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Major breakthrough in hepatitis C vaccine development

Sydney: Researchers at the Burnet Institute have solved a hepatitis C vaccine mystery which, once developed could be the first ever preventative vaccine for the virus.

Heidi Drummer (second from left) with her laboratory team

Currently undergoing formal preclinical studies, the vaccine is the result of breakthrough work done by Heidi Drummer with her team from the Institute’s Centre for Virology.

Hepatitis C affects around 200 million people around the world — a preventative vaccine has the potential to have a significant global health impact.

Drummer and her team have overcome a major hurdle in HCV vaccine research, developing a vaccine candidate that protects against a number of different HCV strains.

“Hepatitis C has a great ability to change its structure and evade the immune response. This makes vaccine development challenging,” Drummer says.

“Our vaccine is unique as it contains only the most essential, conserved parts of the major viral surface protein, eliciting antibodies that prevent both closely and distantly related hepatitis C viruses from entering cells, thereby preventing infection.”

Drummer unveiled the details about her HCV vaccine project at the Immunotherapeutics and Vaccine Summit (ImVacS) in Cambridge, Massachusetts on August 13.

by Catherine Somerville

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  1. Dr.Thomas Varughese Dr.Thomas Varughese Saturday, August 18, 2012

    excellent.hope no more hep C induced liver cancers will be there in future.

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