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HealthCare Global introduces FFF technology to treat prostate cancer patients in India

Ahmedabad: HealthCare Global (HCG) Enterprises, a chain of cancer hospitals, claims to have introduced Flattening Free Filter (FFF) Mode technology for the first time in India at its Ahmedabad centre to treat a patient with prostate cancer.

“We are the first hospital in India to get approval to use the FFF mode technology,” said Dr Bharat Gadhavi, CEO and medical director, HCG Cancer Centre Ahmedabad. “The introduction of FFF is to ensure precision and quality of life to the patients.”

According to Dr Vivek Bansal, director, radiation oncology, HCG Cancer Centre Ahmedabad, the cancer patients will benefit with FFF technology as the dose rates of 2400 beam (as compared to 600 or below in filtered beam) on time gets reduced by one third to one fourth.

“This probably is the biggest add on as of today adding to patients comfort and minimizes the effect of movement during treatment or during respiration also. The treatment time in delivering doses will come down from minutes to seconds,” said Dr Bansal.

“The high doses are delivered with precision and accuracy not affecting the normal tissues and thereby reducing the chances of secondary cancers, and optimizing medical outcomes,” added Dr Bansal.

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