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Fever claims nine lives in Kerala

Thiruvananthapuram: Nine people have died of fever in Kerala and 14,000 new cases, including those of jaundice and dengue, have been reported from across the state, an official said on Tuesday.

Thiruvananthapuram has reported the highest number of such cases. More than 2,000 fresh cases have been reported from the hilly district of Wayanad.

At least 91 people on Monday tested positive for dengue. Nine people died on Monday, and 14,000 new cases were reported, the official said.

“The health department has now come out with guidelines for the doctors for treating fever… depending on their condition,” said state health minister V S Sivakumar.

“Three categories A, B and C have been drawn up. Those in the C category have to get treated from any of the state-run medical colleges. The medical professionals will now go according to the protocol that has been published,” Sivakumar said.

For each of the district medical officers Rs 7 lakh has been allocated to tackle the outbreak of the disease.

“The chief minister is calling a special meeting to discuss this issue on Tuesday and all the legislators (140) have been asked to call a meeting in their respective constituencies before the 10th of this month to get a first hand information on the steps taken to address the issue,” said an official attached to Chief Minister Oommen Chandy’s office.

State secretary of Communist Party of India-Marxist Pinarayi Vijayan slammed the government for not coming out with effective steps to contain the spread of fever.

“The health of the people is an important factor for the overall health of the state. Kerala’s acclaimed health status has taken a beating… as no scientific method of waste disposal has been commissioned… even after this government completed two years in office,” said Vijayan.

On Monday night, a premier private hospital in the state was refusing to take in more patients.

“What can we do, even the corridors are full of patients and we have outlived our capacity and hence we have no other go,” said the director of the hospital.

Chandy has expressed his helplessness in finding a solution for waste disposal because all the past efforts of successive governments failed and people do not have faith in any model.

He has formed a special cabinet subcommittee to tackle the waste issue and with the assembly session coming up on the 10th of this month, the Left opposition is certain to nail the Chandy government. [IANS]


  1. Dr. C. Nagaraj Dr. C. Nagaraj Sunday, June 9, 2013

    I have done investigations in the past for malaria and Dengue in the outskirts of Trivandrum (near Airport – PHC Valayathura). P. falciparum is the predominant malaria parasite in the area. Chloroquine resistance was reported by me in 2004. Dengue is also possible due to water storage habits. I also investigated dengue outbreak in the past in the same area (2006). I am giving this information only to inform that one has to keep the mind open and co-breeding of both Anopheles and Aedes is possible. The entomology component of the state requires strengthening since the old entomologist has retired. Like many other States of the country, even in Kerala, Public Health failure is noted.

    I fully agree with Dr. Alexander John that it is a regular event. More than Public health importance, it is the awareness you expect in the most educated society of the country.

    Dr. Nagaraj,
    Former Research Officer (Medical) – NVBDCP

  2. Prof.Alexander John Prof.Alexander John Thursday, June 6, 2013

    It is obvious that the Govt. is not particularly bothered about losing lives which could be easily saved. This has been happenning every year and no good solution has been offered todate.
    Unless Health especially Public health gets top priority, such things are not going to change. People should realise this and perhaps initiate a movement of some kind by which it can be ensured that PRIORITY is given to the basic needs of the people of the state ( Water, Waste management,Vector control, Prevention of Epidemics etc.) over construction of Metro rails and Mono rails and Malls and Star hotels & Sea-Planes!!
    In a state like Kerala where literacy is high & where there are over 25 Medical colleges and a reasonably staffed Health dept.etc. the loss of lives from preventable diseases is a crime to say the least.

    Dr.Alexander John ,
    Professor of Community Medicine, AIMS, Kochi- 682041.

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