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Acupuncture may cure ‘lazy eye’ in children: Study

Sticking acupuncture needles into points on the body classically associated with vision in Chinese medicine could prove to be an alternative to bothersome patches or drops for older children with a ‘lazy eye’, suggests new research. However, some experts have expressed the need for further research to confirm the findings.

For the study, researchers selected 88 children who suffered from lazy eye and randomly assigned about half of them to wear a patch over the good eye, and the other half to attend acupuncture sessions. By the end of 25 weeks, the researchers found that 42 per cent of children who received acupuncture overcame the condition, compared to 17 per cent of children who wore an eye patch.

Amblyopia, often called ‘lazy eye’, is a condition characterized by poor vision in one eye. It is the most common cause of vision problems in children. The problem can be corrected with glasses if caught at an early age. But for older children, the traditional treatment is through patches (which can be annoying to wear) and special eye drops, which can blur sight in the good eye. [Source: Yahoo News]

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