera, Curry Patta, Khurmi Saag, Gurail, Ashwagandha could be seen proliferating there. If I am given the opportunity I may take up nature cure.”

Dr Bansal also works for the poor people with the help of two NGOs (non-governmental organizations) that are involved in educating children of the lower economic strata. He is also chairman of Hardinge Avenue Welfare Association, where he runs a crèche for the children of the working women.

Well, Dr Bansal has no plan to hang up the boots yet. He said, “I wish to start training programmes for doctors in age management medicines. If government supports I would like to establish a department in this area and run it successfully. So, my future is dedicated to the poor, the aged to keep them healthy and for the environment.”

by Vidhi Rathee


  1. V P Bansal V P Bansal Monday, September 22, 2014

    My dear Dr Bhatt
    I am sorry to reply u very late. One of the articles on Andropause is available on line, following is the link. I would be happy receiving ur comments
    With regards
    V P Bansal
    Now I have 9 videos on Rain Water Harvesting/ environment/ treatment of Dibetes. Pl. view them and give ur comments. Links as follows

  2. Dr Avinash chandra Dr Avinash chandra Wednesday, January 8, 2014

    Dear Dr Bansal
    The work done by u is tremendous and highly appreciated in harvesting the rain water which goes waste and cause waterlogging and flood on the roads. To begin with the Govt should take such steps on the water flowing over the roads and the Govt property. Seeing the good results the people of the country automatically shall follow specially because of the scarcity of the water in near future. The farmers can also be involved who face fllods during the rainy season. thus the crops may also be saver to greater extent

  3. Gianander Gianander Sunday, October 27, 2013

    It’s great to see Dr Bansal working in all streams of life .

  4. P K Agrawal P K Agrawal Friday, October 18, 2013

    Dear Dr Bansal,

    U r doing a great work. A nobal work for the society and generations to come.

    My heartiest congratulations and good wishes.

    Thank you,


    P K Agrawal

  5. jayarajg jayarajg Friday, October 18, 2013

    Great work by a selfless legend….!! Dr VP Bansal…I salute you and laud your wonderful efforts. You are an unsung hero who should be given more power and opportunities to propagate your simple, effective ideas to the public at large. Your idea will serve the common folks who need Water and the elderly who should be given the right to AGE Gracefully !!
    Thank you , sir.

  6. Dr.Rohit Bhatt Dr.Rohit Bhatt Friday, October 18, 2013

    Please advise where we can order these books on aging?
    Where are they available?
    Dr.Rohit Bhatt

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