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More young Indians embracing gene testing for healthy ageing

New Delhi: As scientists the world over are busy trying to find the elusive elixir of life that can defy ageing and make you disease-free in golden years, gene-testing — a technology that scans DNA instructions you inherited from your parents to spot genetic disorders — is now gaining ground among Indians, especially the young.

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GM plants could be next anti-cancer drugs: Indian-American scientist

Kolkata: Can anti-cancer drugs be delivered to patients through genetically modified fruits and vegetables? Yes, says acclaimed Indian American researcher Ananda Mohan Chakrabarty, terming genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) the future of anti-cancer therapy and even preventive medicine.

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Delhi hospital launches hereditary cancer test

New Delhi: With over one million people diagnosed with cancer every year in India, a hospital here has launched a hereditary cancer genetic testing service, a doctor said on Monday.

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Mumbai gets special cancer centre for women

Mumbai: Maharashtra’s first integrated centre for cancer to cater exclusively to women was launched here on Saturday.

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Oncology and the Iconic Breasts of Angelina Jolie (Or rather the other way around?)

A title should mirror the real significance of the issue. If one considers the general interest in a good movie with perfect actors Vs oncology and breast cancer (or the affection towards them), the title should be: ‘Angelina Jolie’s iconic breasts and Oncology’!

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Unlike Jolie, Indian women wary of mastectomy, say doctors

New Delhi: Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie’s decision to go public about her double mastectomy to reduce the risk of breast cancer has been hailed as a brave move, but in India, doctors say there is very little awareness about it and many women are wary of taking the step due to societal pressure and apprehensions.

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