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National cancer grid to offer uniform treatment across India

Mumbai: Tata Memorial Hospital has established a national cancer grid, which will link all the existing and proposed cancer centres, aiming to create uniform standard of treatment for patients across the country.

According to Tata Memorial Hospital director Dr Rajendra A Badwe, So far, 27 centres have joined the grid.

Once the grid takes a final shape, all-out efforts will be made to provide uniform treatment to all, said Dr Badwe, adding, the grid would also work towards ensuring adequate manpower for the treatment.

The grid is also expected to provide a network for seamless exchange and integration of research and treatment data among the organizations.

“The emphasis on research would be especially on those types that are prevalent in India, such as the wide range of oral cancer,” said Dr Badwe. [Source: ToI]

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  1. anil patra, IASO-P0030 anil patra, IASO-P0030 Tuesday, May 7, 2013

    National cancer grid should look for the following activity.

    1– look out Human resources-doctors,paramedicals,social workers pannel for avilability for cancer care centres across the country in different areas.
    2– exchange education programmes between various centres.
    3– maintainance of cancer registry in all centres by employing data entry operators, biostastisticians and complying for national policy.
    4- formulating policy for prevention of many cancers by making selective/ mass sreening programmes in various diseases.– Need of the hour. as in western world making effective, efficient, economical programmes.

    5— policy to eradicate carcinogens from our diet.

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