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Nagpur police file sexual harassment charges against Dr Dilip Changole

A sexual harassment case has been registered against Dr Dilip Changole, a senior medical officer who is holding the charge of chief administrative official at the Regional Mental Hospital, Nagpur. Police said Dr Changole allegedly molested a female attendant at the hospital. Dr Dilip Changole has termed the charges baseless.

The charges have been filed at the Gittikhadan police station after a section of women employees at the hospital made a complaint. Police said that Dr Dilip Changole was booked for making obscene gestures with a cucumber in the women section where the attendant was deployed.

Gittikhadan police has told the mental hospital authorities that they would require accused Dr Dilip Changole to be present at the station for recording his statement. The statements of the women employees of the mental hospital have been already recorded. The letter also stated the various charges made against Dr Changole.

The employees, in their written complaint, claimed that Dr Dilip Changole had been relentlessly passing obscene remarks and also making objectionable gestures in presence of other women working in the hospital. Dr Changole is also claimed to have been trying to lure the women to his personal cabin.

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