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Dr Kunal Saha demands removal of ‘tainted’ medical council members

Kolkata: A US-based Indian doctor who has filed a case against several members of the West Bengal Medical Council (WBMC) for criminal conspiracy on Thursday demanded their removal from the council after a court issued summons to them.

“The metropolitan magistrates court has found 17 members of the WBMC prima facie guilty of criminal conspiracy and has issued summons (Bankshall Court Order / August 19, 2011). The criminally indicted doctor members of the council have no legal or moral right to continue as members. We demand their immediate removal,” said Dr Kunal Saha who heads the People for Better Treatment, a non-governmental organisation (NGO) fighting against medical negligence.

Dr Kunal Saha who addressed a press meet through video conferencing said he had presented a memorandum before Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee demanding their removal.

Dr Kunal Saha had filed the case after WBMC absolved the doctors of medical negligence who were accused by Dr Saha of causing death of his wife Anuradha.

The 17 doctors, including past president of the council Dr Ashok Chowdhury and current vice president Dr Subir Dutta have been ordered to appear before the court of metropolitan magistrate on Friday.

Following Anuradha’s death on May 28, 1998, due to complications triggered by treatment at AMRI Hospitals in the city for fever and rashes, Dr Kunal Saha filed a case of medical negligence against AMRI Hospitals and physician Dr Sukumar Mukherjee, dermatologist Dr Baidyanath Halder and physician Dr Balaram Prasad.

The Supreme Court in 2009 had held the hospital and the three doctors guilty of medical negligence and remanded the case to the National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (NCDRC) for determination of compensation.

The NCDRC on October 21 awarded a record compensation, ordering the hospital and the three doctors to share among them a compensation of Rs 1,72,87,500 payable to Dr Kunal Saha.

The commission, however, while ordering the compensation named Dr Kunal Saha guilty of “interfering” with Kolkata doctors’ line of treatment to his wife and of making “contributory negligence” in causing her death and ordered deduction of 10 per cent of the total compensation amount for his contributory negligence.

Dr Kunal Saha filed an appeal against the order holding him guilty of contributory negligence before the same forum. The matter is slated for hearing on November 11.

Dr Kunal Saha on spending the compensation amount said, “I have given an affidavit before the Supreme Court stating that any amount that is ordered as compensation will be used for improving rural health care in India.” [Source: IANS]


  1. Dr. Pannalal Nawalkha Dr. Pannalal Nawalkha Friday, November 11, 2011

    medical council is highest regulatory body of medical education and profession. presence of tainted members in such august body is like a biggest black spot, blackening the face of medical profession and country. removal is immediate need. an opportunity be given to removed members to plead their case. during enquiry tainted members will not participate.

  2. dr k k arora dr k k arora Monday, November 7, 2011

    Further to my previous remarks, ‘removal’ from council is not at all punishment. They should be dealt under wilful criminal negligence- both in WB and Medical Council, otherwise the trend of those in authority will continue unabated.

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