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Jharkhand approves act to protect doctors, hospitals

Ranchi: The Jharkhand government has approved the Medical Protection Act 2013 to protect doctors, nursing homes and hospitals in the state from violent attacks, an official said on Tuesday.

“The Jharkhand government has approved the Medical Protection Act 2013,” Cabinet Secretary J B Tubid told reporters here.

“Under the act, there is provision of three years of jail and fine up to Rs 50,000 if anyone damages properties of nursing homes, hospitals or attack doctors,” he added.

Doctors involved in private practice, private hospitals, nursing homes will now have to get themselves registered with the state government. Only registered doctors, hospitals and nursing homes will be covered under the act, Tubid said.

Doctors in the state had been demanding implementation of the medical protection act for quite some time.

A team of doctors under the banner of Activities for Implementation of Medical Protection Act, led by its coordinator Dr Bharti Kashyap, had met Governor Syed Ahmed in March this year and demanded implementation of the act.

“We welcome the government’s decision. Such acts are already in place in other states. How can a doctor work under threat? No doctor deliberately ill-treats his patient. We do our job with honesty and sincerity. The act will create a favourable environment for doctors,” Dr Kashyap said. [IANS]


  1. PANNALAL PANNALAL Tuesday, May 21, 2013

    urgently needed legal act ,in view of rising expectations and irrelevant notions in large segment of population ,several of them are self branded criminal mindset

  2. ANIL PATRA,MAHA186,ICHA83,IASOP0030 ANIL PATRA,MAHA186,ICHA83,IASOP0030 Sunday, May 19, 2013

    No state should implement Medical Protection act for doctors, nursing homes unless the the state implement Clinical Extablishment Act 2010. Implementation of this Clinical extablishment act shall protect the doctors automatically as mostly medical hazzards occour due to abscence of standards in medical practices.

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