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Kerala doctor invents syringe that can’t be reused

Thiruvananthapuram: In a major breakthrough, a doctor in Kerala has developed a cheap, effective and eco-friendly medical syringe that can never be reused.

Dr Baby Manoj

“The Peanut Safe Syringe becomes absolutely redundant after its first use. Neither the syringe nor the needle can ever be reused. Scavengers will never be able to collect, repack and sell it in the market,” said Dr Baby Manoj, a radiologist from Kozhikode, who invented the syringe.

The syringe can be used for injection as well as blood aspiration in a single sitting. In other syringe models, separate devices are needed for each procedure.

For his product, Dr Manoj last week received Best Invention Awards for 2011 from the National Research Development Corporation, an undertaking of the science and technology ministry, and World Intellectual Property Organisation at a function in New Delhi.

A World Health Organisation report says more than 20 million people are infected with HIV and hepatitis every year and 1.3 million of them die.

The infection is spreading because around 600 crore used syringes come back in the market without being sterilised.

Over a million blood infections occur annually in India leading to HIV and hepatitis, and around 300,000 of the infected people die.

Dr Manoj has developed a disposable syringe whose needle and barrel can be disabled quickly after injection. He did this by creating a groove around the hub of the syringe to which the needle is connected.

After use, a slight manual pressure on the groove breaks the needle and the barrel, which is its critical component.

The needle, which is a major disease-transferring component, is disabled as the broken piece of the barrel is tightly packed inside the needle’s plastic connector.

“It is as simple as breaking a peanut shell and so I have called it Peanut Safe,” he said.

He said the name of the product was derived from a riddle.

“Break open a peanut shell, eat the nuts and nobody will use it again. This is true of Peanut Safe syringes too. Open the cover and you will get a syringe, which nobody has ever used before. Use it and no one can use it ever again,” Dr Manoj said.

Dr Manoj has patented the product and plans to start marketing it soon. [Source: IANS]


  1. Shailendra Kumar Birani Shailendra Kumar Birani Monday, September 21, 2015

    This invention is very late ……………. It has covered not only INDIA but also mostly over WORLD since 2004. Government of India has certified in 2006….. Please read below published news..

    Make forefront to INDIA in 350 years old new medical science

    New invention in medical line by young scientist Shailendra Kumar Birani

    Automatically disposable (AD) syringe after one time use

    Receive protection from AIDS, hepatitis and many diseases

    Not only Always come first after running behind another person but also don’t change in the system by following one previous success concept. For this important to show something new. Even show by native place Shahpura Dist- Bhilwara (Rajasthan) person Shailendra Kumar Birani by modernization of 350 years old new medical science through their invention. Government of India has given certificate to him after check all previous World record. On behalf this certificate Shailendra Birani is second person for got individually in historical record of their working area Madhya Pradesh.
    Wealthy of many talent Shailendra has been awarded for give presentation in many activities at timing of childhood. They have increased prestige of Rajasthan got second level position and reach level of national selection in game. Showing their talent also at invitation timing of district level government program. Birani is surname so; Indian and all World public are unfamiliar abut this he is Swetamber 22 panti Stanakwasi Jain.

    Regarding to principle and concept of Jain religion their invention follow to humanity and saving to lives matter they received place from many years in state, national and international level newspapers, magazines and electronic media. Even in also received special respect and honour in other religions magazine. Chief Minister of Rajasthan has given congratulation message to him on National Festival. Prime Minister of India has put this matter in government process on individual basis now, President of India authorized taking final decision on this matter for provide common man and capable to hospitals by this new technology.

    United Nation, The Global Fund, International Red Cross Society, Clinton Foundation, Bill and Mellina Gates foundation and many international organizations have given their response after contact on individual basis. Many organization given congratulation and many told their social and financial level programs details for support. Today mostly person of world knowing this only take one time use of syringe and needle. Reuse of their cause of spreading many disease like: AIDS, Hepatitis, Malaria, Dangu, Siphilus and blood transmitted disease. So, print “only one time use” on every syringe. He made auto disposable to this syringe by their invention for technically use only one time.
    Uneducated and blinded person will also identified originality of new syringe by only touching at timing of purchase medical shop. Second special merit is: any person will knowing its first and second time use from ten feet distance by doctors at timing of injection. Its special merit is; it break step by step without disturb injection process and finally dived in five different pieces. These merits are stopping repack via water wash of any parts. This technology is also effective in next level needle base other products. So, glucose / medicine drip in hospitals, Blood donation for humanity shall be infection free and selfishness and good worker of society will not face to disease.

    Many syringes have come in country and world by name of Auto-Disposable but have not succeeded broad level. You may analysis on behalf latest report of world health organization (WHO). The report told 62.9% percent injection are unsafe in India. 74% percent injection are unsafe in vaccination. 59.9% percent injection are unsafe in private hospitals. Shailendra have use concept first break then use and finally again break in plastic and needle base disposable products. Now, it has necessary to doctors, nurses, medical employees and researcher of medical science that read this invention in future. Their education will not complete without this knowledge. Common man will also identify originality of products at timing of purchase from medical shop without break seal and tear rapers. It will create awareness for full fill their duties as honest person of law.

    The invention will part of process for less then 33% percent of current human for facing problem disease in India every year. If, we understand reality of world in language of number counting that is; 13 laces person death every year by misuse of syringes and needles. The infection number calculation reach to 23 laces every year in matter of hepatitis and 2 laces 60 thousand death in non solvable treatment of disease AIDS.

    Shailendra have received response from mostly part of World. Companies of many countries have shown their interest for purchase new technology base products. They have received laces to billion of business proposal but they have sent all of these with documents to honorable PRESIDENT OF INDIA as give priority to humanity and follow principle Jain religion because one person do not generate monopoly or make God and common man receive as soon as possible with lowest coast.

    The Special news has published by “Tapodhan” Jain religion magazine registration no. RAJHIN/2001/5528 established in 1981. Often, the publish only Jainism thinking with principle and biography of Jain Monk and Nun. They shown very broad think level and published about “Shailendra Kumar Birani” as biggest matter of 3 pages – Team Member

  2. PAKEER MOHD PAKEER MOHD Tuesday, July 9, 2013

    Dear Dr Baby Manoj


    Two years back you had visited our office at Coimbatore.

    We are manufacturers of special types of syringes for USA, UK, Italy, Turkey clients

    We are interested in your syringes. Pls do conact 91 94866 83998 or you can give
    your Mobile No. and e-mail ID

    Awaiting your reply

    Pakeer mohd

  3. Dr.raju Dr.raju Sunday, March 3, 2013

    Hearty congratulations Dr.Manoj

  4. baby manoj baby manoj Saturday, March 2, 2013

    thank you all

  5. Dr Vimal Rai Sharma Dr Vimal Rai Sharma Tuesday, February 26, 2013

    Heartiest congratulations Dr Manoj. Excellent innovation. I am confident that it will address a number of problems related to reused syringes and go a long way to help humanity.
    As the product is patented, be sure that its launched at a reasonably affordable price.
    All the best.

  6. Dr. S. K. Gupta Dr. S. K. Gupta Tuesday, February 26, 2013

    Congratulations Dr Manoj. What we are doing as a safe guard, we break nozzle of the syringe manually and destroy the needle which is quite cost effective.

  7. Dr.B.S.Ravi Dr.B.S.Ravi Tuesday, February 26, 2013

    Hi Doc
    Great Show & Hearty Congradulations on your invention.

  8. dr.c.prabhakar reddy dr.c.prabhakar reddy Monday, February 25, 2013

    It definitely bring down the hepatitis spreading rate and also it is boon to mankind

  9. Dr VHT Swamy Dr VHT Swamy Monday, February 25, 2013

    Dear Doctor,
    Congratulation! wonderful concept ….
    I am eagerly waiting to see it in my hands …
    All the BEST

  10. Dr Alfred Patrick Dr Alfred Patrick Monday, February 25, 2013

    Well done Dr Baby Manoj. It will surely do a lot for prevention of diseases transmitted by injections. Congratulations!

  11. Dr. (Major) Chandan Dr. (Major) Chandan Monday, February 25, 2013

    My Hearty Congratulations to Dr. Baby Manoj.

    I am waiting egerly for its availability in local market

    Keep it up

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