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Opto Circuits launches its first Sirolimus Drug Eluting Stent

Berlin: Opto Eurocor Healthcare, a subsidiary of Opto Circuits India, has launched its first Sirolimus Drug Eluting Stent (DES), E-Magic Plus on receipt of Drug Controller General of India (DCGI) license to sell and market the product in India.

E-Magic Plus consists of a balloon-expandable intra coronary cobalt chromium stent pre-mounted on a custom balloon delivery system with a Sirolimus coating and a biodegradable polymer. The E-Magic Plus stent releases a distinctive anti-rejection drug, Sirolimus (also known as Rapamycin), into the arterial wall.

Sirolimus helps control excess growth of cells and allows the artery to heal. E-Magic Plus stent has an extra edge with soft tip technology to provide smooth access to the lesion site ensuring minimal trauma to the vessel wall.

A stent is a wire metal mesh tube that is used to prop open an occluded artery during an angioplasty. Some stents are coated with a drug, which is released into the wall of the artery to help minimize re-narrowing (restenosis) and the growth of scar tissues. The DES market has two major drug categories: Sirolimus and Paclitaxel. Stents coated with Sirolimus and its derivatives are rapidly gaining market share thanks to the potent immunosuppressive nature of the drug and its comparative effectiveness in treating difficult lesions. In India, Sirolimus-based angioplasty devices have a more than 90 per cent market share.

With the launch of E-Magic Plus, Opto Circuits becomes one of the few global players to offer DES products with a choice of two drug coatings.

“The Sirolimus DES market is estimated to be worth Rs 800 crore in India,” said Vinod Ramnani, chairman and managing director, Opto Circuits India. “E-Magic Plus has been developed indigenously in India and with the DCGI mark we can market and sell in India. The DCGI approval will also enable E-Magic Plus to be marketed in parts of Far East and parts of Middle East. We trust that E-Magic Plus will offer better treatment options and significant therapeutic advantages for the patients.”

Opto Eurocor Healthcare will launch E-Magic Plus in the European and Latin American market after receiving the necessary approvals.

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