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Dental colleges faculty caught on spy camera saying PG entrance exam just a formality

Chennai: A sting operation conducted by the Times Now channel reveals that postgraduate seats in some private dental colleges in Tamil Nadu are sold for as much as Rs 35 lakh, making a mockery of merit.

A Times Now video telecast on Monday shows faculty members of Ragas Dental College, Chennai and Sri Ramakrishna Dental College, Coimbatore demanding a capitation fee and admitting that entrance exams are just “formalities”.

Dental Council of India (DCI) president Dr Dibyendu Mazumdar has said the council could stall the admission process if illegal admissions were made, but “it has to be referred to us by the university or the state government.” [Source: ToI]


  1. Dr Rashid Dr Rashid Thursday, February 2, 2012

    The problem will be solved if the admissions are done through a central counselling unrelated to private colleges.This is already the way of admissions in to private medical colleges in andhra for non management seats

  2. Neeraj Neeraj Sunday, January 29, 2012

    Dental Pg scam is in every state…and every government is aware of the capitation….the association of private medical and dental colleges in every state..manage a fake entrance,,,Individual colleges send their list to the association, and those who paid gets selected……in PG entrance..not only associations but private university also does the same thing….PG entrance exam id just AN EYE WASH

  3. Kishori Mohan Ojha Kishori Mohan Ojha Friday, January 27, 2012

    This is not something new in the “education business “. The practice is as old as private institutions in India barring a few exceptions.When a philanthropic service becomes a racket, this is the result !
    Dr.kishori M. Ojha

  4. K.kant K.kant Friday, January 27, 2012

    Its shameful indeed,nothing less than that. Corruption has reached its peak in medical examination and its high time Govt. Or MCI stand up against it and take some very harsh measures to stop it.

  5. Selva Selva Friday, January 27, 2012

    Its a mockery if the Government says that they are not aware of how the private medical and dental colleges select their students. The Government is fully aware of what is going on but they turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to the collection of capitation fees and allotment of seats to candidates without any merit. Its a pity that medical education has come up for sale in a country in the private colleges where so many candidates with merit cant get a seat in the govt. Institutions.


    Mockery of medical education.Rapid expansion of Dental and Medical colleges for business purposes by Medical enterpreueners with subtle valuebased mindsets,in collusion with MCI/DCI,THROUGH POLITICAL PARTNERSHIPS,have resulted in steep decline in standards of medocal and dental educations. postgraduate degreesare being sold in open market.

  7. Dr.Kingra Dr.Kingra Friday, January 27, 2012

    What a pity! That is the only word one can use.And then there are rumors of opening new medical or dental schools.Who is going to ensure that the students are selected ethically and more important,that when they graduate they will be real doctors and dentists.May be they can pay another millions of rupees to pass exams.Of course at the exam time someone else can take the exam for another million or so.And after the student graduates he or she has to recuperate those millions and that cannot be done with good patient care.No wonder children and adults are being harmed every day.People like Anna Hazare team are blaming the governments of various parties for corruption.These are not elected officials in the present scam.I do not feel anything can be done to root out corruption in the country.Even the Chinese style of justice is not successful.

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