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Healthcare should be a mission with ethical & moral values: Rajnath Singh

New Delhi: Healthcare should not be a profession but a mission with ethical and moral values, according to Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh.

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Tales of a small town surgeon in India: the case for global health investment on essential surgery

Dr A works as a surgeon in a small town of India. Like any other small town doctor, he has settled for a practice here because of the affinity and close proximity to his home. Building up from the scratch, Dr A has slowly set-up an infrastructure that provides the best possible quality and affordable healthcare to patients from surrounding rural areas who can’t afford highly expensive private hospitals or far-off government hospitals.

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The Neglected Silver Generation of India

“Viewed as a whole, the problem of ageing is no problem at all. It is only the pessimistic way of looking at a great triumph of civilization.” — Frank Notestein

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New Director General of the World Health Organization

The 70th World Health Assembly is imminent and due to take place between the 22nd and 31st May this year. For those who are not familiar, this is the supreme decision making body of the World Health Organization.

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District hospitals to be ranked based on their performance

New Delhi: The government has decided to rank district hospitals on the basis of their performance on health indicators. There are around 700 district hospitals across the country to provide secondary healthcare facilities to the people.

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50% of healthcare beneficiaries travel over 100 kms to access quality care: Report

New Delhi: With a 22% shortage of primary health centres (PHCs) and 32% shortage of community health centres (CHCs), it is estimated that 50% of beneficiaries travel more than 100 kms to access quality care, reveals a NATHEALTH-PwC Report on ‘Funding Indian Healthcare – Catalysing the Next Wave of Growth’.

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Opinion: Where CM Devendra Fadnavis Went Wrong About Doctors

The sombre darkness of Friday midnight saw a ray of hope as a few resident doctors in Maharashtra, who had been on strike since March 20th, decided to finally resume their duties. Now that the storm seems to be receding, it provides an opportunity for us to look back at how the entire situation transpired.

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What the National Health Policy 2017 Missed — Medical College in Every District and Postgraduate Training for Every Doctor

I welcome the announcement of National Health Policy 2017. In particular, raising public health expenditure to 2.5% of GDP by 2025 is a laudable target as is the aim to spend most of the government resources on primary care. I have argued previously that we cannot modernise our healthcare whilst ignoring the primary care. Primary care facilities need to be upgraded, provided with basic diagnostic facilities and funded to be able to lure doctors and nurses to work in remote corners of the country.

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National Health Policy 2017 aims to provide universal health coverage, quality healthcare at affordable cost

New Delhi: The Union Cabinet chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday approved the National Health Policy, 2017 (NHP 2017), which aims to provide universal health coverage and deliver quality healthcare services at affordable cost to all the people of the country.

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Interview: Distinction between cardiologist and cardiac surgeon is blurring fast — Dr Mukesh Goel

Dr Mukesh Goel is a senior consultant of cardio thoracic & vascular surgery at Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi. He has also served as chief cardiovascular surgeon at Asian Institute of Medical Sciences, Faridabad where he started the programme of minimally invasive techniques in cardiac surgery and repair of aortic dissection (aneurysm).

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