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Tamil Nadu doctors strike work over killing of colleague

Chennai: Government doctors in Tamil Nadu went on a strike on Wednesday protesting against the killing of a lady doctor T Sethulakshmi working in the Employees State Insurance Hospital (ESI) in Tuticorin two days ago.

Dr T Sethulakshmi

More than 15,000 doctors across the state participated in the strike though emergency services were not affected.

On Monday night in Tuticorin, autorickshaw driver Mahesh killed Dr Sethulakshmi as he thought the doctor was responsible for the death of his pregnant wife, Nithya.

According to the police, Mahesh had brought his wife Nithya to her clinic on December 30.

As the six-month foetus was dead in the womb, the doctor advised emergency operation. During the course of the operation, Nithya’s condition turned critical and the doctor took her in an ambulance to a private hospital that had all facilities.

Unfortunately Nithya died enroute. Later, Mahesh blamed the doctor for the death of his wife and killed her.

On Thursday, doctors in private nursing homes are planning to go on strike.

According to Tamil Nadu Government Doctors’ Association (TNGDA), the association will submit its demands to the state government.

The doctors demand punishment of Mahesh at the earliest and police protection to all hospitals.

The police have arrested Mahesh and his associates. [Source: IANS]

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