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The Vizag Case Exposes More Gaps in Surrogacy Bill

Following the recent Vizag IVF Centre case, the Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill 2016 may need reconsideration towards integrating legal safeguards. The case in hand brings forth a series of grave biomedical and ethical issues as lack of comprehensive physical and psycho-social counselling to all the stakeholders involved in surrogacy namely surrogate mother, intending mother father, egg donor before the initiation of surrogacy under the Surrogacy Bill.

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Opinion: Are doctors like commodities to be monitored with RFID tags?

Politicians and bureaucrats are taking on doctors for cheap popularity in public, breaking news in TV and headlines in newspapers that in Andhra Pradesh they are planning to attach RFID Tags to body of doctors, as RFID tags are put on different commodities in big malls so that nobody can steal them; on hens, chickens, goats, cows, and buffaloes in animal husbandry; and on lions, tigers, deer in forest area so that their movement can be assessed throughout 24 hours.

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