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RMPs should be trained to ensure universal health coverage: Planning Commission

New Delhi: The Planning Commission has proposed to train traditional midwives and registered medical practitioners (RMPs) to ensure universal health coverage (UHC) reaches even the remote populations.

Syeda Hameed

“Affordability, accessibility and quality are three pillars of UHC. The challenge is to fill the gaps especially in rural areas where there is a problem of trained manpower,” Syeda Hameed, member, Planning Commission, has said.

“We would like to train traditional midwives and RMPs — some people call them jholawala doctors or quacks — to be used because they have been providing services in remote areas all these years. It is important to respect and use what we have. The XIIth plan document talks about this need,” Hameed has added.

According to the Planning Commission, India had 26,329 doctors in the public sector in March 2011 against a requirement of 1,09,484, a massive shortage of nearly 76 per cent despite the fact that every year some 43,740 students are awarded MBBS degree. [Source: IE]


  1. dr.umesh k malhotra dr.umesh k malhotra Tuesday, October 9, 2012

    dear friends.this is really very sad that our MCI which should be watch dog to all this non-sense ,wont be doing to stop it.god save this country.

  2. subodh kumar singh subodh kumar singh Monday, October 8, 2012

    With such wise planning commission members we certainly know where we are heading for …. what is their plan to make up this shortage? These planning commission members must write fiction….. they have fertile minds……

  3. Dr. Lalit Tanwar Dr. Lalit Tanwar Sunday, October 7, 2012

    Will Syeda Hameed go to these quacks or jholawala when she will be sick ?

  4. Dr.Kingra Dr.Kingra Sunday, October 7, 2012

    What happens to all the 40000 plus MBBS graduates?I suppose some of them go abroad.But vast majority stay in India.Govt. should help them set up private practices with special incentives to those who choose to go to rural areas.Training mid wives and general nurses is a good idea but training RMP’s will affect qualit of care.Rural people deserve same kind of care that urbanites do.The commission should ask a panel of general practioners to give suggestions and not just sit inDelhi and make these recommendations.

  5. Dr.Meena S.Partani Dr.Meena S.Partani Saturday, October 6, 2012

    India has only few Docs is definitely ridiculous statement. Why Govt.Planning commission is planning like a layman? Why RMPs will be trained to give Quality Heath Services? Is it possible? When Educated Docs are giving Good Services Govt.has a planning to shut their Hospitals or Clinics off by troubling them in Acts like Clinical Establishment Act. And giving Quakes training? why they cant plan to uplift all medical faculties who are giving nice services to mankind? Or else Govt is showing that our Docs r useless? American Docs r fine ? American Medical Faculty is runned by whom? Why we all r blaming Docs ? why not Govt Services ? Have U ever seen Govt.Hospitals? Why they r not kept in Good Conditions? Why all Govt services are getting Collapsed? Why Planning Commission not planning that? Why they are not Planning in Better ways? This is all what happening is Blind runs Blind?

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