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IMA plans to ask DCGI to probe quality of Ranbaxy’s drugs

Mumbai: Indian Medical Association (IMA) is planning to ask the Drug Controller General of India (DCGI) to investigate the quality of drugs manufactured and sold by Ranbaxy Laboratories in India.

“We will soon be writing to the DCGI asking them to check and investigate if Ranbaxy drugs are of poor quality,” said Dr Narendra Saini, secretary general, IMA. “However, we will continue to prescribe the drugs to our patients, until the investigation proves that the drugs are of poor quality.” [Source: ET]

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  1. Dr Subodh Kumar Singh Dr Subodh Kumar Singh Thursday, May 30, 2013

    There is no point targeting one company only. This has started because US has discovered this and this involves a big company. If you honestly investigate the quality of drugs produced by thousands of Indian pharmaceutical companies, I am sure you will be surprised to death.

    In absence of a credible system to check the quality of medicines produced by Indian pharmaceutical companies ,the doctors in India are forced to write medicines of the companies which are reputed,multinational or whose marketing system is strong.

    I would love to write medicines which are cheapest, of any company, in India, just give me a quality assurance certified by a credible laboratory. Why,in India, no lab provides regular report of quality of medicines of all companies on a regular basis? They can put the report on net on a monthly update basis….. And the government wishes to force generic medicines to poor people alone.

    To run after the only big thief,identified by US, is a typical Indian response and so idiotic.

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