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Ayush doctors can practice allopathy after studying pharmacology: Maharashtra government

Mumbai: Unani, homeopathy and other doctors wishing to practice allopathy should study pharmacology, the state medical education minister Vijay Kumar Gavit on Friday told the Legislative Assembly.

According to the minister, pharmacology will be a full course of one year and once homeopathy and others doctors have studied it and cleared the examination they will be allowed to practice allopathy.

An ordinance to this effect will be promulgated next month and accordingly, the Maharashtra Medical Practitioners Act, 1961 will be amended, Gavit said. He further said that the Homeopathy Council in Delhi has been requested to include pharmacology in the homeopathy curriculum. [Source: ToI]


  1. dr sk chaudhary dr sk chaudhary Sunday, July 22, 2012

    dear doctor Raj i think you are not grasping my comments read my above comments thoroughly.state government is planning to implement supreme court’s judgement & for that purpose govt is going to amend existing state medical act.According to the minister, pharmacology will be a full course of one year and once ayush doctors have studied it and cleared the examination they will be allowed to practice allopathy.

    An ordinance to this effect will be promulgated next month and accordingly, the Maharashtra Medical Practitioners Act, 1961 will be amended. it is causing indigestion to you & your IMA/MCI.

  2. ajay ajay Sunday, July 22, 2012

    koi ayush doctor mujhe yeh jawab de, kya ayurveda mein saare bimariyon pe ilaaj nahi hai,? agar hai to aap apne ayurvedic science , jo ki allopathy se kai hazaar varshon se purana aur sreshta mana jaata hai, usse aap sab satisfied kyon nahi hai?, aap kyon aap doosre science ke drugs use karna chahte hain,? aap sab to yeh maante hain aur sab jagah failate hain ki allopathic drugs ke bahoot saare sideeffects hain jab ke ayurvedic drugs itne mahan hai ke unka koi sideeffect nahi hai aur woh beemari ko jad se mita deta hai , agar aisa hai to koi ayurvedic doctor apne mahaan drugs ke badle kyon allopathy ke side-effects se bharpur drugs use karna chahte hain? kya aap ko apne patients ke aarogya ki chinta nahi hain? ya aap sab bhi maante hain ki allopathy is better than ayurveda?

  3. Dr.Raj Dr.Raj Saturday, July 21, 2012

    Dear Dr.Choudhary if you feel that ayurvedas are allowed to practice allopaths why are u all not going to court against the govt and till the decision comes do u fell everyone who is not allopath with stop till the judgement comes.

  4. Dr.Raj Dr.Raj Saturday, July 21, 2012

    Dr.Ratnadeep madam one spelling mistake can make the chemist give wrong medicine please first read what you have written with the number of spelling mistakes first improve that before learining about pharmacology Dentist also read anatomy physiology and biochemistry in first year so if they want to read medicine surgery pharmacology etc then why not allow them also to practice what about pharmacist they already have learn t pharmacology so they can be taught other remaining subjects to allow them allopaths why6 PEOPLE ARE ARGUING DO WHAT U HAVE LEARNT OR GIVE CET AGAIN AND DO MBBS Looks very difficult so the frustration on mbbs doctors.Don’t take personal

  5. dr sk chaudhary dr sk chaudhary Saturday, July 21, 2012

    dear doctor raj. behave like institutionaly qualified doctor.Dont pass comments foolishly.Why r you getting so panic & insecured? Have u got selected through pre-medical test or donation??????????do u know what is essential qualification to get admission in BAMS/BUMS/BHMS course?how many system of medicine is currently recognized from central government of india? i think u should update your knowledge then argue!!!!!!!!maximum MTP pills are being dispensed through medical store holders.i think u r afraid about capability of ayush doctors.dont worry we have equal command on both ayurveda & u study more & more to compete us.improve ur general knowledge also!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. dr sk chaudhary dr sk chaudhary Saturday, July 21, 2012

    01/06/20117 Comments

    Rajya Sabha /Monday, August 20, 2007

    The matter regarding qualified practitioners of Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha and Homoeopathy systems prescribing allopathic medicines has been examined in depth by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India in Civil Appeal No.89 of 1987 Dr. Mukhtiar Chand & Others versus State of Punjab & Others. Representations have been received from time to time on this matter and accordingly Department of AYUSH entrusted the study of the contemporary acts on medical practice in the light of judgement of Hon’ble Supreme Court in 1987 Dr. Mukhtiar Chand & Others versus State of Punjab & Others and other similar judgements. Drugs can be sold and supplied by a Pharmacist or a Druggist only on a prescription of a Registered Medical Practitioner and who can also store them for treatment of patients.

    According to Section 2 (ee) of the Drugs and Cosmetics Rules, 1995, Registered Medical Practitioner means a person –

    (i) holding a qualification granted by an authority specified or notified under Section 3 of the Indian Medical Degrees Act, 1916 (7 of 1916), or specified in the Schedules to the Indian Medical Council Act, 1956 (102 of 1956); or

    (ii) registered or eligible for registration in a medical register of a State meant for the registration of persons practicing the modern scientific system of medicine (excluding the Homoeopathy system of medicine); or

    (iii) registered in a medical register (other than a register for the registration of Homoeopathic practitioners) of a State, who although not falling within sub-clause (i) or sub-clause (ii) is declared by a general or special order made by the State Government in this behalf as a person practicing the modern scientific system of medicine for the purposes of this Act.

    Hon’ble Supreme Court upheld the validity of Rule 2 (ee) (iii) as well as the notifications issued by various State Governments thereunder allowing Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani and Homoeopathy practitioners to prescribe allopathic medicines.

    In view of the above judgement, Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani and Homoeopathy practitioners can prescribe allopathic medicines under Rule 2 (ee) (iii) only in those States where they are authorized to do so by a general or special order made by the concerned State Government in that regard. Practitioners of Indian Medicine holding the degrees in integrated courses can also prescribe allopathic medicines if any State act in the State in which they are practicing recognizes their qualification as sufficient for registration in the State Medical Register.

    This information was given by the Minister for Health & Family Welfare, Dr. Anbumani Ramadoss in a written reply to a question in the Rajya Sabha.

  7. Dr.Raj Dr.Raj Saturday, July 21, 2012

    they have to pass an elegibility test which is tough and people who were not interested in non allopaths why they did they should have studied and attempted again and again till they got MBBS admission but they are trying a short cut if a compunder knows to take BP or give injection doesnt make him eligible to become doctor

  8. Dr.Raj Dr.Raj Saturday, July 21, 2012

    maximum MTP tablets has been dispensed by non allopaths

  9. Dr.Raj Dr.Raj Saturday, July 21, 2012

    means electrohomepathy which was banned should also be accepted as you say every medical practitioner is a physician first then his pathy


    dr.ajay,dr.sai kumar nd dr. raj,after reading your comments, i think you are fake doctors and such a disgusting person.


    well said dr.ravinder,dr,akaash,dr.ashwani randhawa and dr.s.k chaudhary,dr.ratnadeep,dr.mitika. thanks to u all.


    respected mbbs doctors , can you plz tell us that …why can u people never say wrong about bogus unqualified ,bengali jholachaap doctors…..????? i can tell u the truth …u gave heavy commission to these bogus doctors when they reffered their patients in your hospital or clinic. main thing is that both mci and ima are corrupt council or association.u all know very well about dr.ketan desai and dr.vinay aggarwal who is the president of ima,is the most corrupt person in medical field because we have the information that the person (dr. surendra pratap singh) allowed to work at the hospital is a medical graduate from russia who has not cleared the screening test of mci and is yet to get permanent registration to practice in our country.
    —— jo log russia china se mbbs degree kar ke aa rhe hai aur india me donation de ke admission lete hai,they never know how to check patients blood pressure……!! they just play with the lives of these innocent and poor people. these kind of mbbs doctors have least knowledge then bogus doctors. and corrupt mci give permanent registration to these russian and chinese bogus doctors.

  13. Dr.AAKASH DELHI Dr.AAKASH DELHI Saturday, July 21, 2012

    dear dr.ajay,dr.raj,dr.sai kumar , aaj aapne ibn7 news channel to dekha hoga,jis me sting operation me dikhaya hai k bahut se amarnath yatra par gye hue yatriyon ka mbbs doctor dwara bogus medical certificate diye gye, jisse near about 80 yatriyon ki maut ho gyi hai,aise hi rajasthan me sex determination karne ke aarop me 12 doctor suspend huye hai…..these kind of news show that much mbbs doctors were serious with there profession…!!!! the real fact is– in mbbs doctors ne medical fields me admission lene k liye heavy donation dete hai, wo amount nikalne ke liye ye poor people se heavy fees charge karte hai.mbbs doctors koi bi minor disease ho to bhi patient ko pressurize kar ke admit kar lete hai aur heavy fee charge karte hai. yeh haal hai aajkal mbbs doctor ke……..!!!!!

  14. Dr.ratnadeep Dr.ratnadeep Saturday, July 21, 2012

    Hello to all respected doctors, ok the ‘maharashtra govt.start allopathy permission to homeopathy,auyrveda,unani doctors we welcome the dicision of govt.’ and i ask all “MBBS doctors that u r and BHMS syllabus is all same accept only pharmacology subject , our degree duration is same with intership ok” ,and i say now that 1)”pharmacology subject is not a property of all MBBS doctors if government want they include this subject in any pathy and improve helth facility of india on the act ‘sarva shiksha act’ ”
    2) MCI dont have rights to stop it ok because mci jolouse about that dicision of govt. of maharashtra
    3) in rular area we strong to practice for poore peopels in any weather and on the demand of spreadin diesease like hepatitis,fever,diarhea,vomiting,and all kind of diesease
    4) u dont respect Doctors and their degree u only think about money on allopathy practice u punish poore peopels by unwanted bed and room charge,unwanted surgerys and treatmen on patient with joint pathologist report on u r sugession to earn black money wrong way
    4) BHMS doctors we cures each and every patient like family members with natural medicine saftey way and permenantely but in emergency cases we only follow law and see patients to die thats reason we want allopathy practice in such condition
    5) MBBS doctors i know how u earn money i practice so many hospital as RMO i see with naked eyes that u r black earning money throug make patient foole through fake pathological reports and make them beggars

  15. DrAshwaniRandhawa DrAshwaniRandhawa Saturday, July 21, 2012

    Shame shame rajsthan main 12 doctor sex determination test ke liye suspend kiye gaye hain…govt (save the girl child )ke liye programe chala rhi hai.or ye proudy mbbs doctor girl child ko kokh main hi maar rhe hain.british raj to khatam ho gya par ye proudy mbbs doctor india main hi reh gaye.inhe pndt act ke tehat fansi ki saza honi mbbs doctor ne donation dekar mbbs main seat li hogi .tabi to aise kaam karke paisa kama rhe hai.dr raj and ajay shame shame on u…….mbbs doctor ki india main koi jarurat nhi hai.indian medicine doctor ko hi govt ko trained karna doctor india ke naam par daag hain..mci ko inka hamesa ke liye regd cancel kar deni chahiye. Shame on u again

  16. dr sk chaudhary dr sk chaudhary Friday, July 20, 2012

    my dear doctors i have studied anatomy, physiology,pathology,hygiene social & preventive medicine,pharmacology,toxicology medical jurisprudence,medicine,ophthalmology,ENT,surgery,gynae& obs, pediatrics according to both ayurvedic& modern scientific medicine in theoretical&practical manner during my 4.5 yrs BAMS curriculum.i done dissection of dead body & rotatory internship of one year in which 6 months of allopathy in hospital was included. why i cant practice for the same??????????.you can read BAMS syllabus over supreme court has made clear verdict that The position with regard to Medical practitioners of Indian medicine holding degrees in integrated courses is on the same plain inasmuch as if any State Act recognizes their qualification as sufficient for registration in the State Medical register, the prohibition contain in Section 15(2)(b) of the 1956 Act will not apply.(dr mukhtiar chand&ors v the state of punjab1998). we are only fighting for our rights on dont take it personaly& stop misleading courts & government.

  17. DrSanjivJassal DrSanjivJassal Friday, July 20, 2012

    DrRaj & Ajay every medical practitioner is a physician first ,then a homeopath,allopath or an ayurved,he must know which system of medicine can give better result and relief in each care..Madras high court has ruled again reiterating the order passed last year by bench on similar issues,justice K Chandru said that no proceedings could be intiated any of those registered practitioners,who were eligible to practice ,irrespective of the respective system ,also with modern medicine with surgery,gynaecology ,obstetrics,ENT,Ophtalmology,etc..same ruled passed by tamilnadu govt and court allow ism doctor practice modern medicine in june 18 2010…

  18. ajay ajay Friday, July 20, 2012

    i agree that medical facilities are not good in rural areas, but that doesnt mean one can learn allopathy by one year course of pharmacology. if there is shortage of pilots we cannot give a short course to sailors to become pilots. pilots should never run a ship and sailor cannot fly a plane. likewise allopathic and ayurvedic doctors are masters in their own fields. the answer to our problems is creating more more development in rural areas so that not only doctors but people from all fields will be ready to work there. what our government is doing is a big mistake . ayurvedic and homeopathic doctors practising anywhere should only prescribe their respective medicines. prescribing allopathic medicines is paying disrespect to their fields. indirectly these doctors are accepting that their respective sciences and their medicines are not good enough to treat even common ailments…… such a thing is not done even in poor countries and we are supposedly on the verge of becoming a developed country….. this happens only in INDIA!

  19. Dr.Raj Dr.Raj Thursday, July 19, 2012

    Well said Smitha u really told the facts.

  20. Dr.Raj Dr.Raj Thursday, July 19, 2012

    Please dont have any hard feelings what i have told as either its allopathy ,homepathy,unnai or any pathy every body is trying to serve human being and cure them of pain,methods are different but the intention is the same why not stick to our pathies do the same >Every pathy is good hence t came in to existence why downgrade it.please practice what u are specialized in.

  21. Dr.Raj Dr.Raj Thursday, July 19, 2012

    dr.singham u are right should file contempt of court against IMA please go ahead and read other judgements also of supreme court and high court and then u should only say that what govt is talking at present is also contempt of court.Respect Court Have faith in our legal system file a case in court for asking to practice allopathy and let it get passed .

  22. Dr.Raj Dr.Raj Thursday, July 19, 2012

    means u are saying that homeopathic doctors are totally Quacks if they practise allopathy but you are not .Please read this high court judgement BEFORE THE HON’BLE STATE CONSUMER DISPUTES REDRESSAL


    First Appeal No. A/11/454

    (Arisen out of Order Dated 09/03/2011 in Case No. 614/2007 of District Additional DCF, Mumbai(Suburban))







    MUMBAI 400101


    and use the sect u mentioned to save him.He has already lost the case.

  23. Dr.Raj Dr.Raj Thursday, July 19, 2012

    have there been any study where interaction between ayurvedic and allopathic medicine studied or may be you all want to stop Ayurveda and practice only allopathic.Then you should join MBBS course ask for age relaxation and do MBBS are u ready friends.

  24. Dr.Raj Dr.Raj Thursday, July 19, 2012

    Means u want to say that you all assure that you all who are allowed to practise allopath after the so called exam will be really serving the rural people only.Are u going to give an affidavit or bond when u give this exam saying so.Come on see how many people are there in urban area every building 3 to 4 .As well as if u want to practise in emergency cases request for exemption for few drugs like paracetomol,ondeseteron,etc.

  25. dr singham dr singham Thursday, July 19, 2012

    IMA is not a statuory body to speak about ayush doctors they should be prosecuted for contempt of court and in IPC for defaming ayush doctor Ireguest them to to compet with ayush doctor in general practice where MBBs dr. are not interested

  26. Dr.AAKASH DELHI Dr.AAKASH DELHI Wednesday, July 18, 2012

    MR.AJAY KUMAR, aap doctor ho ya jholachaap doctor ho ya Russia or China se MBBS kar ke aye ho yeh to pta nahi lekin Ayush Doctor ne jo comment kiye hai wo 100% sahi hai. JAB KOI MBBS DOCTOR KE BAARE ME COMMENT KARTA HAI TO AAP LOGON KO BURA LAGTA HAI aur qualified Indian doctor ko comment karte samay bhi socha karo ki AYUSH DOCTOR bhi MBBS syllabus ke equivalent 5year n 6 months study karte hai. Mein DR.MITIKA ke comment se satisfied hu aur unke comments ko padh ke lagta hai k India me kuch achche doctor bhi hai jo poor people ke baare me sochte hai aur rural area me service de rhe hai. MR.AJAY mujhe lagta hai aap bhi ek jholachaap doctor ho , upar likhe comments educated persons ke liye hai wo apko samajh me nahi ayenge. Dear qualified doctors, mein bhi aap ki baat se agree hu k logon ke bhale ke liye jholachaap doctors k against action zarur lena chahiye jisse logon ko in jhola chaap doctor ,jo logon ko galat treatment de k unki life spoil kar rhe hai. MR.AJAY Waise to Ayush Doctor jo five n half year course me pharmacology study karte hai lekin agar govt ayush doctor ke liye pharmacology mein aur improvement karna chahti hai to aap logon ko kyu jealous ho rhi hai????

  27. dr sk chaudhary dr sk chaudhary Wednesday, July 18, 2012

    my dear doctor ajay plz tell us truth regarding current medical facilities in india!!!!!!!!

  28. ajay ajay Wednesday, July 18, 2012

    your comments show that you are not a doctor. dont comment foolishly on matters you dont understand….. its like people who have never held a bat in their hand giving an opinion pn tendulkars batting.

  29. Dr.Mitika Dr.Mitika Tuesday, July 17, 2012

    I m fully agree with DR.S.K CHAUDHARY & DR.RAVINDER, meri medical field me kaam kar rhe sabhi qualified doctors(MBBS & AYUSH DOCTORS) se request hai ke apas me ek dusre ke against comment karne se achcha hai ke hum un logon ke against step uthaye jo 8th pass bogus unqualified jholachaap doctor hai jo har ek village me ,small cities ,small town me apna clinic khol ke baithe hai jo villages me rehne wale innocent logon ko heavy antibiotic and steroid nd ayurvedic medicine without any knowledge patient ko dete hai. In unqualified jholachaap doctors ke upar na to allopathic aur na hi ayurvedic medicine dene pe koi pabandi lagata hai,lekin qualified doctors ke upar bahut si paabandiyan lagayi jati hai. Yeh shareaam apne clinic khol kar logon ki life se khel rhe hai. Government,court and qualified doctors is taraf dhyan na dekar bogus unqualified doctors ko badhawa de rhe hai. Qualified doctor degree lene ke baad apni practice karne k liye villages me jate hai,wahan pehle se 50 ke karib jholachaap doctor apni dukane khol ke baithe hote hai;jin ke upar heealth department kisi bhi trah se action nahi leta hai. Hum har pathy ki respect karte hai,chahe wo allopathic ho ya indian medicine hai;aakhirkaar ye doctors kar to logon ki sewa hi rhe hai. Meri aap sabhi qulified doctors se request hai k sabhi ek saath milkar jholachaap,unqualified doctor ,jo rural area me paaye jaate hai ,in ke upar action lene ke liye related department ke upar pressure banaya jaye ta ki jis se small town,rural area ,villages , colonies me qualified doctor logon ko proper treatment de k logon ki jaan bacha sakein.” ASLI KHATRA INDIA MEIN LOGON KO IN UNQUQLIFIED JHOLACHAAP BOGUS DOCTORS SE HAI NA KI KISI BHI PATHY KE QUALIFIED DOCTORS SE.” THANK U ALL.

  30. DrAshwaniRandhawa DrAshwaniRandhawa Tuesday, July 17, 2012

    Main Dr Ravinder and Dr S.K.Chowdhry ji se sehmat hu..MCI and IMA sirf apne degree holder ko keh sakte hain..MCI main DrKetan Desai jaise mahahasti bhi hue hai sayad ye mbbs wale dr sahib bhul chuke hain.jinhone apne time main na jane kitne munna bhai MBBS ko degree dilwai hogi.Iski enquary jarur honi chahiye .dedinatly DrKetanDesai JO MCI KE SECRETORY THE ko 1 crore ki riswat lete red handed pakda tha .us time na jane ketan desai ne india ke and abroad se mbbs karne wale doctor ki enquary honi chahiye .jisme bhut se doctor munna bhai mbbs milenge….MBBS DRS pls india main poor peoples ke baare main bhi kuch socho.aap logon se achi service to ayush drs de rhe hain….nd ayush doctor se mil kar logon tak sahi chikitsa do.

  31. dr sk chaudhary dr sk chaudhary Monday, July 16, 2012

    I have read above all coments of allopathic thing which is common in all comments is ego & jealousy.they all have superiorty complex and arrogancy.they never lose any chance to say quacks/bogus to institutionaly qualified ayush doctors.they are continuously making all efforts to harass ayush doctors by manipulating &misleading courts and government to pass strict orders against ayush doctors.their organizations like IMA & MCI creating monopoly in health system.they are getting 97% of health budget.their doctors never wish to go in government hospitals & rural areas where more than 70% of population is suffering from many diseases.Nothing is hidden about the worst facilities of government hospitals & mostly allopathic doctors are practicing in city/urban area they are making more and more money in their pvt hospitals & clinics.more than 70% of indian population is lower & medium class they are unable to pay heavy fee & investigations expenses.most of the ayush doctors are providing their cheap services in rural areas.allopathic doctors are frustated & insecured after knowing that government are planning to promote ayush doctors as competent main stream doctors.thats why they are making such misconception & expressing their misconduct/agitation through mean spirited comments over ayush doctors.every one knows which type of bogus allopathic doctors are being produced after paying heavy donation&fees in private medical colleges in india & abroad like russia/kazakistan/china etc.they are sucking blood of poor time is changing you should accept & appreciate such type of government decisions and stop underestimate institutionaly qualified ayush doctors.and carefully read BAMS syllabus over CCIM website before passing any comment. every person has right to learn science and to serve it for mankind.Be concentrate over unregestered/non degree holder doctors.

  32. DR.RAVINDER DR.RAVINDER Monday, July 16, 2012

    ISM clarified that Right to practice medicine is neither governed by the IMA ,which is an autonomous association of allopathic doctors,nor the Medical Council Of India(MCI),which governs only the medical education system.The right to practise any kind of medicine is solely governed by the drugs and cosmetics act and rules alone. The same rule that provides right to practice any kind of medicine to MCI’s recognised degree holders provides similar rights to other practitioners.The MCI can issue guidelines or codes of conduct to its own degree holder and not to the degree holders receiving education under other prevailing acts.The supreme court of India had already given a verdict in favour of all general practitioner including ISM degree holders,to practice the modern system of medicine.EVEN AFTER THIS VERDICT ,IT IS UNFORTUNATE THAT IMA OFFICIALS AND MBBS DOCTORS CONTINUE MISLEADING STATEMENTS.According to CCIM notification F.NO-8-5/2003-AY.(MM) notification issue notification regarding use of modern medicine by practitioners of Indian Systems of Medicine under Section 2(1)(e)of IMCC Act ,1970.The institutionally qualified practitioners of Ayurveda ,Siddha,Unani Tibb are eligible to practice respective Systems with modern Scientific medicine including Surgery Obstetrics,Anesthesiology,ENT,opthalmology etc.based on the training and teaching from 1st year to final year . MAIN BAAT YEH HAI JI 98% MBBS DOCTOR AYURVEDIC MEDICINE PRESCRIBE KARTE HAI. UPAR LIKHE HUE COMMENTS KE AADHAR PAR MBBS DOCTOR BHI QUACK OR JHOLACHAAP HUE..

  33. Smitha Hegde Smitha Hegde Monday, July 16, 2012

    It is clear from the health minister of Maharashtra that allopathic doctors are politically important and practicing medicine is very easy for any one who can manage one year additional study of pharmacology.It is said that politicians of our country does anything only if it benefits him politically. There is absolutely no objection to anybody practicing ayurvervic medicine or homeopathic medicine as long as they treat health problems with drugs described in their systems. I have seen people getting relief from chronic joint problems,abdominal problems with alternative medicine. But nobody can accept practice of allopathic medicine with other medical system degrees.Many of the health problems start as fever,head ache,cough,abdominal pain etc and slowly progress.The first thing an average rural citizen of our country does in such situation is to approach nearby doctor in his village who is most often a non-allopathic degree holder.He will try his treatment first and if the patient is unlucky,his symptoms will become worse.Once the rural doctor is convinced that the patient is going to die, he will tell nice words and push him to a far away hospital where he has links with doctors.The truth of failure to give proper treatment is buried and the patient ends up with spending huge amount of money which he would have avoided had he knew the importance of consulting a qualified doctor first who probably would have charged more than his nearby doctor without proper medical knowledge.Now a days a plumber/painter/Electrician/construction worker who do not have any separate training are charging more than an allopathic doctor for the service they provide.If you approach them, they will start telling you how they were exploited by the doctor by charging more for their health problem.Disease does not care whether you are service minded or politically important.Unless recognised early and treated properly,the poor patient will end up with complications and death if the disease progresses.Most of the rural areas in our country are infested with self declared doctors practicing allopathic medicine and causing untold misery to the innocent villagers. Many of the so called rural doctors are practicing with fake alternative medicine degrees.Many of these are unemployed and lured by the charm and popularity of being a doctor.They have become important sources of patients for hospitals and nursing homes run by allopathic doctors who does not follow any ethics.They get cuts in the fees paid by the patient to the hospital. This is the additional revenue for these champions of rural health. They are so important in the villages that middlemen of private institutions approach for supply of students of medical and paramedical courses in their institutions. In this way also they get commissions for admitting students.These so called rural doctors have formed unions in some states and are recognized as politically important by some state governments like Andhrapradesh.The police and other law enforcing agencies can not touch them as they are either into politics or protected by the local politicians. These so called champions of rural health have become so powerful that qualified doctors are afraid even to pass a comment against them. Many of these rural doctors practice criminal abortions at a cheaper rate and if any complication results,refer them to their contact allopathic doctor in nearby hospital causing untold misery to the patient.Some of these rural doctors have now started calling themselves as first aid doctors.The age old saying in medicine is that if you can not cure atleast do no harm. But when you can not recognise the disease and just give some medicine known to you without even minimal diagnostic testing, the unsuspecting patient will have to pay heavy price in future if his health problem progresses or ends up with complications.The divided and weak allopathic medical unions have made the task of both state and central level politicians very easy.The doctors are being targeted frequently by the media and the governments whenever there are allegations of medical negligence. Still there is no public awareness about protecting their health against these rural doctors.The future for allopathic medical doctors looks bleak in our country unless they fight quackery and frequent interference in their profession by the politicians and the efforts of non-medical authorities in the government to downgrade them whenever possible.

  34. Dr.L.V.Raghava Rao Dr.L.V.Raghava Rao Sunday, July 15, 2012

    The basis of of Medical treatment is understanding Physiology, pathology and diagnosis.

    when Ayurveda,unani and siddha systems of medicine have a totally different understanding of tenets,how these practitioners can treat the patients using (allopathic) modern medicines?

    prescribing a medicine is just not writing names of drugs.

    Without this basis, it is like a Hindu priest conducting muslim rituals!

    L.V.Raghav Rao,National vice president IMA 2011.

  35. yogesh yogesh Saturday, July 14, 2012

    Dear Ziyad,
    To the best my knowledge a large number of MBBS doctors are working in rural areas and villages.They do visit patients at mid night and in rainy season.

    I don’t understand what do you mean by natural drugs and I don’t think alloaths need to use any ayurvedic drugs. I do respect ayurveda and i think that all the qualified practitioners of different systems should confine to their system only.

  36. ziyad ahmad ziyad ahmad Saturday, July 14, 2012

    I amagree with the decisision of health minister

    dear allopath masters dont be so proudy

    can any mbbs goes to the interior rural areas to treat the pt.

    Can any mbbs goes to visit at midnight in a rainy seasiiiooon or winter even he has no facility of communication’ electricity’ proper fee and and so bad envioroment:

    and i ask why an allopath practitioner uses ayurveda’ herbal and other natural drugs?

    Why they use………

  37. yogesh yogesh Saturday, July 14, 2012

    Dear Ambalal Ji,
    Your outburst against Dr Saikumar is not justified. It appears you did not read the comments of Dr Saikumar carefully. He has used the words ‘ Quack’ (A person who dos not hold any medical degree-allopathy,ayuveda,homeopathy) and ‘ Non alloapthic doctors’ using allopathic medicines.

    He did not say that non allopathic doctors (having recognized degree ) are quacks.

    If i am not wrong, the Hon’ble supreme court has already opined that doctors of different system should practice their own systems.

  38. Ambalal Ambalal Saturday, July 14, 2012

    Dear Saikumar, i m not agree with u.If this non allopathic drs r quacks then why these drs r allow to work in hospitals, ICU, In various Epidemc crisis. One thing u hav to understand that these quacks r back bone of Health system and thats the reason dr gavit want to train these quacks. because of u people since last 20 yrs these respected family drs r suffering frm disease name quacks. but this is changing now, permanant solution develop by dr gavit. ani mhanun tumachya potat dukhayala lagalay.

  39. Dr Naresh Shivdasani Dr Naresh Shivdasani Saturday, July 14, 2012

    The Supreme Court had convicted a Homeopathic Doctor as a quack, though he had prescribed ‘correct’ treatment, as he was not qualified to prescribe Allopathic medicines. Can the Maharashtra Government go against this ruling?

  40. Dr.Santosh Kakade Dr.Santosh Kakade Saturday, July 14, 2012

    I fully agree with Dr.Nagpal. If Hon’ble Supreme Court in decided cases says that these are the quacks who do not study Allopathy and still practice it, the Maharashtra State Govt.should not do this just for the sake of political mileage.

  41. Dr Neeraj Nagpal Dr Neeraj Nagpal Saturday, July 14, 2012

    This is an absolute fraud. MBBS doctors are not wanted by our political masters. It does not make any difference to them for their treatments are to be undertaken at Govt expense in USA and UK. It the poor public which has to make do with homeopathic doctors masquercading as modern scientific medicine practitioners.

  42. Dr.Jagadeesh Dr.Jagadeesh Saturday, July 14, 2012

    When the patient comes to Allopathy doctor he studies the patient first with the anatomy and finds the cause(Pathology), Distribution of the disease (Epidemiology), knows the type of microorganisms causing (microbiology) ,understands the disease nature (medicine) and understands the indications and contraindication for the drugs (Pharmocology). He applies all these after seeing a patient then come to decisionwhether to treat him conservatively Medicines)or need Operation (Surgery). So it is the knowledge off all the subjects studied in 5 yrs in allopathy will be applied to treat the patient. How can you cutshort all these and treat the patient by learning only Pharmacology? and in One year!!! Great !! Importantly the most abused drugs by these quacks are steroids and antibiotics.Does these ministers are concerned about the consequence of the public health with this?To prescribe one antibiotic in UK , you have a system and protocol. The higher antibiotics given to the patients is one of the main reason for having many drugs resistance organisms in India. Whereas the same drugs are choosen carefully by the allopathy doctor but infrequently compelled to presribed to compete with the local quacks.
    Does Health minister knows all these? Why cant they encourage the practice of other medicines in rural instead of blaming allopathy doctors ..The reason of giving a rural reason is a shitt.. He takes Money from association of the all the alternative medicine, amend the law and allow those people to practice allopathy.They know that they can make easy bucks.. These things can happen only in India.

  43. Saikumar G Saikumar G Saturday, July 14, 2012

    Maharashra Health minister is trying to play a sick joke on those allopathic doctors who earned their degree after six years of hard work but still finding it difficult to compete with quacks and others with alternative medicine degrees prescribing allopathic drugs. Already Beurocrats and politicians who strictly go to reputed specialists even for small health problem have been doing everything possible to downgrade allopathic doctors in India. Already many innocent people in rural areas are suffering in the hands of quacks who are left untouched by the politicians. The argument that allopathic doctors are not ready to work in rural areas is wrong as the government failed to protect the doctors from these quacks and always tried to exploit them with low salary and harass them by not providing proper working conditions at PHCs.The Health minister should know that ayurvedic medicine and homeopathic medicine have their own drugs to prescribe and treat various health problems.Given the history of high level of corruption in Maharashtra state politics, did bribery had a role in this sudden decision to favour ayurvedic doctors?.

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