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Drunk patient slashes resident doctor’s forearm in Mumbai hospital

Mumbai: A patient reportedly in an inebriated state slashed a KEM Hospital resident doctor on the forearm while the latter was suturing his wound.

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India, Save Thy Doctors!

The last couple of days have seen several news portals stormed by the unfortunate news of a resident doctor at Civil Hospital, Dhule, Maharashtra getting savagely thrashed by a patient’s kin for what, we would all agree, is a systemic issue not remotely a fault of the hapless doctor.

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Resident doctor arrested for sexually assaulting patient in Mumbai hospital ICU

Mumbai: Dr Kayan Siodia, a resident doctor at Nanavati hospital in Juhu, was arrested on Wednesday for sexually assaulting a patient in the intensive care unit six months ago.

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An MBBS intern speaks his mind to the nation

I’ve seen so much of the distasteful face of the ‘noble’ medical profession that it has finally dawned on me: all that nobility is completely fictitious today. The only thing that is real is my passion, and I cannot afford to get it scathed.

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The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Doctors’ Strikes

We are aware that occasionally doctors go on strike in some or the other part of India. The general public’s reactions (and apparently even the judiciary’s) to doctors’ strikes are, however, based on extremely idealistic and impractical premises.

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In response to ‘A year as a doctor’s apprentice’

Out of thousands of things taught at school, there is one which is powerfully embedded in my head. While doing a letter-writing exercise, we were asked to write a letter to the city municipal authorities complaining about the increasing amount of garbage being thrown on streets. After checking our notebooks the teacher lauded our efforts, but said she was disappointed with one aspect. All of us had been quite enthusiastic in complaining and describing the concerned problem to our heart’s content, but ‘not one had suggested a solution’. What she said then should actually be one of the most universal rules of human conduct: You get the right to complain about a problem in the society only when you can also offer a solution to it, however small it may be.

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Junior resident doctor attempts suicide at Lady Hardinge Medical College

New Delhi: Dr Naseer Hussain, a second year postgraduate student with the gynaecology department of Lady Hardinge Medical College here on Wednesday allegedly attempted suicide by jumping from the terrace of the house surgeon building of the hospital. The incident occurred at around 7.15 am.

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