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Parliamentary panel raps proposal to introduce BSc (Community Health) course

New Delhi: A Parliamentary Standing Committee on Health and Family Welfare has come down heavily on the union health and family welfare minister Ghulam Nabi Azad’s proposal to introduce the Bachelor of Science (Community Health) course to plug the huge shortfall of medics in the rural healthcare sector.

“The prospect of producing half-baked doctors through the introduction of such courses would endanger the lives of the patients,” the panel headed by BSP MP Brajesh Pathak said.

The panel wondered “why the ministry was shying away from making rural service mandatory for the young doctors passing out of the government medical institutes?”

It pointed out that since the Planning Commission had mooted a proposal to set up medical colleges in each district during the 12th Plan Period, it would automatically ensure that there would be more doctors.

In order to meet the immediate need for medics, the panel sought the appointment of graduates and postgraduates from the AYUSH stream, which follows the Indian system of medicine, as doctors. [Source: IE]

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  1. S.sarkar S.sarkar Wednesday, August 28, 2013

    Most of the high level Drs they dont know the health scinerio of the rural folk,where non medical(even illiterate)persons r practising,why this trained wokers cant practice?

  2. Arjun Raj Arjun Raj Friday, July 26, 2013

    I think this is a good idea to start a bsc course for rural care and also appointing AYUSH doctors would be favorable for increasing the labor for villages… It is very pathetic that we doctors care only about ourselves and never cared about other people in this sector. Even AYUSH doctors learn the same subject as we do….
    thank you

  3. Dr.B.S.Ravi Dr.B.S.Ravi Wednesday, April 3, 2013

    In reply to Dr.PS Kapoor
    I would like to add that I had the previlage of working as a Technical Laision officer for the Task force on Health & famility welfare of Karnataka, under the chairmanship of Dr.H Sudarshan & it had addressed all these issues in detail & given it to Govt.of Karnataka for implementation.
    Finally the implementation becomes the responsibilities of the political people ie; Govt.& they may not see these issues as the professionals in the field see.& implimentation stage it is one more subject to fight against the ruling part Vs Opposition.
    Who are the affected? Doctor & the general Public…?

  4. Dr. PS Kapoor Dr. PS Kapoor Tuesday, April 2, 2013

    Both proposals of starting BSC (community) health course and appointment of AYUSH doctors in the rural areas, are not the right solution for compensating the providing the much desired need of the rural population. Better consider the desirable proposals e.g. Improve the infrastructures & facilities of the existing Medical Colleges (Govt. as well as Private) by adhering strictly to the MCI rules, for shortage factor – increase the service age bar of Medical teachers (Voluntarily as well as medically fit) as well as of paramedicos, upgrade the labs., improve the infrastructure of PHC as well as of rural dispensaries, by providing proper residential accomodation (rented or construceted) to the appointed medicos as well as to paramedicos, upgrading the existing facilities, mandatory appointment of doctors in rural areas after graduation for one year as part of training period, with safegaurding their interests. The list of suggestion is long but may be considered lator on. The overall problem for serious consideration is population increasing at the alarming rate affecting all the developments e.g. population increasing much faster than increasing number of well eqipped Medical Colleges & Hospitals.
    Dr. PS Kapoor
    Author : Medical Jurisprudence & Accident & Emergency

  5. Dr.B.S.Ravi Dr.B.S.Ravi Friday, March 29, 2013

    I feel the response is of mixed type.
    I would like to give my inputs for those who have opposed.
    1. Training of NONMEDICAL people as BSc community health will greatly helps the need of the hour in our country,We need more & more SUPPORTIVE STAFF in the FIELD TO carryout instructions from the Doctors at the grass routine level. They are not the compitators to doctors but will be a HELP IN PREVENTIVE & FIRSTAID TREATMENTS as given in the guidelines.( Various Health departments have already written hand books on preventive aspects of communicable diseases,STD,HIV,& others ,These can be put to better use by introducing in the Syllabus for training BSc (Community Health) otherwise these impartent information will be lost & outdated without being used properly..Eg.Issuing of ORS early to prevent dehydration,spread of health aspects of MCH,polio & other national vaccination programme.treating of HYPERPYREXIA as a first before shifting to PHC’s likewise they are an asset to the health services & SHOULD NOT BE CALLED AS COMPITATORS.To think a few incidents where they can be life safers- First aid for Chest pain, Snake bite ,Wheezing due to known Br.Asthma,First Aid in bleeding cases, Emergency Home deliveries,to advice the mother & Child in the point of hygiene & importance of breast feeding etc.
    In my opinion I strongly believe BSc (Community Health), will be an added support to doctors serving in the rural areas if they are trainned & used properly.We should define their Role & Responsibilities well in advance in the PREVENTIVE &CURATIVE SERVICES.
    In a country like India where we have to depend on many Paramedical & Non clinical people to deliver health services to our vast population, giving training to people who are not fortunate enough to join the main stream as Doctors & still willing to support the MEDICAL SERVICES ,MUST BE ENCOURAGED.
    Hospital Administrator
    B.S.Narayan Memorial Hospital,Bangalore.

  6. d subrahmanyam d subrahmanyam Thursday, March 28, 2013

    The cancelling of Bsc medicine COURSE IS LAUDABLE. We have and will be producing doctors enough to meet our needs. We need not follow international or developed countries D:P ratio. Our problems are different.Even this increasing of seats in medical colleges especially those of importance/excellence is a bad idea.It will bring down the interest of the teachers and also reduce exposure.Since new colleges are being built increasing seats in existing ones is not warranted.In fact some of the institutes of importance may be given the window to reduce their seats.

  7. Dr M. Srihari Dr M. Srihari Thursday, March 28, 2013

    I am doctor with more than 25 years experience from Bangalore, practicing as psychiatrist since 22 years following post graduation from the premier institute, National Institute of Mental health and Neurosciences (NIMHANS).
    The plan by union health Ministry to introduce any such short Medical Courses to replace the high standard MBBS course, in order to produce the half knowledgeable trained health workers can be disastrous as with MBBS degree itself doctors fear to practice in rural setups to treat Medical emergencies due to lack of enough specialist doctors from different specialties and for not having adequate facilities and I wonder with what confidence can such Bsc trained health workers manage such Medical emergencies. Certainly such half trained health workers treating Patients with half hearted Medical knowledge can lead to more and more legal problems and a day may come when the Govt itself will stop such courses.
    Dr M. Srihari

  8. sivashankar sivashankar Wednesday, March 27, 2013

    Please make the Govt, MCI check the functioning of Private medical Colleges including the pay structure of the medical teachers as number one priority before thinking of any other measure to increase the number of Quality doctors produced every year. The morale, sincerity of the teachers are at the lowest scale now because of non implementation of approved pay scales in most of the private medical colleges. we cannot produce ‘good’ doctors if we don’t ensure the sincerity from the existing medical teachers.

  9. Dr.Rajinder Bajoria Dr.Rajinder Bajoria Wednesday, March 27, 2013

    properly utilize the available health man power and resources , don`t put unnecessary road and legal block in health delivery system.

  10. Dr Kumud Rai Dr Kumud Rai Wednesday, March 27, 2013

    The proposal to utilize AYUSH ‘doctors’ is worse than Health Minister’s plan of BSc (Community Health). At least these guys will never call themself as ‘Doctors’.
    They may actually add value to the rural scenario.
    Dr Kumud Rai

  11. Dr.B.S.Ravi Dr.B.S.Ravi Wednesday, March 27, 2013

    It is surprising that the committee has rejected the proposal by the union health and family welfare minister Ghulam Nabi Azad’s proposal to introduce the Bachelor of Science (Community Health) course to plug the huge shortfall of medics in the rural healthcare sector. It is a good move ,provided it is going to compliment the doctors in the rural areas.(Please remember MEDICS includes PARAMEDICAL SUPPORT ALSO)
    In my opinion,this can be relooked with the following background
    1.BSc in community Health can be a added PARAMEDICAL SUPPORT TO DOCTORS IN RURAL AREAS.(They should not be called doctors,but the course should teach them all the preventive medicalne technies to support the doctors.It all depends on the COURSE SYLLABUS & what is there for them in the future of their carrier)Producing only doctors is not the answer.
    2.EVEN THE IDEA OF opening NEW MEDICAL COLLEGES IN EACH DISTRICTS-IS NOT A GOOD IDEA as only numbers without the quaility education is more a threat to public life.
    3.You are talking only about Govt.Medical colleges ??What about the Private MC’s?
    4.It is time to review strongly if all the existing Medical Colleges are strictly following MCI guidelines or not.CAN THE GOVT.CLOSEDOWN COLLEGES NOT FOLLOWING THE MCI GUIDELINES.?
    5.Producing only doctors is not the answer to have rural doctors, WE MAY HAVE TO THINK ABOUT the QUALITY OF EDUCATION &THE OVERALL INFRASTRUCTURE development to give better services in the rural areas, in this regard BSc Community health will help to a great extent.
    Hospital Administrator
    B.S.Narayan Memorial Hospital,Bangalore.

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