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10,000 foreign-educated doctors jobless after failing MCI test

Chennai: Close to 10,000 Indians across the country who have completed their undergraduate medical education abroad are unemployed or under-employed.

This is because these foreign-educated Indian doctors have not been able to clear the screening test mandated by the Medical Council of India (MCI).

Now, the graduates plan to approach Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Parliament demanding that the screening test be scrapped. [Source: ToI]


  1. Ned Mody Ned Mody Saturday, July 13, 2019

    didn’t realise that doctors were so hostile to each other.

  2. Anjali Anjali Wednesday, September 5, 2018

    Sir i gave neet this year , i scored 500/720 still i am not getting any government seat . What do you think i should do pay 70-80 lakh for private . Neet is still full of scam no proper distribution of seat in merit basis .all india seat -4k and my state seat -2k. Tell me now how to show caliber in todays time when there are plenty of candidates perparing since class 6 th in many prestigious coaching . Time have changed we should also change are thinking .

  3. ashok ashok Monday, October 31, 2016

    I will give u some solutions mail me on ;

  4. ashok ashok Monday, October 31, 2016

    if you have any problem releted to mci revert me on same email id. i will try to solve ur problem.
    pls write ur mob’; no.

  5. rahul rahul Monday, April 25, 2016

    Piz don’t you ever go in Jalabad state medical univ really its not a medical college ,its worst then a primary school of India n teachers teaching their r also unqualified and few of them completed their MBBS from Russia in last few yrs or few of them are persuing n thy have started teaching their..its a worst ..its a village of Kryz ..piz don’t go their..piz

  6. Sabiha Sabiha Sunday, April 3, 2016

    Please reply fast

  7. Sabiha Sabiha Sunday, April 3, 2016

    I want to take admission in osh state medical or jalalabad university kyrgyzstan or maybe china. But now my brother is worried about the mci screening test that what if i wont pass it?? I am confused what should i do ? Please someone tell me about these universities??and guide me

  8. dr.swagath dr.swagath Thursday, March 24, 2016

    Screening by MCI/NBE should be mandatory.Yes, for everybody whether graduated from an Indian institution/abroad.,afterall to maintain a quality in the profession that deals with the human lives.

    It will be sensible,to conduct FMGE screening after the internship,since most of the medicos(both Indian and foreign trained) gain some practical knowledge . Yes, there are medical colleges in India, which lack proper infrastructure too. Internship imparts some basic ,necessary skills to everyone. Even this is the practical exposure period to some medicos though.

    If MCI needs to improve the quality of Indian health care system, they would have atleast mandate some brief training under strict supervision of a senior doctor to check for basic necessary skills,whether competent as in India.

    If people talk about the quality of care,given by our doctors, what is the mortality rate in India so far in govt/pvt hospitals?

    How many medical hospitals/colleges are sufficiently equipped? Since India is still a developing country,it takes time to put things in place accordingly. When BHMS/BAMS/ RMP’s are working at different levels in this country, can’t an FMG provide a better care? No one is a professional by birth, but proper skill exposure and the experience definitely adds.

    Likewise,when an Indian med.graduate has to apply for a foreign country like US,UK,CAN,AUS,NZ procedure is no different fom other fmg’s.

    Lets help serve a better country.

  9. neha prajapati neha prajapati Thursday, March 17, 2016

    Can i b eligible for usmle….aftr cmpletin medicine course from china? Pleas reply soon

    • Baskaran Baskaran Saturday, August 10, 2019

      I.m 35 yrs boy studied in Moscow ,Russia in 2010.till now not passed MCI screening test ,if I go UK,USA,AUS,NZ, I no need to give MCI screening test is it???…and how it’s a pplies,any contact details…if not then what is the alternate solution for who not pass MCI screening test and my age almost 35 what can I do plz reply good heart people ….kindly help

  10. Reddy Reddy Friday, December 4, 2015

    Dear friends,
    I totally agree with some of them .there are few medical colleges almost 50% colleges outside India in China and Russia and some of Caribbean medical colleges to name a few run private collages and lies with the students and once you are there there is nothing except they are selling degrees after 6 years where you just need to register in the college. You are given the degree you are so dumb that you don.t even know names of textbooks for the subjects.
    So Mci. Screening test is a must .i studied very hard for 1 year to read the whole textbooks and to understand the concepts from the books like Robbins and Davidson.i made my own videos of the entire books .woooooow man I feel very light now
    I passed it.
    Friends work hard .Indians are very hard working and big brains when it comes to competition.
    Best of luck for those appearing on dec 2015 exam.
    Mera Bharat Mahaan

  11. anand anand Tuesday, October 20, 2015

    could you please tell me about nmat exam. is it tough or easy in comparison with aipmt
    reply please
    Thank you

  12. Keyur Upadhyay Keyur Upadhyay Monday, October 12, 2015

    I passed HIGH SCHOOL these year enrolled to karaganda state medical university Kazakhstan
    In only one month realise that
    medical education provided there is not good quality or required
    It was actully wastage of time as
    no practicals no proper education system
    so i cme back
    i gone there on 24 august
    and returne d on 25 September now
    i am preparing for the aipmt but
    ny freinds and family doesnt understand These if anybody can help encourage me please

    my no 7740869898(whatsapp/call)

  13. dr.shahid dr.shahid Sunday, October 4, 2015

    MCI test should be there….coz u hav to deal with humans..

    catagory system is a threat for patients…coz sc/st /rba students get selected while talented open merit students dont…
    e.g..a student from ladakh of jk state selected for just 90 marks among 225 questions…while open merit student having 169 marks..missed mbbs…coz ladakhi student was from a catagory…

    tell wht type of doctor wil be in the system from ladakh….

    now comes p.g exam…this ladakhi boy was selected again for just 100 marks…got pediatric seat…and open merit student with 183 marks…got NO seat in any branch…

    wht type of system is this???…wht type of doctor will this catagory student will be…who has put this threat in the syastemm??
    it the govt…who is not loking at this…

    dont blame docs…blame govt….

  14. Raghu Raghu Tuesday, September 29, 2015

    Do a great favour by studying something else other than mbbs.You dont have the capability to even get 50% but you want to become a doctor and kill others.get lost

  15. DR FAROOQ AHMAD BHAT DR FAROOQ AHMAD BHAT Thursday, August 27, 2015

    I fully support Dr Ramesh for his assesment that ifsame scraning test is implemented to the students who pass out from indian colleges , i am also sure the number will increase .it is better to scrap the exam .


    I fully agree. This teast must be on all Drs passing out even from India.

  17. rajat rajat Saturday, August 8, 2015

    in india it takes about 1 crore to do mbbs.. so we think of doing the mbbs course out of india.. but people think that we r hungry for money.. let mci have the test.. let them bring the best out of us.. but they should also test their own indian pg students.. or they should train the foreign pg students.. the main problem is with the corruption.. the donation they take in private collages in india..

  18. Tapan kumar senapati Tapan kumar senapati Thursday, July 9, 2015

    why u people arare abruptly branding some foreign degree is fake,someone do not know some answer,who has given u that authority. we are importing mig engine,but calling russian engineer less quilified. who ever he may be, but the person telling foreign degree as fake should check his mental condition, please

  19. Dr Upinder Dr Upinder Sunday, June 28, 2015

    Hello , i went to Belarus 2005 and came to India , save FMGE 2011 sept . I cleared test without any coaching from any center . Persons who are afraid from mci donot study at university . My university is at 450 rank at world and About AIIMS donot know at which number .
    Any body can take suggestion from me about on my contact 09815545179 (whatapp) and 07508452109

  20. ROHRA MAHIMA ROHRA MAHIMA Friday, June 19, 2015

    mam i i want to go for mbbs in china …………. but i am scared as i hve heard tht after comming frm abroad we have to crack tht MCI EXAM AND ITS VERY DIFFICULT TO CRACK nd if wont crack india wont allow me to practise………… sooo plz its my humble request to you to guide me regarding ths topic tht what should i do ?

  21. Dr Rahul Dr Rahul Monday, June 15, 2015

    Very well said Dr. M C Gupta . Totally agree with you.

  22. ekansh tiwari ekansh tiwari Friday, June 12, 2015

    sorry to say sir but this is also applicable for the students who r taking admission by giving donations now tell me arent we compromising on quality ……………… no body talks about this topic ……. just because either everything is goin on under the table or it is a matter of just another silly rules and regulations type of thing………

  23. yamini anupam yamini anupam Tuesday, June 9, 2015

    OK so Mr. Manish…..i wont put a tag of in front of ur name cz uh dont deserve tht…..n uh made fun of doctors graduating from china….first thing uh do is ‘top 200 medical university in world’ google it…see the list and u’ll find many names of universities from china…..not even a single names come from india…so ye jo aipmt ki baat kr rahe ho na….wo chhod do….second thing search for fuda cancer hospital in gaungzhou, guangdong, china. this is the best cancer hospital in the world….only these CHINESE DOCTORS Have the treatment for cancer even on for the last stage….tou aapne baat ki thi caliber ki…..indian doctors k paas agr itna hi caliber, knowledge n potential hota tou aaj best cancer hospital india me hota…..china me nhi….tou before uh point on someone make sure uh have a reasonable n logical point of view…..aisa na ho…kisika mazak udate udate khud hi ek in mazak ban jao….:-)

  24. Jithin Babu S Jithin Babu S Saturday, June 6, 2015

    i am from kerala.apart from India,most of the foreign countries are offering MBBS degree at very low cost….if we attend the colleges of those coutries can i overcome MCI examination..i have several doubts regarding it,….wat are dhe other tests i should overcome..wat is FMGE?if i vercome all dhese exam am i able to work in my state…plz gave ue answers Professionals…

  25. arijit maitra arijit maitra Sunday, May 31, 2015

    maam i want to tke admission for mbbs in russia…bt i m frm a middle cls family…plz help me…i just want to knw if i do it frm a mci approved inst. thre….thn is thre any prblm whn i cm back to india…i knw i nid to crck fmge(screening test)bt is thre any odr thnk we nid to concern ourself…plz maam gv me a mail….my email is…..i m frm kolkata…my parents want to get info frm a dctr passed frm abroad and practising here…plz help

  26. raj kishor verma raj kishor verma Wednesday, March 25, 2015

    MCI is so hard????? MCI is not Completed..they don’t work in India….it is truth.??? Any body suggest me…

  27. agrwl agrwl Wednesday, March 18, 2015

    Concerns regarding quality of medical mafia controlled private medical colleges is head lines of international media. Scores of dubious private medical colleges openly auction their seats in crores and pass them from their own private universities by taking crores again. Their r everyday scams in govt medical admission N university exams. Uniform NATIONAL EXIT EXAM FOR MBBS GRADUATES INDIA is the only solution to know who is in fact competent. Various opinion have emerged in discussion. Some say foreign graduates bad. Others say private graduates bad. Uniform NATIONAL EXIT EXAM FOR MBBS GRADUATES INDIA will make out who is what.

  28. vrajesh shah vrajesh shah Saturday, March 14, 2015

    I don’t know about all this all I want to know is I hve scored only 48%in the boards can I get admission in medical in india or russia.. Please suggest me so colleges in russia b coz indain is not elligibility.. Pholipines also a choice but am I elligible for mbbs in russia..plese reply me fast..

  29. asim anupam swain asim anupam swain Friday, March 6, 2015

    Govt medical student are real doctor
    china. private medical student, foreign student have no knowledge

  30. padmanavo biswas padmanavo biswas Monday, March 2, 2015

    all problems will be solved if the capitation amount of studying mbbs is lessened… and the infrastructure is made equally good as per the colleges in abroad… so none of the children of india would have to leave their motherland to fulfill their dreams…reduce corruption, and maintain good healthcare system…its simple…

  31. sunil singh sunil singh Saturday, February 14, 2015

    Sir I want to take admission in osh medical college in this year bcz I have not much money ,is that a right decision . should I admit in osh college

  32. BEJOY BEJOY Friday, January 16, 2015

    All I can comment is that because of the high donations and fees sructure in India it is making medical treatment expensive and Doctors after spending crores try to recover the amount spent by fleecing all patients irrespective of caste, creed, colour etc. Hospitals puts the onus of generating revenue by encouraging these doctors. This could change if MCI could apply same yard stick when conducting the screen test. And please do not quote as if the end number of Doctors churned out by the private medical colleges are qualified.

  33. md sarfaraz md sarfaraz Sunday, January 11, 2015

    i m also study in russia. now i m in 4th year .here in my college first diploma were to issued in 2014 ,30 june,but due to unknown reason ,the final student did not,t get their degree till now.when we have asked from health ministry .they told that this college have no authority to give diploma.when i came from india in 2011 .i submitted my document for eligibility certificate and got my eligibility to the name of my college”asian medical institute kyrgyzstan”.but ministry of health said that they will not provide dipoloma as college does not fullfill their criteria so we are helpless . at 2011 when we came our college was in mci listed please give us idea what should we do so as to save our money and precious time

  34. Dr Abu Galib Dr Abu Galib Wednesday, December 31, 2014

    1.Screening test should be appropriate for the level of training, expected from an MBBS graduate, who will start his/her internship.
    2. Also USMLE is not comparable to PLAB, one is for admittance to residency and the other is for jobs.
    3. Suggested format is basic and paraclinical paper, and Clinical paper and practical assessment.

  35. hemsingh hemsingh Monday, September 8, 2014

    from china and you ?

  36. DR.RANGANATH DR.RANGANATH Wednesday, August 6, 2014

    hi all,
    reading all these messages i would like to share, i am a passout from russia cleared fmge in 1st time, when it was conducted first time by dnb.( national board ). that time we asked them as we are giving the dnb equivalent exam with a name change as fmge, ( as the questions were like for pg entrance ) to secure a dnb seat for the qualified. but they denied to do so. and afterwards some docs from indian med.schools comment like these posts. even the people who got their mbbs in india under also comment, i agree screening test should be applied for all medical graduates irrespective of their let the mci announce this then we will see protests like hell form these so called / thinking to be from heaven / ext.ord.humans by getting a seat in india. dear friends fmge is a tough exam, it is made like that to show india is giving good than other countries. indian p.g pass outs will go to germany / hong kong for some speci traings, but mci does not recognise their pg’s. what a big joke. we opt illizarov from russia, surgical instruments from germany and other techs from some countries but we dont recognize their degrees if some one opts them directly there. bcoz nobody offers mci money to get them recognized. as commented by sup.court of mci is ” den of corruption ” many time its officials so called indian made docs were arrested by cbi even in new comity for the same. and every body says it approves only standards. let one med college in india say they have not bribed mci. after this long message only thing to say is ” daring ye hai india, yaha kuch bhi ho sakta hai ” and ” all is well “. and to other foreign graduates i say best of luck for fmge. if u really want to knockout u can and u will.

  37. dipanshu choudhary dipanshu choudhary Thursday, July 24, 2014

    the main point of foreign graduates about screening test is not to lift it but to make it necessary for all the medical graduates either he/she studied from india or abroad.than only you can make a correct assesment of quality in medical field and in regarding the point of bad infrastructure and poor quality of education in some part of USSR and china than i want to aware you that the infrastructure of a village of these countries is better than any district of india and if you want to see the poor knowledge than go to any privet medical college in india and meet est year students there you will find the students who even dont know the correct spelling of physiology and about the point of poor knowledge of foreign students yess it is correct but upto the practical knowledge not the theoritical knowledge and this is due to this exam which they have heavy burdenon them. and all above points are experienced by me in my life i have a large no. of friends and relatives in privats medical colleges of india and in USSR and china also.

  38. Raman srivatsa Raman srivatsa Wednesday, July 23, 2014

    We are ready for this challenge.

  39. Dr Dwipannita Dr Dwipannita Tuesday, July 22, 2014

    Sorry everyone if i got too emotional with my previous post and hurt anyone’s feelings/views..
    Its a free country and everyone has the right to put forward their opinions and views.
    God bless

  40. Dr Dwipannita Dr Dwipannita Tuesday, July 22, 2014

    I would like to comment on Dr. Manish’s comment..
    I also did my mbbs from philippines nd yes i did clear the indian pmt exam. I wont agree with your view that if u hv potential than u can easily pass the exam.. i guess u forgot how many seats those indian medical colleges have n how many appear each year not to forget the sc/st/obc reservation or lower percentage of marks requiring than the general category. Also if you wanna get admission in private college forget about the donation, you have to think twice for the yearly fees too.
    Also Dr. why would u say that foreign graduates have fake degrees?? I dunno about others but during my med schools i have to work as hard as possible to earn my required passing grades ortherwise i would fail.
    Please dont make it a stereotype that since someone got his/her mbbs degree from a foreign country, he/she is fake, wants to earn money etc etc.. as if u are working on a charitable basis.
    Even the indian graduates dunno so many basic things when i came across them during my internship here but thats ok bcoz life is itself a learning process and nobody knows everything unless u claim to know.
    According to me being a doctor requires passion to serve the needy irrespective from where you got your degree other than calling someone China or whtevr other country made doctor.
    Also there are several controversies and comments regarding the fmge exams which are definitely requires to be reviewed by the Indian medical council or the indian govt. to come out with some solutions.
    As a whole my point is we should stop pinpointing things at each other and work together for the better future of our country which is in serious need for doctors/healthcare professionals…
    Spread love not war 🙂

  41. Dr.manish Dr.manish Sunday, July 20, 2014

    yadi tum logo me itnaa hi caliber h tho y u didn’t select in pmt in India.tum log surf mbbs ki parji degree leke pause kamaane ki sochte ho..yadi tumare kid k char me koi bimar ho tho tum use yadaa k doctor KO dikaane prepare karoge yaa pir made in China doctor KO…..yahaa se MBBS karne me hsme bi 2-3 year mehnat karni paid thi..bcz fix seat…BT in ur screening test no matter of fix seats…100% of u may clear test if u have potential…….

  42. Aafreen Sanober Aafreen Sanober Sunday, July 13, 2014

    I am satisfied with the comment given by a non medical person who wrote that instead of having mci screening test the government should provide training to those graduates mbbs students…I also want to study mbbs from russia because i belong to a middle class family and I can’t afford the fee of indian private medical college but my father is not permitting me just because i hve to give screening test to get a job in india…but i dont want to waste 1 yr of mine…n I guess now mr modi has been the prime minister and he had a slogan for his advertisement that ‘achchhe din aane wale hai kyunki hm modi ko jeetane wale hai’…ab hmne to vote de k r mr modi g ko jeeta k apna farz pura kiya ab bas mr modi g se request hai ki wo hamare din atche kr de…is problem ki solution ko dhunde and new rule banaye for the foreign graduates…I hope he will do it soon…

  43. lokesh lokesh Tuesday, March 18, 2014

    Sir if i do my mbbs from UK then also i have gave the test mci conducted by india sir please give the ams

  44. Piyush Piyush Monday, December 2, 2013

    I am not a doctor nor going for FMGE. I am no one to comments on talent many doctors have. But i have also came across many doctors graduated from India are the reason for many deaths. For instance kept giving medicine for gastric whereas it was a cancer. I have seen 6-7 deaths due to doctor wrong prescription taking is so easy on patients. I am not only the one I guess many other have seen it and these doctors were from private clinics. Forget about those are in govt hospital.
    Again there are so many good doctors out there in private and govt. I guess rather than having a examination MCI should have training facilities where they can qualify foreign educated doctors and let these foreign educated doctors pay for their training.
    It is contradicting to have list of foreign medical institutes approved by govt of India and later FMGE graduated from the same approved foreign medical Institutes.

  45. Shailendra Mishra Shailendra Mishra Sunday, October 20, 2013

    By reading all these comments of respective doctors and aspirants, i came to know that few people having problem of the International medical education system; some have problem with the gateway exam (FMGE) in the medical world in India; some talks about the prejudicial stuff by the Government of India about why Indian Graduates (passed in India) is not require to appear for screening test; and few people have provided some nice suggestions. Cannot we look and approach Government of India (GoI) for a comprehensive broad-term solution to the problems we are facing and writing in different forums.

    India having a different socio-economic conditions; we have different standards than the developed countries. if some Foreign Graduate (FG) is passed from European Country and come India for Medical Practice. It is expected to know for FG about Indian Medical system, socio-economic condition, demographic structure, prevalent diseases and their stages and so many other things. Some people have problem with the FMGE; they want it to be skipped. I do not understand why they want it to be skipped. Is it not reasonable to expect a FG to pass (150/300) the screening test before entering in the Indian Medical World? Yes, I can understand they are jobless with worried about several things during the preparation time. It really concern me too irrespective of the fact that we are lacking lots of Medical Professionals in our health Industry.

    Another proposition which come to my mind as we have put FMGE before the International Medical Graduates (IMG); are we not questing the International medical education system of the respective countries by putting exam of their education system? Are we providing better education than their education system? Even our single university does not come under top 200 universities of the world. Our political leaders, industrialists, and high profile people get medical treatment from those countries of which we question medical education in India. Is this not a great irony in itself?? This is an unegalitarian approach.

    I am really concern about those people who have not passed the FMGE; those who worried about their life, family economic conditions, repayment of loan and still struggling to pass the FMGE. In my opinion they should put some extra effort to pass the FMGE; because there is nothing which is going to change for you. May be 10 or 15 years down the line there are some improvement in the pattern but you cannot wait till that time. Things will surely change in future because we are standing on wrong foundation. Government of India should take some positive steps to overcome this problem.

    In my opinion GoI should put a regulation that FG can complete their internship before clearing FMGE and also work as medical professional on provisional basis (on junior level) till the time they pass the exam; The same kind of thing has been started in All India Bar Association Examination (AIBE) to qualify for Lawyers both National and Foreign Graduates. In that way lacking of medical professionals can be fulfilled in Indian Health Industry and even the FG will be happy.

    What do you say FG Doctor aspirants in India??

  46. suresh suresh Wednesday, October 16, 2013

    i m from a middle class family,i hvnt got seat in india bcz f resrvations,i belong to oc,thn i went to russia by a consultancy who told he wll get me loan for sure bt loan was rejected bt i alrdy joined d university,completed 3 yrs bt budget was empty no money thn my parents took loan for me with intrest ,n sent me again bt i took transfer to another government university bcz fee was very low,anyhow i completed my 6 yrs n graduated in 2012.n aftr coming india i wrote screening test bt result was witheld on enquiry they said there is a new regulation frm april 16 2o010 that u chv to complete your whole academic course in one university u cannot take transfer itseems i went to russia in 2006 at tht time there was no such regulation i hv taken elgibity frm mci before going to russia ,when this regulation was implemented i was in russia how come i know about yhis regulation n now i havnt got my result yet,now its almost 1 1/2 yr bt still i m waitng fr this regulation to b cleard alrdy a case iz going on in delhi high court since 1 1/2 yr bt i hav lost my 1 1/2yr i have alot of debts ,my father got retire ,presntly i m doing a small job in a private nursing home bt my pay z low nly 15000 with this i m paying my intrest for debts ,now plz suggest me anyone wt can i do now,many people are suffering like me .

  47. priti priti Thursday, July 11, 2013

    @ dr dinesh prajapati,
    sir frm whr u hv done ur mbbs,i mean d college…in Russia frm wich u hv graduated?

  48. dr dinesh prajapati dr dinesh prajapati Thursday, July 4, 2013

    My humble request to dr m c gupta to take a visit at RIMS RANCHI , before gathering comments from internet and post them blindly. we r living in a country where some quacks earn more than the qualified doctors. I’m a foriegn medical graduade done mbbs from russia. one of our batchmates ranked 1300 in aipgmee and got general medicine at rims ranchi. i myself cleared neet pg 2013, and have been alloted dmrd in general category at rims ranchi. DR mc gupta if u have any doubts regarding our knowledge or skills , kindly come to RIMS ranchi in our respected departments.

  49. zehra zehra Thursday, April 25, 2013

    I understand it’s mandatory to pass the exam but atheist be fair in asking sensible quesionwhich an undergraduate to know as basic not by asking deep detailed questions in PSM about the formulas of the IMR or GFR or about what’s the radius of the blood vessel with flow. You think a doctor who finished in India would be able to answer all the earlier post said whrich artery is felt to check pulse?if the student knew the answer he would answer and who don’t know will not doesn’t mean all who studied in Russia or China are worthless.then what’s the difference between a student who got 148 or about149 instead of the150 than a student who got zero who didn’t study?this isn’t fair.tell me is it?whoever reads this i am married i got a child still i worked hard studied alto for this exam i knowthedifficulties i went thru nd all has their difficulty but getting 148 do i deserve than somebody whoidnt study and just got a50 marks?please o something which brings justice’s hatred orthinkingof dying.

  50. naveen naveen Tuesday, February 26, 2013

    I think after reading all comments these medical students should be given chance without mci exam I tthink so because no body mention in india also when they are conducting all india medical exams sc and st students need less marks to qualify for exam I personally know as when I gave test before I have passed because the cut percentage for general candidates is very high and st sc students passed easily inspite of getting less than averrage marks why there is such discriminity.anybody will answer how this students will see there patients in life please justify.
    in india this is the problem about caste if you are telling outside studied stdents are not good then in india also selection system is not fair.

  51. drd drd Thursday, November 29, 2012

    Many more doctors are jobless after bring trained in India….severe shortage of infrastructure….

  52. DR D RAMAKRISHNA DR D RAMAKRISHNA Thursday, November 29, 2012

    USMLE is mandatory even for americal citizens who graduate from outside USA. Similarly PLAB is mandatory for doctors who graduate outside UK even if he is from UK.

  53. jitendra jitendra Monday, November 26, 2012

    well, most of these foreign educated mbbs docs lack basic knowledge and training…… its a common perception and its true….. they had studied abroad in countries like tazakistan, uzbekistan , bulgaria etc where the infrastructure is too bad, or neggligible…. training is not adequate and teachers are few. moreover, all of them had not cleared medical entrance exams in India. so they take the slip route… whats wrong in controlling the input of foreign trained docs to meet the standards… every country , US, UK, Australia etc does it so y not we…… i remember a quote by a medical super of a hospital i went for a job…… I DONT WANT MY DOCTORS TO BE A THREAT TO MY PATIENTS…… it applies to all docs

  54. Dr.G.Sampath Dr.G.Sampath Monday, November 26, 2012

    The eligibility test for graduates from foreign countries is very much necessary.It should not be abolished but has to be streamlined.

    This is because the practical and clinical experience in other countries are different when compared to the Indian conditions.

    Many aspirants who want to become doctors are going to Russia or China because the money spent to get a seat there is far less than what has to be spent for getting a seat in a private medical college, under management quota, in India.They should probably try to practice in those countries and earn money after they get degrees from those places

    There is a need to improve the standards of medical education in some private colleges in India.Seats in private medical colleges are far more than colleges in the government sector in India.Students in some private colleges are more oriented towards theory, rather then clinical and practical aspects of various diseases.

    Comments of Dr.M.C.Gupta have to be considered seriously and appropriate action should be taken

  55. Dr Dr Sunday, November 25, 2012

    Mr Gupta
    Test is not only about anatomy or physiology specific test or even not bounded by medicine and surgery there are lot of other subjects ,sometime they ask how many villages in a block in india . is it really matters for a doctor . how much you know about medical field i have no idea but i know human brain capacity that its really feel impossible to memorised all subjects at a time , better to meet me
    i much i know about my field but i yet not passed mci exam , and i promise you that your views will change
    hope god clear your concepts

  56. Prasanth CV Prasanth CV Sunday, November 25, 2012

    FMGE is not a big test. The lives of our fellow citizens are precious. No compromise in quality esp in medical education.

  57. Dr T H Ramachandran Dr T H Ramachandran Saturday, November 24, 2012

    To add clarity to my earlier comment, I suggest that the system of licensing should be in place for all aspiring doctors, not only from abroad but also from all the institutions in India.
    For the practising doctors relicensing should be mandatory if they are to continue practice in India.

  58. Dr T H Ramachandran Dr T H Ramachandran Saturday, November 24, 2012

    The solution to improving the standards of medical qualified doctors to practice in India will be to have a common licensing exam after completing the undergraduate and post graduate courses. This should be common for all including those who have their degrees from recognised centers abroad. The exam should also test the persons ability to communicate and comprehend in the international language, English. It should also assess the candidate about the social responsibilites to the patient and nation at large. Thereafter, relicensing should be introduced every 5-10 years, specially emphasising on recent advances and practices. This exam should be conducted by an autonomous professional body without any political interference. Try this and you will see the results proving the worthiness of the changed system.

  59. DR RAMESH VARDHAN DR RAMESH VARDHAN Friday, November 23, 2012

    irrespective of the country including u s a \ u k \ europe \ …. one has to clear u s m l e \ plab \ tofel\ iltes . in the same manner it should be made compulsary each & every one to clear some \ same kind of standard test \ exams like part i , ii & iii + clinical exam before they get a licence to pratice medicine . there is lot of disparity between students passing out from different colleges. as per rule one should have min . 75% attendence to appear for the exams . you may not believe with hardly 30 to 45 % they are allowed to appear \ allowed to take \ give exams .when there is biometrics for teachers ,why not for the students.let the respective universities monitor the attendance thus,otherwise there is no need for anybody to take any efforts(teachers and few sincere students).we can give them degrees sittting at home. when it comes to internal assessment they have it excess. hardly any one fails in the practical \ clinical exams , it is freely awarded by the so called silly examiners with the stupid explanation why should we fail them & get bad name ? if at all he \ she has to fail let them fail in theory . even during the paper correction the same silly examiners with callous attitude just give them passing marks ? ( most often \ most of them). i get a feeling that is the epicentre for producing ill trained doctors . the so called good doctors are either siphoned away by the so called corporate hospitals , or pack up towards west \ set up their own establishments\ move towards gulf.and rest are spread all around to refer the patients after literally ripping them to so called referral \ higher centres .( to wash off their hands).then why not do the same with these doctors who have passed from universities and colleges recognised by mci. in what way can we say they are better than others.

  60. drmkk drmkk Friday, November 23, 2012

    Dr MC Gupta has made amply clear about the whole issue.

  61. Saikumar G Saikumar G Friday, November 23, 2012

    Now those who have money are going abroad for medical study in china and some former Russian countries.If the candidate gets medical degree with proper training in those medical colleges,he should be able to pass the screening test easily.

  62. DR. S.P.SINGH DR. S.P.SINGH Thursday, November 22, 2012

    We all are talking about the training standards.
    I have one question ? Can any one of you answer.
    When a student goes out of the country , MCI issues eligibility certificate OK
    Now he come back to India , clears the Screening Exam in first attempt OK
    MCI issues provisional registration for undergoing Internship ( HONORARY) in Indian hospital.We know this is part of MBBS training. So hospital gets one worker .
    Now MCI issues Permanent registration.
    DNB board is conducting NEET PG for entrance to PG exam.
    The merit list shall be prepared on the basis of State list /Domicile.
    Unfortunately DNB board makes a notification that the students with foreign qualification shall not be included in the state / domicile merit>
    CAN ANY ONE EXPLAIN , WHY THIS INJUSTICE TO THESE STUDENTS.,WHY THIS DISPARITY . iT IS AN EXPLOITATION OF FUNDAMENTAL RIGHT OF INDIAN NATIONAL : After all they have shown that they are capable. They completed their partial training in India , They have done their higher secondary and born in a particular state than why they should be deprived of this facility.

    It requires the attention of all experts , .

  63. Dr. M C Gupta, Advocate Dr. M C Gupta, Advocate Thursday, November 22, 2012

    The “Failed foreign medical graduates” are demanding exemption from the eligibility test.
    A–Such a demand begs the following questions:
    1—Why should the MCI lower the test standards because some students repeatedly fail the test?
    2—Why should the Indian public be exposed to treatment by incompetent “doctors”?
    3—Such a demand has never been made in respect of eligibility test conducted by the USA (USMLE) and UK (PLAB). Why should the demand be made in respect of a test conducted by India?
    4—Why don’t these foreign graduates practice medicine honourably in the countries where their qualifications are recognised? Once they are licenced here, they will be the first ones to get further experience and qualifications in India and then ditch the country again by getting jobs and settling abroad on the basis of such further experience and qualifications.

    B—The above news was posted on a doctors’ list of which I am a member. Some responses there were as follows:
    1—From RIMS, Ranchi:
    “What is the level of merit possessed by the foreign degree holders is known to everybody. Two examples from my institution are as follows:
    i)—A doctor with a degree from Russia was asked “In which artery is a patient’s pulse usually felt? His answer—“Pulmonary artery”.
    ii)—Another doctor with a degree from Russia, who was working in a private nursing home in Ranchi, was going to start a milk drip intravenously rather than through the Ryle’s tube. Luckily for the patient, the nurse on duty saw and prevented this from happening.”
    2—From a cardiologist:
    “I think the quality of training given in some countries is very poor. I am an interventional cardiologist working in a tertiary care center. I have seen that the graduates from some countries do not know even the basics of medicine. I shudder to think how they can be absorbed in the system without a screening test. There are some students who are quite promising and they anyway qualify the screening test. If MCI lifts the screening test then why not let the quacks join the system?”

    3—From a corp[orate hospital:

    “Dear Sentimentals (who all are trying to promote mediocrity in Medical World”,

    May I suggest you a simple test:
    i)-Make three groups of freshly passed students, 10 each from Russia; government medical colleges in India; and, private colleges charging capitation fee.
    ii)—Let a uniform test comprising of 20 questions be given to them.
    iii)—Let the answers be judged independently by each of a panel of 5 doctors.

    The results will make you realize what and how they are taught !
    Ask me, I keep on interviewing young aspirant doctors coming to Delhi and wanting to join Corporate Hospitals. Russia trained doctors get a nod only when no one else is available to join a private hospital in Delhi!

    C–However, I would surely suggest that the eligibility test should be made much more frequent than twice a year so that the candidates don’t have to sit idle and unemployed for long. It can even be made an on-line examination. It is this request they should make rather than a request for dilution of standards.

    –M C Gupta

  64. Dr VSN Raju Dr VSN Raju Thursday, November 22, 2012

    We need junior hands to help good care of our patients at ARC Hospital, ECIL, Hyderabad, We are upgrading Ortho Trauma care with Micro Surgery to care and prevent amputations that can be salvaged.
    We need fresh hand of medical graduates from any discipline..

  65. DR RAMESH VARDHAN DR RAMESH VARDHAN Thursday, November 22, 2012

    if same scraning test is implemented to the students who pass out from indian colleges , i am sure the number will increase by 10 folds ( 100000 ). this unfare on the part mci \ govt of india to use two different yard sticks to assessment of the students . due to pressure taticks , influence & money involved the govt has mandated this kind rule. why can’t the govt / m c iintruduce same rule for the indian graduates too. then india becomes highest # of doctors with out a job. believe me most of our medical colleges are nothing but filth producing factories . these doctors comming from such colleges have licence to knock the patients . dr. ramesh vardhan .

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