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A letter from Dr R Sreedhara to Aamir Khan

Respected Aamir Khan Ji,

I watched with shock and despair the Satyamev Jayate programme of May 27, 2012. I am responding since you referred to me although you do not know me. I am the Nephrologist that you referred to while conversing with Mr Rai (Major Pankaj Rai). Mr Rai has been making false and fabricated allegations for the past two years. While talking to you, in addition to providing you with false information, he also withheld crucial facts.

Dr Rajanna Sreedhara

Over the past two years, Mr Rai has been harassing the Transplant surgeon and myself (Nephrologist) and the Hospital by filing multiple and concurrent complaints at various fora whether or not they have any role on his complaints. With his manipulations, he has succeeded to a great extent in bringing to a standstill transplant surgeries at the Hospital which has caused a great deal of hardship to several patients. In addition, he has also caused immense damage to the noble field of cadaver transplantation in Karnataka state. Once you are aware of the actual facts, I have no doubt that you will express regret for having given platform to a sophisticated liar with immense theatrical and manipulative skills. Here are some facts that shed light on the truth.

1. Mr Rai never informed you that Mrs Seema Rai underwent cadaver donor transplantation and was registered for a cadaver transplantation more than one year prior to surgery. The phone call on the night of admission was made because a suitable cadaver donor had been identified by ZCCK (Zonal Coordination Committee of Karnataka for Transplantation, the government body that allocates cadaver organs) and not by the doctors or the Hospital. Cadaver transplantation has to be done emergently, otherwise the organ(s) will decay within hours and become useless. That is why the patient was admitted on Saturday night (May 1, 2010).

The patient and her family were all informed about risks and benefits of transplantation for more than two years (since June 2008). In fact, whenever the patient consulted me she was eager to get kidney transplant so that she could stop the misery of undergoing dialysis. You can ask any dialysis patient, they will inform that they do not want dialysis but prefer transplantation.

2. Mr Rai, Mrs Rai and Abha Rai all were again counselled for more than 1 hour on the night of admission about kidney and pancreas transplantation. Subsequently, they also discussed with their relative in New York. Then on the night of 1st May itself Mr Rai personally informed me and other doctors to proceed with kidney + pancreas transplantation. The Informed Consent form was signed on the night of 1st May itself and handed over to the ward doctor. These facts have been documented by the nurse as well as the ward resident doctor.

The State Medical Council as well as the National Law School of India have investigated the Informed Consent issue and clearly stated that Informed Consent was indeed taken prior to surgery. In fact, if the Informed Consent were not given on the night of 1st May, the cadaver organ would have been allocated to the next patient on the waiting list for cadaver transplantation who was also admitted to another Hospital on the same night for possible transplant surgery. (Whenever a cadaver donor is available, several patients on the waiting list such as Seema Rai are called and advised to get admitted so that the cadaver organ does not get wasted in case one or more patients are found to be unfit or do not want surgery.)

If Mrs Rai and her family had not consented for the surgery on the night of 1st May, then a surgeon from another Hospital would have proceeded to retrieve the cadaver organ on the night of 1st May. The surgeon from our hospital would have gone home. The very fact that our surgeon travelled on the midnight hours of Saturday to the donor Hospital and brought back the cadaver organs by about 5.30am on a Sunday morning suggests that the patient and family indeed had agreed for the surgery.

3. Mr Rai also concealed from you the fact that he had telephoned the Nephrologist several times on the night of 1st May to seek help to arrange for a special medicine (Simulect) that was to be given to the patient in the Operating Theatre before the transplant procedure. The Nephrologist had personally called the pharmaceutical company on Saturday night to help Mr Rai to procure the medicine. The Nephrologist had given personal surety to the company since Mr Rai told him that he did not have cash to purchase the medicine in the middle of the night. In fact, Mr Rai procured the medicine at about 7.30am on 2nd May (Sunday) and handed the same to the operating theatre staff. If the patient and Mr Rai had not consented for the surgery, why would he purchase the medicine and hand it over to the Hospital staff?

Mr Rai never asked the doctors or any other Hospital staff not to proceed with the surgery at any time. He was plainly lying when he made a statement to that effect to you. If in fact, the patient and her family had not consented for the surgery that would have been Mr Rai’s first and major complaint when he filed an FIR with the police on May 30, 2010 accusing the doctors of murder. In his initial complaint to the police as well as to the State Medical Council, Mr Rai never complained that he or the patient had not consented for the surgery. This fabricated allegation is clearly an afterthought on Mr Rai’s part.

4. The patient did not receive 119 units of blood, i.e., 60 litres of blood. She received 33 units of blood over 4 days which is about 13 litres of blood since she had developed a massive bleeding condition called Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation (DIC). She also received platelets, FFP and other blood products to correct DIC. The doctors never told Mr Rai and his family that 390 cc of blood would be required. No doctor can predict the exact amount of blood loss in a given patient who undergoes surgery. Besides, the large requirement of blood in this patient was due to the fact she developed a medical complication called DIC, which can happen after any major surgery or major trauma. Normally in transplant surgeries, we do not transfuse any blood at all.

5. The transplant surgeon is highly qualified to conduct pancreatic transplantation as well as kidney transplantation. He is trained at well-known Hospitals in the United States where he had conducted numerous multi-organ transplantation surgeries. All relevant documents were reviewed by the Health Department before the Hospital was granted registration for multi-organ transplant surgeries in March 2010.

6. Mr Rai was again lying when he stated that the doctors had switched off their phone on 6th May after the patient’s death. In fact, Mr Rai spoke to the doctors several times after the patient’s death. This can be easily verified by looking at Mr Rai’s phone records.

7. The Hospital was registered for multi-organ transplantation. There was a clerical error in the certificate, which was acknowledged by the Health Department. The Health Department has clearly stated in its report that registration for liver includes pancreas as well (since the skill required for transplantation of both these organs is one and the same).

8. Mr Rai also withheld from you that the Karnataka Medical Council has thoroughly investigated the case and found no evidence of any negligence on the part of the doctors.

9. Mr Rai also withheld the fact that the Hospital bill was not for the surgery alone. Most of the cost was due to the use of blood and blood products and other medicines, which was necessitated by the development of DIC and infection. If the patient had not developed DIC, the bill for a transplant surgery would have been about Rs 3.5 lakhs. In fact, there was no additional charge for pancreas at all. Whether the patient received cadaver kidney or cadaver kidney + pancreas, the bill would have been the same. There was absolutely no financial motive in recommending the combined surgery.

The surgeon recommended combined surgery because diabetic kidney failure patients do much better with combined cadaver kidney + pancreas surgery than cadaver kidney transplant alone. This has been well established in the medical literature. The surgeon made the recommendation with the best interest of the patient in mind. Even to date Mr Rai has not produced any scientific evidence or professional opinion to contradict the recommendation of the transplant surgeon. All transplant specialists who have reviewed the case (from AIIMS-New Delhi, PGI-Chandigarh, Chennai, Bangalore, and USA) have unanimously opined that the patient received the best possible treatment and that her death, although very unfortunate, was not due to any negligence on the part of the doctors or the Hospital.

10. Mr Rai also did not inform you on the Air that he has filed a complaint with the Consumer Forum seeking compensation of Rs 84,55,933. I am sure Mr Rai has used his theatrical skills to convince you and your team about his false allegations. I am also confident that you will realize the lapse your research team has done once all the facts become apparent. I am enclosing a detailed Medical History as well and other documents that shed light on true facts.

After my medical college, I studied and then worked in the United States for nearly 16 years. I came back with a dream to serve my countrymen. However, now after going through the mental trauma caused by a reckless individual who is inadvertently abetted by a corrupt officialdom and a thoughtless media, I am beginning to wonder if I made a mistake in returning to India. Perhaps, I should also go back to the United States like the doctor that you showed in the opening sequence of your programme who returned to the UK because of the corrupt system in India.

I invite you and your team to visit the Hospital, meet other patients who have undergone/undergoing dialysis, patients who have had transplant surgery, and meet the Transplant surgeon so that you can clarify all the facts for yourself. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need any clarifications.

Dr R Sreedhara


  1. Padma Padma Monday, October 5, 2015

    It is shocking to see fabrications to such large extent. I always felt Satyameva Jayate was over dramatized…..but this is simply ott (over the top). I was a patient of Dr. Sreedhar Rajanna over 2 years. Infact i used to travel from Chennai to Bangalore to get treated by him – only because of the trust factor. When he got to know about this, he gave me options to call/ email him for consultation instead of driving down.
    My family and I owe a lot to him, he shed a lot of light on my condition, presented facts, consoled and counselled me…Today i am more confident about managing my condition in the most optimal way…..I will always stand by Dr. Sreedhar. I am not sure if I have told this in person to the doctor but i always send up a prayer in his name for treating me and he is no less than a god to me.

  2. Pankaj Pankaj Monday, February 16, 2015

    why ask for 24 crore, why not 124 crore, or may be ask for the doctors life in return for your wife’s life perhaps? What happened to you was very unfortunate, and I prey that it does not happen to anyone at anyone ever. Doctors are said to be GOD, but at the end of the day they are human beings. Doctors are as fallible as an engineer or a lawyer. Do clients sue their lawyers who worked for their case but lost the case? Will you do that with your lawyer if you lose? Sue him like the doctor? It takes very long and very hard work to become a doctor, some unfortunate incidents happen which no one can control but to not accept it, get vindictive about it and start working to get a “revenge”, to destroy the doctors and to get money (24 crore) is not acceptable.

    By the way, what will you do with 24 crore if you get it? Will you give some to the donor’s family who donated organs for your wife? Will you give some to all the doctors who you consulted for years, who listened to your wife and treated her to postpone the inevitable? Will you give some to motivate people to start donating organs for patients like your wife? Or keep all of it with you?

    Health care in India is in taters. Cases like yours will destroy all that is left of it. Fearing litigation, doctors will start defensive practice, take malpractice insurance, charge people like you to cover their costs and coast of court cases, healthcare cost will rise and who wills suffer? It will be people like you.

    Whee you are alone sometime, try and reflect on what you are doing. Was it really medical negligence by doctors who were treating your wife for years; and are you doing what you are doing to get the guilty punished or is it revenge and greed?

  3. Pankaj Pankaj Monday, February 16, 2015

    It is so easy to measure everything in money… First 84lac, now 24crore…how about pursuing the case to get the guilty punished and getting back 3.5 lac you paid for hospital bill and the litigation expenses?

  4. Maj Pankaj Rai (Retd) Maj Pankaj Rai (Retd) Friday, January 30, 2015

    In fact this matter should reach Supreme Court since against the original claim of Rs 87 lacs, I am now asking Rs 24 crores (exclusive of interest). The amount includes Rs 10 crores for defaming me, Rs 10 crores for having played fraud, Rs 2.4 crores for pecuniary loss and the balance for miscellaneous expenses and harassment for the greed of money.

  5. Maj Pankaj Rai (Retd) Maj Pankaj Rai (Retd) Friday, January 30, 2015

    The management of Fortis Hospital/Dr Rajanna Sreedhara (nephrologist)/Dr Ramcharan Thiagarajan took the life of an innocent patient for the greed of money and in order that Fortis Hospital could record the first organ transplant surgery. The findings of Karnataka Medical Council (KMC) is a nullity given that Dr Sreedhara himself committed perjury besides the criminal collusion with Dr V Raju (Deputy Director Medical) who was indicted by Hon’ble Lokayukta for perjury on 02.09.2011. There is a complaint against Dr Rajanna Sreedhara for perjury before KMC. The orders of KMC were superseded by the orders of Medical Council of India cancelling the registration of Dr Ramcharan Thiagarajan for a period of one year on 20.12.2014. There is an application of perjury pending for consideration against Dr Thiagarajan in Karnataka High Court as well as Fortis Hospital where he is refusing to show up. Karnataka High Court dismissed the writ petition of Fortis Hospital (WP 12668/2014) challenging the cancellation of their organ transplant license by State of Karnataka. To cover up human organ trafficking/commercial dealing in human organs, the hospital have filed incomplete photocopy of tampered documents (Form No 11) for which a FIR is registered at Police Station Seshadripuram Bangalore (FIR 40/2014). The forgery is also a subject of RP 1373/2014 in Karnataka High Court. The Hospital could not have been registered to perform pancreatic transplantation since it had never applied for it and hence resorted to criminal collusion and forgery. However, that forgery brought out yet another violation – quackery. Not only was the hospital not authorised to perform pancreatic transplantation, the surgeon was also not authorised to perform pancreatic transplantation. Karnataka High Court has ordered issue of notice to the management of Fortis Hospital/Dr Sreedhara/Dr Ramcharan Thiagarajan as to why criminal cases under IPC 304 (culpable homicide not amounting to murder), IPC 420 (cheating), Sec 18 (human organ trafficking) and Sec 19 (commercial dealing in human organs) of Transplantation of Human Organs Act should not be filed against them. The State of Karnataka has already given me an affidavit that it will be filing criminal cases against the doctors/Fortis for human organ trafficking/commercial dealing in human organs.

    Such doctors who bring disrepute to the noble profession will only learn when exemplary punitive action is taken against them. Karnataka State Consumer Disputes Commission has allowed my application where I am asking enhanced compensation against the doctors/management of Fortis. The matter will soon go to Supreme Court if need be.

    Dr Ramcharan Thiagarajan was never a certified member of the American Board of Surgery. NABH has cancelled the organ transplant accreditation of Fortis Hospital bannerghatta Road Bangalore.

    I collected my wife’s body after paying the entire hospital bill. Why did they not ask me for money instead of taking her life?

    The entire country should know how the license to heal has been abused to commit murder for the greed of money. I did not pay the hospital/doctors to suppress facts and perform illegal transplant surgery by a quack.

  6. sai karthik sai karthik Tuesday, November 4, 2014

    Hello brother if u think doctors r blood sucking animals…pls do visit any gvt hospital or a phc ……nly den u ll truly understand d true importance of doctors. …

  7. sai karthik sai karthik Tuesday, November 4, 2014

    Mr aamir khan u said so many thngs on ur show……wat hppnd nw….cmon ……point out atleast 1 false statement in dr sreedhars reply…….it is acceptable dat mr rai hs lost his wife nd will b in a state of dilema…nd it is human nature for him to xpress hi anger……bt hsnt god given u brains to think…..culdnt u investigate evrythng properly b4 presenting it on ur show…or culdnt u consult any random doctor about tis case as of whether der was any medical neglegience….aamir khan now…do u knw wat ll happen..??…doctors ll stop taking d risk of doing transplant surgery….nw who is d being affected!!….aamir khan if u still think doctors r a bunch of culprits….pls spare ur 2 hrs nd visit any gvt hospital….der u ll knw hw mch doctors r sacrificing for d society.. !!!!!

  8. Bradd Stinson Bradd Stinson Tuesday, September 30, 2014

    Dude as far as the mentioning of the writer is concerned it goes in the hand of an editor,director,producer,script-writer etc. Before commenting anything on anyone you should have first research this stuff somewhere.

  9. indu indu Saturday, June 28, 2014

    hello sir ,
    meri ap se the dil se ye darkhaz hai ke please 40% walo ke loie bhi job honi chahiye
    meine 2011 mei b.a ki thi .but meri ree aa gyi thi English mei or 2 saal tak mai kuch ni kar payi or mera saal bhi khrab hua jiske karn mai m.a in sociology mei bhi admission ni hua tha fir 2012 mei muje m.a ki dgree mili thi but ab muje is dgree ka kya haida.jab kahi mao job hi ni kar payogi .isi karn maine kaui bar marne ka bhi preyas kiya tha lekin meri kismet hi khrab jo mai bach gyi ………………….
    please meri or mere jese hi kuch students ki problems ko gambhirta se le or unhe achi job dilane ka paryas kre
    thank you

  10. Maj Pankaj Rai (Retd) Maj Pankaj Rai (Retd) Saturday, October 26, 2013

    Dr Sreedhara has committed perjury. He has been issued a notice by Karnataka Medical Council in ENQ51/2013. Therefore, the untruthful and dishonest statements of Dr Sreedhara should be taken with a pinch of salt.

  11. Dr.Papa Rao Dr.Papa Rao Monday, April 15, 2013

    the best solution to this problem on any day will be from the government. let the govt. invest in healthcare completely. never allow any body to do private pactice. let the govt .collect health tax from every citizen depending on their income and create a huge fund for the sector.let there be only govt. medical colleges across the country. let there be only govt. hospitals across the country. ALL the people who comment doctors shall know about the hard work they do and the mental stress they under go everyday.IF SOME BODY IS CORRUPT IT DOESN’T MEAN THAT EVERYBODY IN THAT FIELD IS CORRUPT. Aamir khan should have gone through the documents before hand.

  12. praveena praveena Wednesday, March 20, 2013

    I think Aamir khan should just stick to bollywood film-making where he can film anything,everything very colourfully without evidence and not venture into other fields.

  13. Dr. Prakash Mehta Dr. Prakash Mehta Monday, March 11, 2013

    I feel sorry that a reputed nephrologist has to address a pseudo-altruistic actor by adding “jee”. The money grabber stuntman does not deserved any respect.

  14. Gagan Saini Gagan Saini Friday, February 22, 2013

    To a medical doctor, all the above sequence of events look medically possible. All that is required is to check the authenticity of each claim. Thankfully the doctor has discussed everything objectively and it should not be hard to confirm or refute any of it.

  15. Dr Pradeep Swarup Dr Pradeep Swarup Tuesday, September 25, 2012

    Let Aamir promise that he and his family will take only generic indian made medication only.
    His programs are full of dramatics. Though the issues are good he has not researched and given both sides of the story in any of the programs especially the one on doctors. This alone could have ensured a balanced view.
    After the doctor episode I was so disgusted that I have not seen any of the later episodes.

  16. Amit Amit Monday, September 24, 2012

    May be there is a part of mistake happened in this case, Still its not agreeable that Doctor is absolutely correct. may be an independent inquiry can be done. Nevertheless, Doctors are all blood sucking animals. If they know that you can pay the amount, they will recommend 100 tests where 40-50% share will come to their part. Doctors are ruining their noble job what supposed to do.

  17. Dr.G.S.Pawar Frme Medico legal Consultant and deputy Chief Forensic Pathologist Govt of Jamaica [W .I] Dr.G.S.Pawar Frme Medico legal Consultant and deputy Chief Forensic Pathologist Govt of Jamaica [W .I] Tuesday, August 28, 2012

    Please do not take fellows like Aamir Khan seriously. After all who is he and what is he???? He is an professional actor trying make quick bucks to maintain his lifestyle by touching the nerves of vulnerable persons. India is such a country where any body can speak any thing and get away with it. People want some kind of reality show which he is providing.When all actors have tried small screen why not me? that kind of game this is. Doctors are softest targets in the society & they know that we just take the things lying down.
    Medicine was and is a noble profession while acting is not [Few exceptions are always there].So take it easy it will pass of and after some day nobody remembers Aamir khan but every one remembers his/ her DOCTOR who saved his/ her health or Life.

  18. Y.Rajagopal Y.Rajagopal Thursday, August 2, 2012

    Somewhere I read that once a patient dies in a hospital,touts line up to get the chance to transport the body to their native place.How much the relatives will suffer mentally when exuberant charges are demanded by the ambulance operators who are already in grief is not difficult to imagine.In a big hospital like CMC,Vellore,the poor just leave their dead relatives and go to their native place as they brought their kin living hundreds of miles away.The reason is that the rates demanded by the ambulance operators to carry the dead are unbearable.Please remember that the hospital authorities are aware of this and none of these operators are doctors.Nobody ever raised this issue of exploitation of dead. When people say doctors are corrupt and negligent, they should compare the situation in other fields like real real estate,police,revenue,registration,road transport etc.Medical field stands better than any of these departments in terms of service.Let Amir Khan have one programme on which department is most corrupt in our society? Certainly doctors are not.It has become a fashion to blame doctors by those who never even sign if not paid bribe.Only truth should prevail and not feelings and sentiments.

  19. sapna sapna Thursday, August 2, 2012

    its surprising y a person like amir khan has to play the role of the justice in real life! it should be understood that any surgery done even by th most efficient doctor is a risk that he takes by himself too! it has become a common practice that in any medical issue like this, once something goes wrong , to put the entire blame on the doctors… and who is amir khan to solve these issues? it seems like anybody can frame a pathetic story and approach the show. which is waiting to grab the opportunity to increase its rating. i feel shows like these should not be promoted at all. just because someone comes up with a sad story doesnt mean that whatever he says has to be th truth.. especially since it brings into issue many other reputed and innocent people too. before commenting on anything amir khan should have some sense knocked into his head regarding the actual layout of matters!!!!

  20. arup kumar gupta arup kumar gupta Thursday, June 28, 2012

    I stopped seeing SATYAMEB JAYATEA. Amir Khan is interested in making money for himself.

  21. GOVIND PUROHIT GOVIND PUROHIT Wednesday, June 20, 2012

    Doctors are serving people & earning out of it.
    Actors are spoiling the whole society morally , socially, psycholgically by promoting sex, rape and violence in films for which people would like to spend lacs and millions of rupees , every such films have record of earning of crores of rupees in initial few days as published with proud in news papers as we all read . What social service these actors are doing ? They are spoiling mental & social health of the society as we see in our news papers and crimes are increasing in our society based on these films.!!!!!!! These have spoiled our youth and mislead then to wrong directions.
    Films are spoiling society health by moral issues and hotels spoil personal health by fast food but people love spent lacks of rupees on these issues but the doctors who are improving health of the individual as well as society — but still who would like to pay them??? They will try to escape on the ground of charity for poor , social personal relation with doctors and try to reduce the doctors fee by one or the other way apart form the issues of corporate hospitals.
    In Gujarati it is said ” Dahi sasare na jay ne Gandi ne sikhaman Appe” same Amir does.

  22. Dr.P.L.Nawalkha Dr.P.L.Nawalkha Sunday, June 17, 2012

    The complaints about Medical negligence,unethical medical practices should first be screened by a HIGH LEVEL MEDICAL BOARD OF SEVEN PERSONS,FOUR OF THE SUBJECT CONCERNED ,ONE MEDICAL ADMINISTRATOR/EDUCATIONIST,ONE JUDICIARY,AND ONE SOCIAL SCIENTIST.A thorough scrutiny and appraisal of all facts is of paramount importance ,prior to any opinion. Today Medical services to society is most sensitive area.Facts about services should not be dimunited before emotionally charged and irrational pleas of patients and relatives

  23. Dr. S.N. Guha Dr. S.N. Guha Saturday, June 16, 2012

    Dear Mr. Shafi, your comment about the cancellation of licence of the hospital has little to do with the sugeon’s ability to perform the organ transplant surgery. Dr’ sreedhara might have overlooked the hospital’s administrative loop-holes but my question is whether Mr. Pankaj Rai’s wiife’s death is due to any mistake committed by Dr. Sreedhara during the surgery or due to his inability to take on the spot decision during the organ transplant procedure. It is better we stop falt finding excercise as the matter is already pending in court.

  24. kalpana kalpana Saturday, June 16, 2012

    I am feeling so depressed after reading this –life sucks .
    Or may be everything thing is just a part of life .

  25. Dr. Subrata Pal Dr. Subrata Pal Friday, June 15, 2012

    In every profession there are some black sheeps. We know them, sometimes, we are to work along with them.Medical profession is the noblest profession under the sky.Some pollute the profession for money making.Rest assured, LORD will take care of them this way or that way.

  26. Shafi Shafi Thursday, June 14, 2012

    Today becoming doctors are the easiest way of making money. There is hardly any honesty left in doctors. I have been working for hospital for over 2 decades and have seen and met over 10k doctors in my career, but hardly few are seen honest to their profession to really strive hard to save patients life but not for money,

  27. Shafi Shafi Thursday, June 14, 2012

    My dear friend you hare not serving for the free…

  28. Frances Arora Frances Arora Thursday, June 14, 2012

    Yes, we are indeed idiots!!To have dedicated our lives to serve society……

  29. khanz khanz Thursday, June 14, 2012

    Well Said!!! In Kannada there is a proverb,

    “Kumbalakai kalla andre hegalu muttkondu noodkondanante”
    – Pumpkin robber means he is touching shoulder it seems!! [wonder why he touched the shoulder]

  30. mrinal mrinal Thursday, June 14, 2012

    May god show them mercy!!!

  31. mrinal mrinal Thursday, June 14, 2012

    Title of the next aamir khan movie: “ALL Idiots” .
    Doctors drama this time. Excellent research. Bloody Joker.

  32. Frances Arora Frances Arora Wednesday, June 13, 2012

    Well,this is exactly why many of us have tried to escape from this corrupt society of ours,not that things are any better here.Just that things are blatant in our country,corruption being quite rampant and subtle in these countries as well.Just that we are being better paid here with the treasure these guys have looted from our countries centuries ago.That makes our lives a bit more comfortable here.That’s all.If high profile hospitals like Dr.Shreedara’s are struggling to fight the system,then how could we,lesser mortals,have even tried to defend ourselves.We all know that even the Health department and commisioner of health in our country is not devoid of the system of corruption….Just because they have brought out a ruling,it does not mean they are correct…..and hence the fight…

  33. Shafi Shafi Wednesday, June 13, 2012

    Dear Dr. Guha,

    Let’s accept that if the hospital authority and doctors were not proven guilty, Commissioner of Health would not have withdrawn or cancelled the licence of Organ transplant of FORTIS.

    Aamir might have failed to here to the other party’s story before the show, but Health department cannot do this mistake. When they have cancelled the licence of the hospital by itself is the proof that the hospital has done the procedure without valid papers.

  34. Shafi Shafi Wednesday, June 13, 2012

    Dr. Arora,

    It appears that we are more bothered about one good doctor being harrased than the whole lot of corrupted doctors. I think we should think of correcting the evils in the medical system so that the question of corruption and meaningless treatment for money does not exist. Same time good ethical medical practice in the medical system will surely does not give raise to issues that of Dr. Shreedhar.

    If Dr. Sreedhara is good and knows his own ability and honesty, lets system deal with it and let’t look with a broader mind on how one can stop those evil doctors. Everyday there are at least 50-100 patients getting harrased by Dr. Sree Mailan in NIMHANS even today and authorities are turning blind for those issues and we are defending onle one good doctor here just because SMJ showed the real picture of the hospital and its practices.

  35. sree latha sree latha Wednesday, June 13, 2012

    rule 1 female patients are always examined in the presence of female attendant/staff nurse.
    rule 2 no examination is complete unless ailing part is examined.
    rule 3 if such an indecent incident has come to notice a proper investigation must be done by competent authority not by just any one.

  36. Frances Arora Frances Arora Wednesday, June 13, 2012

    None of us would be foolish enough to raise objections if people like Sree Mailan(he does not deserve to be called Dr.) were exposed to society,both literally and figuratively.It is because a good doctor, like Dr.Rajanna Shreedara, is being falsely implicated that we are rising to his support him. Sincere hard-working doctors like us who have had similar problems before and who have been helpless when things happened to them because of the hard-core society are trying to make themselves heard now.If it had been possible for many of us to change and make things better for ourselves in our society, more than half of us would still be very proudly serving our own people rather than being perceived as second class citizens in these countries.

  37. Shafi Shafi Wednesday, June 13, 2012

    I respect the doctors community and believe all are not culprits. Let me tell you a instance. Dr. Sree Mailan – Psychatrist at NIMHANS hospital one of the premier institute in the country has misbehaved with many female patients and touched on all private parts which only a Gynaecologist is suppose specially by a lady Gynaecologist. This doctor was handed over to police on many a time, but still even today he is continuing his practice in NIMHANS and continuing to take advantage of his position as a doctor over innocent patients. He has been caught by CBI for referring patients out side for MRI Scan and taking huge kickbacks from private diagnostics center and pharmacy as well. There is a clear evidence with CBI for taking money and one of the private diagnostic center has even agreed for paying cuts upto 50% for referring MRI & CT scans for their center.

    In spite of such a transparent case neither authorities in NIMHANS or KMC or IMC could do nothing. If Aamir is showing his efforts to create awareness on these evils in the name of few doctors who are infecting the society, don understand why others are raising their voice when they can’t do anything good to the society.

    It’s a shame for the doctors community which Dr. Sree Mailan is doing and all the doctors expect Aamir to apologise….my friends it’s time for doctors community to apologise before the society for having such doctors in their own community and take action against that evil man rather showing their anger on Aamir.

    Please wake up to the day light and see within yourself before asking apology from third party.

  38. Frances Arora Frances Arora Wednesday, June 13, 2012

    Yes,finally we are showing unity and intergrity in our profession.Somebody recently did a good analogy. When it comes to us doctors,if something goes wrong,we are like Indians supporting our cricket team;the blaming game starts there,doctors from different fraternity blaming one another for whatever went wrong.However,if a nursing staff gets blamed for something,all of their team stands upto them like the Pakinstani team supporting their circket team.They remain united whatever the differences amongst them maybe!!! It is not just the affluent doctors who are commenting here.Oh,if only I were…..affluent,I mean…..We are all just standing upto our colleague … the true sense of Satyameva Jayathe…

  39. Kamini Walia Kamini Walia Wednesday, June 13, 2012

    Amir Khan’s program has failed to impress me as these issues which are being highlighted in the program have been there with us. While an attempt is being made to look at it in a new light there is no emphasis on the solution, or it is mentioned very briefly towards the end. No matter how you look at the problem, unless we suggest solutions we are not contributing anything. I had assumed that enough homework would go into such episodes so that things are presented with reasonable amount of responsibility and not projected wrongly. But this particular episode shows the callousness and carelessness with which things are being aired.
    Malpractices in medical field are rampant globally, in India we are still trying to understand what actually is malpractice. While we need more clear definitions in this field to guide patients and make them aware of their rights we also need to create systems that prevent misuse of this law.
    I am not a medical doctor but have studied in the best medical institutions and know the hardwork that is put in by the doctors in the apex medical institutions to attend to the stream of patients which never stops. These hospitals and doctors work under limitations of time, resources and facilities but continue to deliver to best of their abilities. I am not sure when a doctor looks at 100 patients in a day and misses out an important clinical observation in one patient, whether this can be called a malpractice. The situation in private hospitals are different and some negligence cases are reported as doctors are working in multiple hospitals, especially in the bigger cities. These things should be addressed with MCI and other appropriate bodies including the hospital chains. This will benefit the patients and also improves the credibility of the hospitals.

    What Amir Khan is doing is no different from what media channels do to sensationalise things which is then get translated in improved TRPs. He is an actor of national recognition and is assumed to act with some responsibility which he has not. Styamev Jayate has a much deeper meaning to it and should not be used by actor to project something false and incorrect.

  40. MN Rao MN Rao Wednesday, June 13, 2012

    You say that “we are already a nation of suspicous individuals! No one trusts the other – no matter what the profession”. Very well saod indeed! The Indian society has degenerated so much that nothing is holy anymore. We are ruled by people with criminal cases pending against them, we are taught by teachers who force students to come hoe fpor tution, we are treated by doctors who enjoy frequent domestic & international “conference” vacations arranged by pharma companies, we have developed a system which throws out anyone with merit but promotes anyone else becaose of his cast or community. Think of it! Even the Govt of India promotes religion & casts it wants special reservation for muslims, wants minimum two Muslim police officers in any area where there is a muslim population. Even our “educated” class is prone to clean their houses and throw the garbage on the roads.

    Dr. Kalam predicted that by 2020, India has the potential of becoming a world power….! Probably with garbage throwing, lying, distrusting & degenerated people all over … Dr. Kalam ?

  41. Rishu Rishu Wednesday, June 13, 2012

    This is SAD.

    All other episodes of SATYAMEV JAYATE have not caused any stir at all , only the one on HEALTHCARE!

    Not surpring! all other episodes involved powerless middle class people. Only this one targeted the affluent DOCTORS!

    That is why I only see all doctors coming here and commenting…

  42. Frances Arora Frances Arora Wednesday, June 13, 2012

    Well,I have never watched an episode of this programme so far and was quite amazed with responses to the latest episode.
    I have been in the medical field the past 22yrs now,half of it in our great country and the rest here in the UK now.
    After being here for just six months, I realised that things done in hospitals our country are just GREAT, given the corruption around us and given the resources we have.Each and every municipal and state government hospital in Mumbai is maintained as clean as possible despite the ‘paan’ stains at almost every corner.Ours is a tropical country,dirty and dusty but we know how to deal with the number of infections we come across.I still feel very proud to have worked at JIPMER,Pondicherry.And finally kudos to the entire team at Lakeside Hospital,Bangalore and Kanti team(currently at Columbasia,Bangalore) I had immense pleasure working with.That has been the most enjoyable time of my professional life so far which I miss tremendously.
    Then,why am I still in the UK? Well, my great corrupt country denied me the Masters degree I need to survive there.Many attempts to get into a course failed due to influential candidates around. And once I was unsuccessful at the interview merely because the Head of the Department who interviewed me was a good friend of a lady(another HOD) whom I had unknowly displeased a few weeks ago. What did I do? I had just secured a job which paid me <Rs.3000, but was renting a house which cost me this amount,when I had to seek my parents' help.And when I got a job with a better pay, I took the trouble to go and apologise to this other HOD personally that I had to quit the current job and accept the other one with a better pay just for the pratical reasons.I did not realise she was so very displeased. She made sure I would not get the Master's degree position I needed so badly and also called me a one and half doctor in front of an enitre panel of interviewers at another major interview.

    Somebody in the above responses has asked 'is it all worth'.I ask the same as well.

    Once we become doctors, people expect us to be total celibates,renouncing all our own personal desires.Yes, we did take the Hippocratus oath to serve people,but that does not mean we need to forsake ourselves from the pleasures of life.Many of us ladies in the profession like to dress up nice,wear jewellry and make up.People in our country frown upon us when we do it.People in this country frown as well,all in the name of infection control.Well, all of us carry germ around us on our clothes and skins.Should we then declothe/deskin ourselves when we approach patients?We are bound to transfer some of these germs from patient to patient,with or without jewellry/make up/nail polish on us. As along as we wash our hands adequalely each time, wear gloves and gowns when we approach patients for certain procedures and as long as we do our jobs fine with dedication and sincerity,why should we be tortured and be desciplined like school children? We are old and sensible enough to know what is right and wrong. Instead of wasting time,energy and money on such silly issues the government in recession should be concetrating on more important issues.

    And finally,all my sympathies with Dr.Rajanna Shreedhara. Hope and wish he and his colleagues come out this exploitation appropriately soon.

  43. Maj Pankaj Rai Maj Pankaj Rai Sunday, June 10, 2012

    Dear Dr Guha,

    I have put up my rejoinder to Dr Sreedhara. Under the law there are restrictions for a person to leave the country when there is a pending FIRs against him for culpable homicide not amounting to murder and violation of Transplantation of Human Organs Act and doing illegal organ transplantation surgeries. Again, US has tougher laws.



  44. Dr. S.N. Guha Dr. S.N. Guha Sunday, June 10, 2012

    I request Mr. Aamir Khan to reply Dr. Sreedhar’s letter point wise. I was moved emotionally by Mr. Rai’s story when I was watching the telecast obviously because he lost his wife.. Later when I read Dr. sreedhar’s letter in FB I am equally moved by his points. Dr. Sreedhara has very convincingly argued & clarified each & every `allegations. If a doctor of such reputation as Sreedhara leaves the country, will it not be a death of a talent in India? It is now your responsibility Mr. Aamir to telecast a balanced, true & unbiased version of yours & your research team at an early date.

  45. Gouri Satya Gouri Satya Sunday, June 10, 2012

    Looks Aamir’s episode has turned ‘Asathyameva Jayathe’. If Aamir wants to erase this view in the background of Dr.R.Sreedhara’s convincing reply to him, Aamir should bring out the other true side of the story now in the next episode.

  46. krishna pandey krishna pandey Saturday, June 9, 2012

    amir khan tum one sided lawyer na banke judge bante to jyada achchha hota.

  47. g singh g singh Saturday, June 9, 2012

    I am a doctor who left India 8 years ago due partly to the issues mentioned by Aamir Khan in his programme on the state of healthcare in India. I am presently in the UK NHS AND THEREFORE NOT AFFECTED BY Aamir Khan’s programme personally. Therefore I hope you will consider my views unbiased and read them objectively and not emotionally. I agree with the various points Aamir has raised in the programme. HOWEVER I HAVE A FIRM BELIEF THAT DUE TO HIS PROGRAMME LIVES WILL BE LOST. Read on and then tell me if I am wrong.Please remember I agree with most of the points he has raised in the programme.

    1- Aamir stressed the point of generic medicines which in itself is a great one. We in the UK prescribe about 80% of all prescriptions in generic form. BUT there is a big difference here and in India. Here all generic medicines are same quality as branded ones. In India where 75% of the population is in rural areas and a great proportion is not educated, how will you prevent them being sold chalk tablets by every pharmacist with accompanying dialogue ” this is the generic that Aamir Khan was talking about in “satyamev jayate””. I suspect this advice to gullible public to ask for generics without checks on quality of the generic medication is a recipe for disaster and by conservative estimate will result in LOSS OF THOUSANDS OF LIVES as poor illiterate millions are fed spurious medicines in the name of “Aamir Khan recommended generics of Satyamev Jayete”. The poor uneducated thousands have no clue about the difference in generic made by Pfizer, Ranbaxy etc from the one made in the next backstreet illegal medicine factory. I talk from experience as chemists have been selling low quality locally made generics to the poor illiterate folk all the time. Even in the government hospital and primary healthcare, medical supplies of generics are mostly substandard. If the quality cannot be ensured there, how will the private chemists be made to adhere to quality control?

    2. In healthcare trust and faith in your doctor is as important as, if not more than the actual treatment. In clinical trial even placebo medication ( dummy medication) works in a lot of patients because of their belief that they are taking medication for their ailment so should get better. Aamir Khan with one stroke has destroyed that trust and faith. No doubt black sheep should be exposed and punished but now the trust between millions of rural and urban poor and millions of well meaning god fearing doctors has been shattered. It will result in misery and mistrust and apparent lack of effect of treatment as patients believe now that their doctor is not treating them right and is a cheat.

    3. Though it is not a rule but does pass the test of common sense that people without requisite intellect who become doctors and specialists by paying 50 Lacs for MBBS and a similar amount for postgraduate degree are more likely to try and get returns on their investment. Since private medical colleges are a good source of income for politicians and their ilk, Aamir Khan could have highlighted the politicians in this nefarious nexus. But no, that could have upset some powerful people. Solution-Ignore the politicians who are the root cause of mushrooming private medical colleges where you can buy your medical degree. Go for the soft target, Doctors.

    4. I was enjoying every episode of “satyamev jayete” and even with this episode I was quite embarrassed that the IMA were appearing to be making a fool of themselves by demanding an apology from Aamir Khan, but having read the story of the doctors involved in the case that was highlighted, I am of the firm opinion that, maybe not from anyone else, but from this team Aamir Khan must seek apology and explain to us why he did not explore the truth before giving his platform to Major Rai.

    5. Again Aamir Khan has played with many lives by jeopardising the Cadever organ transplant scheme which is well established and well organised .


    In summary, Healthcare is a very complex field and is different from all other trades that involve things or commodities as here faith and trust works as much as the actual treatment. Therefore every step of change should be well thought out as it can have some very unexpected outcomes. Therefore for a person of Aamir Khan’s calibre to not do adequate research and malign a dedicated doctor is plain shoddy and in very poor taste.

    It has also dealt a body blow to his programme’s credibility as now with every guest, I and all others who have read the above mentioned articles and attached documents, will suspect Aamir Khan is dishing out half truths just to get high TRPs and justify his fee of Rs 3 crore per episode. Afterall he is from showbiz and therefore those tears might be, might just be, a proof of his acting prowess!!


    Gurmeet Singh

  48. dr g c basavaraja dr g c basavaraja Saturday, June 9, 2012

    mr aamir khan you would have done lot of research about this case before false allegations i feel u better tell about yr industry b cause u know all the things experiance of 20 years why blame docters the good one r also humiliated now the police will be yhe on lookers if some thing goes out of hands wt the docters pl remember there r plenty of good docters in the society let us not spill bad things always give nice things to society like let us not say meena kumari died of alcoholism let us say meena kumari is great actress acted like pakeeja

  49. Geetha Geetha Saturday, June 9, 2012

    This is a disheartening story. Dr Sreedhara is one of the ebst finest physicians dedicated to patients I have had the opportunity to work with. The documents surfaced by him are so evidence based.

    I have watched all your movies and the show SATYMEV JAYATE despite living miles away from HOME.Now I wonder whether SATYAMEV JAYATE IS ONLY MITYAMEV JAYATE.

    Hope your conscience alerts…..DO NO HARM is the priniciple and please dont guide our countrymen in the wrong direction.


  50. rahul rao rahul rao Saturday, June 9, 2012

    everybody is going gaga over the fact that doctors were insulted…. however i think the bigger problem with the episode was the way it showed how existing evidence based medicine is wrong as when major pankaj rai says that kidney failure patients live long on dialysis and transplant is not necessary and then amir promptly agreeing to it… these kind of statements give a very wrong information to the public…

  51. Dr Balasaheb Deokar Dr Balasaheb Deokar Saturday, June 9, 2012

    I was actually writing letter to IMA ,that it is needless to ask Aamir Khan to ask for the apology as he has tried to unmask the black sheeps in medical profession.I also wrote to IMA that to take the comments in show positively and to start to clean up the mess in our profession by us only.But I called for support from other colleagues for the letter to IMA one of my friend told me to look at the fact put forward by Dr Sreedhara and then I read it. As I was watching the show I felt that it is been exaggerated story what MR Raj was telling but I was shocked to khow that this is so much exaggerated .I and others also believed the story of Raj as we believed Satyamev jayte platform aand assumed that research team must have done some research and totally fake cases would have been discarded.But after all they are all media people they have more interest in TRP rather than improving the status of society .But we see with very much of Asha to anyone ,who we believe may bring some chage to our corrupt system and society. I request I Aamir and his team to do research regarding that episode and come with few minutes explanation on that episode and Mr Raj ,after research what they feel,audience will love to hear that they were wrong or not and they will get more trp as well respect if he clarifies his mistake.Also the first case in that show was Toe amputation after debridement,it must be case of cellulities ,either he must be taking steroids or would have been diabetic and he required amputation of toe after debridement or I & D ,then if it would have not been done according to me he must have landed up in leg amputation ,as we all know some infections are very dangerous .Also that patient must have been misguided by some other Dr because of professinal rivalary as the case most of the times,we Drs only blame other Dr even if they were not wrong in hope of getting this patient to us ,but blaming others doesnt make ourself more wiser or competent.

  52. yadnesh Sanzgiry yadnesh Sanzgiry Saturday, June 9, 2012

    Shedding tears may earn TRP, but be responsible towards the facts you endorse…..

  53. dr lijy dr lijy Friday, June 8, 2012

    in the olen days death of a patient was recieved by the relatives tolerantly. infact i remember when i was an RMO in the year2005 in a 100 bedded hospital an old man dies due to cardiac arrest. 2 days later i met his wife doing the rounds in the hospital corridor. she was thanking everyone including me (i had admitted the patient- 5 min job)for all the what we did for her.
    fast forward 2010 working as a Neonatal ICU registrar : a father of a 27 week old pre term 600 gm baby threatening me at 3 am in the morning because i had informed him his baby was dying of internal bleed and needed blood which was unavailable as it was a rare blood group. A Negative. ” are you telling me that the whole of bangalore there is no A Negative blood available.” HOW MANY TIMES HAVE YOU DONATED BLOOD I ASKED HIM… he left the NICU….later the baby died due to bleed in the brain. he had arranged some 10 -12 people by 5 am and threatened to smash up the hospital. i later came to know that the management had to pay him up in lakhs

    POST SCIPT: his wife being hypertensive, this was the 4 th baby that was born preterm all of them having died….. he knew what the outcome of the this baby would be even before admission.

    so in the end it was the management of the hospital who had to shell out the money and NICU staff fearing for our life and waiting with breath held as the baby battled for life between 3 AM and 5 am when death was declared.

    sometimes i think is this all worth it. all the 10 years of studying with out much pay and then in your 30s sitting up at 3 am watching a baby die and and worrying for ones own life at the same time planning an escape route if we get attacked by hostile mob

    is it worth it….

  54. Shankar Shankar Friday, June 8, 2012

    It just shows and confirms that if one listen to one sided view, it paints a wrong picture about someone, malign unnecessarily good people like Dr. Dr. Sreedhara. Instead of feeling grateful that a cadaver donation was arranged for the patient, he is leveling baseless charges. Aamir Khan ‘s prestige has been lowered by all this one sided so called “research”. I think this program is behaving like daily electronic media saying things irresponsibly. I am a medical professional and aware of the ills prevailing in this profession. But are the doctors coming from Moon or Mars? They are part of the same Indian Society where there are Casting Couches (I hope Aamir Khan is not one of them), Scams, Political degeneration, beaurocratic apathy, corrupt police, judiciary and above all, see who are the co-sponsors of the program i.e. Reliance, every countrymen knows, how they have become wealthier and wealthier.

  55. Dr.Rajinder Bajoria Dr.Rajinder Bajoria Friday, June 8, 2012

    If any thing goes wrong ,either complication or side effects well described in medical literature , word negligence is used without any delay by all present or related .

    Even those who neither know the definition ,meaning or spelling of negligence ,takes no time in calling doctor negligent .

    Word negligent feels how negligently it is used by negligent peoples.

    So negligent are those who abuse the word negligent without any thought.

  56. Dr Hardyesh Kumar Dr Hardyesh Kumar Friday, June 8, 2012

    Film stars always like controversies. It is free publicity for any programme/movie. It was deliberate plan on the part of research team to malign the medical profession so that there is much ha hulla in the media.Otherwise they would have shown the pathetic environment in which more than 90% doctors work.Out of 8 lakh doctors only few thousands are earning fabulously,others are just struck up and passing time.They can’t do anything else because of prefix Dr with their name.

  57. pallavi shukla pallavi shukla Friday, June 8, 2012

    absolutely correct Dr.abhay Singh
    doctors at the show should not have kept mum at that time itself

  58. Ganesh Tendulkar Ganesh Tendulkar Friday, June 8, 2012

    Mr.Amir Khan I still think,you are one of very few intelligent thinking actors of film world.If the show was conducted by Shakti Kapoors,Salman Khans or Sanjay Dutts of film world,I would not bother to waste my time.Regarding the nephrologist(above mentioned)-if what he says is true,your team has made a great research blunder & reduced your show to a Nirupa Roy starrer,Manmohan Desai film full of drama…..Your programme is,I hope different than that.Regarding doctors,a lot needs to be done to cleanse the system.I am a doctor,fed up of rampant corruption in profession which once was called the most noble profession.Doctors are part of society,which itself has decayed long ago…hope for which I don’t see at all…..No Amir or Anna can save us….

  59. Dr Abhay Singh Dr Abhay Singh Friday, June 8, 2012

    i was shocked to see the allegation made by Mr Rai, it seemed he was taking treatment from a primary health center. and was more shocked to see that none of the doctors present at the show raised any question to it. even Dr Shetty was sitting idle, i think he was there to promote his organization. now amir khan ji is this not marketting stunts, a cheap way of selling your hospital.

  60. Dr Pushpa Chaturvedi Dr Pushpa Chaturvedi Friday, June 8, 2012

    .It is unfortunate for the medical fraternity if such damaging views and blatant lies are broadcast in such a popular programme in such an irresponsible way by Aamir khan the idol of the common man
    This shows the failure of his reasearch team.
    This must be remedied on the same programme by Aamir Khan apologizing and informing the correct facts to the public.I hope he has enough courage to do it.

  61. Dr Mudita Tiwari Dr Mudita Tiwari Friday, June 8, 2012

    It was an overly sensationalised show..With baseless over the top accusations…Has instilled baseless fear in the minds of people
    .Preaching without information is making a fool of oneself Amir!.Doctor-patient trust is a sacred thing. And it could be broken by either side.

  62. Dr S P Singh Dr S P Singh Friday, June 8, 2012

    Dear Sarmishtha,

    It would be better if you stick to this particular transplantation case when you make comments. In the US the amount should be not 84 million [only 10 times of 84 lakhs] but much more. When you pay only one 100th or one 1000th of the fee then how can you ask for higher astranomical compensation. Next, the less we speak about America, the better. America is the country of Union Carbides!

    Corruption does occur in every field – everywhere. I do not wish to condone corruption in medical practice. A guilty doctor must be punished. But Aamir is trying to sensationalize matters which he should not. By what he is doing only the poor are going to suffer more. He has attacked the softest of all targets. Agar dum hai, let him go for the lawyers or judges. I challenge you Aamir Khan do it.

    When I went to see the movie “Three Idiots”, I was trying at the end to look for the author’s name, but unfortunately I did not see it. This is about his own morality; he wanted to usurp all the credit for this movie for himself.

    Come On Aamir, lets hear some stories about yourself, or should some Tehelka do it.

  63. Bubbly Bubbly Friday, June 8, 2012

    1. I think Dr. Sreedhara must take legal action against Amir Khan for slander and emotional harrasment and not be requesting an apology.

    2. Considering the impact that the show has on people, Amir Khan (if at all he does mean “Satyameva Jayate” ), must state the facts, he has now discovered, regarding the said “medical negligence” (after confirming the facts with a simple call to K.M.C.), on the very same show.

    3. Mr. Amir Khan, when I was a teenager, in the SRK Vs Amir battle, I would stand up for you. But what YOU did at this show defines the term, “negligence”. I am doing surgical residency in Detroit. I am NOT coming back to India. Yes, the show did that to me. You have influence over people. With that comes responsibility. So think twice before you use your influence for personal gain.

    4. Mr Rai was going through bereavement, he should’ve received counseling and if that didn’t work, even maybe S.S.R.I.’s would have helped. Considering it’s over a year ago, his reaction is not normal and he should’ve been diagnosed with post traumatic stress/ depression & treated.

  64. DrS Malik DrS Malik Friday, June 8, 2012

    We are already a nation of suspicous individuals! N o one trusts the other – no matter what the profession.The Aamir Khan show on doctors has only perpetuated more doubts in the minds of the people. The intentions of each one of us are under suspicion and this is not good for both the patient and his healthcare provider.There are some amazing doctors in this country but even those are now under suspicion!

  65. Vin Vin Friday, June 8, 2012

    As a physician in the states, it seems completely appropriate for a disgruntled family member to lash out against those entrusted with the care of their deceased loved one. If we were to assume the role of the one who has experienced such a loss, we would be able to empathize much more effectively. That being said, Dr. Sreedhara accurately states that DIC is a common entity that arises across a vast spectrum of underlying acute medical conditions and is extremely difficult to control. Also, it is not correct for one to persecute those taking care of his family members in an attempt to gain retribution. He should, before lashing out, understand everything about his claim and the effect it can have on others seeking care the institution and physicians he wishes to punish are licensed to provide. Media = propaganda. Perpetuating propaganda and inevitably harming healthcare is something we in the US are all too familiar with and vehemently oppose. No one knows the absolute and utter truth in this scenario, but I would have expected someone of aamir khan’s media stature to at least attempt to excavate further before spreading this person’s word…disappointing.

  66. mukesh mukesh Friday, June 8, 2012

    Such letters should not be published in newspapers like aalatimes which is known to be disseminating information not personal views. Who know who is correct, people make all sorts of stories. this in no way makes a case for apology

  67. Bunty Bunty Thursday, June 7, 2012

    Mr. Amir Khan

    After reading this, you should atleast apologise to Dr. Sreedhara for presenting one side of the story. When the matter is in court, one side media trial is the worst thing one can do. You yourself are well aware of the problems created by media as you do not attend any award sessions. And now you have played in the hands of same media. We expect little courtsey from you.

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