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Researchers awarded grants for new innovations

New Delhi: Mother and child health were the main focus of the winners of the ‘All Children Thriving’ grants under the Grand Challenges India initiative. The winners were on Tuesday awarded certificates for their innovations.

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Anti-HIV antibody shows promise in first human study

Washington: A single infusion of an experimental anti-HIV antibody called 3BNC117 resulted in significantly decreased HIV levels that persisted for as long as 28 days in HIV-infected individuals, according to Phase 1 clinical trial findings published in Nature.

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To end TB, treat the missing millions

New Delhi: Every year, among the estimated 9 million persons who develop tuberculosis (TB), 3 million are missed — not diagnosed, treated, or even tracked by national TB programmes — according to a Guest Editorial in PLOS Medicine by Madhukar Pai of McGill University, Montreal, Canada and Puneet Dewan of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, New Delhi.

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In rural India, children receive wrong treatments for deadly ailments

Washington: Few healthcare providers in rural India know the correct treatments for childhood diarrhoea and pneumonia – two leading killers of young children worldwide. But even when they do, they rarely prescribe them properly, according to a Duke University study published in JAMA Paediatrics.

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This doctor has all the ingredients to be a MedTech Entrepreneur

Picture this. You are a doctor who thoroughly enjoys treating his patients but somewhere yearns to innovate something that can make diagnosis and treatment easier as well as improve the lives of his patients.

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Brazil to produce measles vaccine

Rio de Janeiro: Brazil will produce measles vaccine for export to African, Asian and Latin American nations, the country’s top health official said here.

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Malaria vaccine: India, Africa don’t get hopes up

Kolkata: As countries like India and Africa — hotbeds for malaria — await the world’s first vaccine against the disease, a leading expert said on Saturday the results of clinical trials were “modestly encouraging”, but nations should be cautious.

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Preventive antibiotics for tuberculosis reduce deaths among people with HIV disease

Washington: As part of the largest international research effort ever made to combat tuberculosis, a team of Johns Hopkins and Brazilian experts has found that preventive antibiotic therapy for people with HIV lowers this group’s chances of developing TB or dying. Specifically, they found in men and women already infected with HIV that taking isoniazid reduced deaths and new cases of active TB disease by 31 per cent, while new cases of TB alone decline by 13 per cent.

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New malaria test kit gives a boost to elimination efforts worldwide

London: A new, highly sensitive blood test that quickly detects even the lowest levels of malaria parasites in the body could make a dramatic difference in efforts to tackle the disease across the world, according to new research published in the Journal of Infectious Diseases.

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TB hides in bone marrow stem cells of infected patients

Washington: Scientists have gained new insight on how tuberculosis (TB) remains a global epidemic. Although drugs have been available to fight TB for 50 years, the disease still infects nearly 2.2 billion people worldwide and causes 1.7 million annual deaths. In India, one person is dying of TB every 3 minutes. This is largely attributed to the bacteria’s ability to stay dormant in the human body and later resurface as active disease.

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