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NDC to discuss bringing legislation on pharma-doctor nexus

New Delhi: The National Development Council (NDC), led by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, will meet on Thursday to discuss bringing a legislation requiring drug companies to mandatorily disclose payments made to doctors for research, consulting, lectures, travel and entertainment.

Doctors involved in ghost writing to promote pharma products will also be disqualified. The government will also make compulsory the use of generic names, instead of brand names, at all stages of government procurement, distribution, prescription and use.

The official NDC document says, “Mandated disclosure by pharmaceutical companies of the expenditure incurred on drug promotion, and penalty on the company and vetting of drug related material in continuing medical education would be considered.”

According to the Planning Commission, pharmaceutical marketing and aggressive promotion contributes to irrational use of drugs and therefore there is a need for a mandatory code to identify and penalize unethical promotion by pharma companies. [Source: ToI]

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