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Govt plans to set up a medical college in each of 626 districts of India

New Delhi: The union government plans to provide financial help to state governments to start a medical college in each of 626 districts of India. The new scheme is expected to cost the government around Rs 20,000 crore in four years.

The new medical colleges will be linked with respective district level hospitals and will also be used to train accredited social health activists (ASHAs) and Anganwadi workers to improve the health parameters in the rural areas.

The government is expected to announce the new scheme at a meeting of the Planning Commission presided by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to finalise the 12th Five Year Plan in August. [Source: HT]


  1. vivek vivek Sunday, August 26, 2012

    the plan is good.. but, is anyone worried about the declining standards of medical education in almost all medical colleges of india??
    in private colleges, the management is simply bothered about their profit.. they are least bothered about education and in most cases have clearly spoken this to the faculty.. they will try to manage with minimum of facilities and staff.. the faculty there is under constant threat of getting fired.. some pvt colleges are good also, but in majority the scene is not good..
    in govt. colleges, faculty is secured about job, but is under threat of transfer.. though, they r not permitted to practice, almost all practice and even draw npa.. still, the situation is much better than pvt sector colleges, thanks to dedicated teachers there..

    the most dreadful thing that has been done in recent years is the reducing of staff requirement in basic medical subjects.. nowhere in the world will u find such ridiculous solution to shortage of teachers !! for 50 medical students, on an avg mci itself states that there should be atleast 1 professor, 1 associate prof, 2 assistant professor.. but, when the strength is 150, still one professor?? how??
    for every 15 students there should be 1 medical teacher (assistant prof, associate prof, prof).. tutors r simply helping hands.. that means the 15:1 ratio of student teacher should be followed.. these days it has gone up as high as 25-30 : 1.. this is highly detrimental for medical education.. the small group teaching which is the core of medical education has taken backseat..
    when govt itself feels that aiims is premier medical institute of nation, why doesnt it follow the healthy student teaher ratio followed there??

    so, expansion is good, but first pay attention to present scenario.. improve the present quality of education in medical colleges.. mci should stop simply counting heads and instruments during inspections.. i havent seen them interacting with students ever in so many years, asking whether u r being taught in a better way? does ur teacher take classes regularly? who is ur best teacher? what problems u face in learning? r the exams fair and transparent?

  2. chiranjeeb kakoty chiranjeeb kakoty Thursday, August 9, 2012

    Grand plan. Doesn’t appear to be feasible not because of financial constrains but operational reasons . We are talking of medical colleges and NOT general colleges which churn out graduates . We are talking of preparing doctors who are going to deal with human lives . To improve health status , we just do not need doctors , we also need nurses and paramedics who are competent and willing to serve in the corners of the districts, in the inaccessible areas. Who will teach in these medical colleges – do we have such interested and competent people ? Let’s not forget , because of various reasons the interest of students towards medical education in showing a decline .

    We need medical colleges which intend to prepare quality doctors – we donot want mere infrastructure which will satisfy the need and greed of powers that be

  3. NM NM Tuesday, August 7, 2012

    Dear All,

    Central government should also start one AIIMS like institute in each state in a underdeveped district of respective state along with above mini-medical college.

  4. Prof. Manoj Sharma Prof. Manoj Sharma Saturday, August 4, 2012

    If the Health Ministry really read our inputs then once again I have to say that ……

    Still a long way to go with regards to dental care in this country.
    There are enough BDS courses but there are not more that 150 MDS courses.
    What a tragedy and irony.
    The MDS seat sells for INR 35 lacs in many places.

    It is about time that MD seats in all the specialties and more so in Endodontics, Conservative dentistry and pedodontics and orthodontics. are increases at least to four times so that specialists dentists are available in these new medical colleges.

    Those who are in this speciality understand the colossal loss that is happening to the oral health and hence total exploitation and extortion/ loot that is happening through handfull who have opened their shops.

    It is an age old teaching that if the oral health is good the body health too is excellent.
    several disease of URTI and head and neck are due to bad oral health/ dental health.

    Increasing superspeciality in Dental sciences will help a great deal in oral cancer prevention too , the Commonest Indian male cancer .

  5. Prof. Manoj Sharma Prof. Manoj Sharma Saturday, August 4, 2012

    Guess who has been giving this suggestion of Mini medical colleges in every district , for last five years or so on various forums. Just to solve the problem of not so heard areas of our country and to tide up the shortage of doctors instead of introducinng rural medicine course?
    Guess who was suggesting district Govt. Hospital should be made the hub of these mini medical colleges.

    Guess who made the suggestion that preventive medicine departments of thees medical colleges should activate themselves to reach far flung areas.
    Guess who proposed that the shortage of teaching beds will be taken care off and hence abundance clinical material will be there.
    Guess who suggested that by starting such medical colleges one will be able to produce required faculty for such institutions
    Guess who suggested that such medical colleges will help meet the requirement of rural health services and crowding in AIIMS like institutions or metropolitan medical centres.
    Guess who suggested that such mini medical medical colleges will improve personalised medical attention by preventing crowding of students in a medical college …. Is it practical to teach 250 students in one medical college?
    Guess who suggested that starting of additional medical college in a district should be banned, instead an allocation should be done for a district that does not have a medical college.
    It is about time that a rationalised number should be allocated to each medical college instead of increasing the seats and hence appointment of new faculty to meet this increased number , the new/ additional faculty appointments should be made for these new mini medical colleges .
    In order to assure good Guru Shishya parampara and one to one interaction the number of students in each medical college should be restricted to maximum of 100 students if at all, 50 is a sensible number.

    The honourable Health Minister must increase the seats for post graduate as well as post doctoral degrees in order to create work force for these district mini medical colleges. some of these post graduate seats can be introduced in these new borne medical colleges who will mature later to start post doctoral courses.

    I never knew our revered Health Minister reads my comments or the proxy comments written by me.

  6. sheo kumar sheo kumar Saturday, August 4, 2012

    1.It is Good planning of Govt of India that they are planning at least one govt medical college in each distirct of india .Today PHC,CHC, as well as District Hospital are collapsed. If State Govt with financial aid of Govt of india will established medical college in each District .Rural patient can reach upto medical college and they will be benifited.
    2.Govt of India should go for establishment of at least one tertiary care hospital in each state capital of india.
    3.Govt of India should go for establishment of NHWTC(National Highway Trauma centre )at least 100km distance
    4.Govt of India should provide sufficient Fund for free Treatment to each patient in each govt hospital either primary,secondary or tertiary care hospital.
    5.Govt of India should provide sufficient Fund for Research courses in the MBBS.MD,MS,DM,Mch,PDCC and PDF courses .It is essential for global existances of india

  7. Dr. T. S. roy Dr. T. S. roy Saturday, August 4, 2012

    AIIMS Delhi was made by our first prime minister Jawahar Lal Nehru and other great leaders of India who had a great vision. They picked up very good doctors who were working in USA and UK. People like BB Dikshit, Dr. Ramalingaswami joined AIIMS from the establishment of foundation stone. Their dream is visible today. AIIMS Delhi has not been built in one day. It took long time to come to the present form. From the very beginning a dedicated group of doctors made AIIMS a Harvard of south east Asia. I expect the other AIIMS like institutions should do better that present AIIMS Delhi.

  8. Smitha Hegde Smitha Hegde Saturday, August 4, 2012

    Starting government medical colleges in remote rural areas will help to reduce the menace of quacks in villages.Many villagers admit that quality medical care is not available to them and having big hospitals in government sector will help them a lot.Until now these quacks are not allowing any MBBS doctor by applying all sorts of tricks to drive them out.Many quacks have now started are calling themselves as rural medical practitioners(RMP) when such degree does not exist at all.They have started their own association in some states and calling politicians in power to their meeting to gather political support. No MBBS doctor is expected to work in villages under pressure or threat.But a government doctor will not face such problems and can counter the quacks well as he is protected by the government.

  9. Y.Rajagopal Y.Rajagopal Saturday, August 4, 2012

    The central government seems to have realized now that government sector is better that private sector medical colleges to protect the public health.Most of the private medical colleges are riddled with casteism,nepotism and guest doctors and no patients.The main reason is that they do not do anything free.Doctors are pressurized and harassed by the management if they do not work as per their expectations that is to earn as much money as possible for the hospital by writting costly drugs, unnecessary and costly tests and keep the recovered patient as long as possible in the wards .Nobody can escape MRI or CT if they go to a neurologist or bone specialist in these medical colleges. State government run medical colleges are ill equipped and infested with highly corrupt employees be it doctor or nurse or ward boy.Central government run medical colleges are performing better.So central government is better advised to build medical colleges on their own in most backward areas to begin with and hand them over to state government after 10 years or so.

  10. dr.a.k.patra dr.a.k.patra Friday, August 3, 2012

    Plan1-Prime minister should go for extablishment of AIIMS,Delhi like institutions one in each state in the country through prime minister swasthya surakhya yojona .
    Plan2- Prime minister should go for extablishment of AFMC,Pune like institutions in the various strategic defence locations of the country(Minimum 6 in nos.)
    Plan3-Prime minister should allow or, advice all IITs and NITs in the country to open medical institutions like what IIT, Khadagpur is planning to have Dr.B.C.Roy institution of medical sciences.
    Plan4- Then only prime minister should go for financial help to state Govt.s for medical institutions.

    This will maintain quality in education, research, hospital services in health sectors.

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