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Raise public funding in health sector: IMA

New Delhi: Public health expenditure in India has dropped from 1.3 per cent of the GDP in 1990 to 0.9 per cent in 2012 and there is need to increase public funding in the health sector, said Indian Medical Association (IMA) on Wednesday.

IMA in a white paper on Healthcare Reforms said the presence of public healthcare was not only weak but also underutilised and inefficient.

Meanwhile, private sector is quite dominant in the healthcare sector, with over 70 per cent of healthcare delivery being provided by the private sector.

“Healthcare is one the fastest growing service sector in India. Given the growing importance of the sector and the significant development of trade in health services, proper investment and reforms are required to boost this sector,” the paper said.

It took note of multiple programmes launched by the central government to put the healthcare sector towards a corrective track of covering all sections of the society.

“The National Rural Health Mission and National Urban Health Mission are the programmes started to achieve the required goals. There are many challenges in the healthcare sector, which need to be handled carefully,” it said. [IANS]


  1. Amol Amol Saturday, August 10, 2013

    Opening of health sector for private providers may bring an efficient system but it wont be able to solve the problem of access to healthcare. Making an open market economy for healthcare will land up India in US like situation where inspite of government spending nearly 13% of its GDP on healthcare, US unable to achieve universal access to healthcare. The cost of healthcre in US is so high that those who re not insured can not afford it and the primium of health insurancefor family of four is more than the average family income. India can and hence shoud spend more on health.
    Even today private sector is a major healthcare provider as far as urban area is concerned, the cause behind that is people living in urban area have higher level of purchasing power and private sector is meant to make profit. Though private healthcare providers are concentrated in urban area, large section of population living in urban slums is not benefitted from it as the care provided by private players is simply unaffordable to this large section of urban society.

  2. shriniwas shriniwas Thursday, August 1, 2013

    What I feel is that this sector should be opened freely to the private sector and ihealth insurance be given a free hand , This health management is an white elephant for any manager.Be it a public sector or private entity.Independent India started with free medical services for the public,but since last 20yrs govt is succumbing for providing these services and declared autonomy to the govt medical colleges,and asked them for generating their funds of their own by forming samitis,With the explosion of population India is on the verge of failure in providing this to the common man.wwill give a boost for this sector,

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