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Indian surgeons successfully implant 3D printed vertebrae in a 32-year-old woman

New Delhi: Medanta – The Medicity, Gurugram on Wednesday said its doctors have conducted a complex spinal reconstruction surgery using India’s first 3D printed artificial vertebrae that helped a 32-year-old spinal tuberculosis (TB) patient walk once again.

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Age-related infertility may be caused by scarred ovaries

Washington: Women’s decreased ability to produce healthy eggs as they become older may be due to excessive scarring and inflammation in their ovaries, reports a new Northwestern Medicine study in mice.

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12% of India’s population are infertile, says Dr Firuza Parikh

Hyderabad: India bears the brunt of infertility, as 8 to 12 per cent of India’s population are infertile. And so like many countries in the west, the government here should also provide free fertility treatment and help infertile couple, according to a leading fertility expert Dr Firuza Parikh.

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‘Advanced diagnostics important to detect genital TB’

Kolkata: The role of advanced diagnostics in detecting genital tuberculosis, which is linked to infertility in humans, was extremely important, an expert said here on Thursday.

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Scientists develop motorised ‘spermbots’ to maximise fertility chances

London: In a first, German scientists have developed motorised “spermbots” that can deliver poor swimmers that are otherwise healthy to an egg.

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Infertility common in Himachal

Shimla (IANS): Infertility is a common condition among the residents of Himachal Pradesh and is mainly due to high incidence of tuberculosis of the uterus and fallopian tubes.

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Genital TB: One of the most debated topics in women infertility

New Delhi: India is a country with one of the highest number of tuberculosis (TB) cases i.e. one fifth of the global incidence annually. Although pulmonary TB is most common, there has been also significant number of cases of extra-pulmonary TB reported annually. Among these, female genital tract TB poses a diagnostic challenge. It is one of the major causes for severe tubal disease leading to infertility.

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Genital tuberculosis a major reason for infertility among women

Recent studies have concluded that till a decade ago only 10 per cent of the total tuberculosis patients suffered from genital tuberculosis, but the percentage has now increased to 30 per cent due to ignoring the disease in the initial stages and lack of awareness.

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Swedish researchers question treatment of infertility with stem cells

Stockholm: New studies by Swedish researchers at institutions including the University of Gothenburg and Karolinska Institute are questioning the notion that infertility can be treated with stem cells.

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Bangalore hospital to tackle rising infertility in cities

Bangalore: Isis Medicare and Research Centre, a city-based hospital which specialises in in vitro fertilisation (IVF), maternity and paediatric care, plans to set up its facility in a dozen cities across the country to tackle rising infertility, especially among professionals.

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