Haryana AIIMS to have India’s biggest cancer centre: Azad

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Jhajjar (Haryana): The union health and family welfare minister Ghulam Nabi Azad on Saturday announced that a National Cancer Institute (NCI) would come up in the AIIMS-2 campus at Badhsa village in Haryana, which would be an even bigger facility than the Tata Cancer Institute, Mumbai.

A National Cardio Care Centre (NCCC) would also be set up in this institute, he said.

The health minister was speaking after inaugurating the outreach OPD (out patient department) of AIIMS Badhsa village, 40 km from New Delhi, in Haryana’s Jhajjar district.

He said the proposed NCI would have 600 beds in the 2,100-bedded AIIMS-2, and would be the biggest cancer institute in the country, bigger than even the Tata Cancer Institute in Mumbai.

The AIIMS-2 campus is being set up over an area of 300 acres, provided free of cost by the Haryana government.

Azad said the new facility would serve as an alternate OPD of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi.

Azad said the new facilities would serve not only the people of Haryana, but also other states.

“The waiting period of OPD at Delhi AIIMS would be decreased considerably, and people from Bihar, Jammu and Kashmir, Orissa, Uttar Pradesh and Kerala would happily come to Badhsa. This is the first OPD where free medicines would be provided,” Azad said.

The outreach OPD comprises of the departments of general medicine, orthopaedics, obstetrics and gynaecology, paediatrics, ophthalmology, ENT, anaesthesia and general surgery.

The entire OPD operations will be computerized from registration to prescriptions, and patient records would be maintained electronically, Azad said.

Azad said that heart and cancer diseases were increasing in the country, and a need was felt for national-level institutes to tackle these.

Haryana chief minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda said that the highway from New Delhi to Badhsa would be four-laned, to enable people to reach AIIMS-2 smoothly. [Source: IANS]

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2012-11-26 20:43:59

allow f d i so that they can sell tobacco , alcohol , food with carcinogens , with pretext of green revolution produce chemical food with banned pesticides , supply cheap food with out much essential proteins so that more & more people can suffer from the diseases which were rare in our country . look at the present scenario this is no 1 country in the world when it comes to disease , disablities , disasters . death .mainly due to bad governence & wrong policies . the money spent on the treatment of a patient can save lives of at least 20 children who are likely to die before they reach first year of their of life. instead spending billions of tax payers money for the stupid causes , let them use it for the promotion of family planning .poverty is the biggest cancer in this world without any cure for sure. quality of life is more important than living like a stray animal eating left over food from the gutter, consuming tobacco , gulping alcohol with easy money ( ill earned). invariably such people become anti socinals \ anti nationals .

Comment by Prof. Manoj Sharma
2012-11-27 05:49:48

NO Health minister in the History of India has done so much for the cuase of cancer as Mr. Azad has done . As if he is in touch with pulse of health problems of India and heart beat of cancer problem.

Reaching Delhi for the cancer treatment has become a habit and universal phenomenon with several states . Mumbai, Kolkata and Madras are facing similar problems. In case of Delhi it is causing tremendous pressure on the metropolis as well as waiting list in failing cancer departments of five Govt. medical institutions .The pathetic conditions that are not due to the Govt. but due to the people heading them .This is also causing terrible burden on AIIMS that is meant for a specific type of activity with regards to medical sciences.
Once again all roads to Jhajjar will go through Delhi only and hence burden the metropolis.

However opening cancer centres in places like Nalanda in Bihar, Kozhikode , Allapuzha in Keralam, and some where interiors of Telangana, odisha….e.g. Kalahandi , Indo Nepal Border such as Bahriach or Pilibheet, Panna, Mahoba in MP or some where in Chhattesgarh will help a greater deal for the cause of cancer.
Director General Health Services Prof. Jagdeesh Prasad’s initiative is a land mark to give respite to ailing regions .
Opening such centres will prevent the fleecing and cheating local private practitioners or the medical college practicing doctors do , the examples of which can be seen in any number in our OPDs. The insult and humiliation and the hardship that these patients and their relatives suffer , thousands of miles away from their homes in an inhospitable atmosphere itself is a subject of cancer research…. where inaccessibility and non compliance to cancer therapy due to various reasons results in incurability of a curable cancer!!!!!!
It is also very important to make a central Task force that should have powers of direct intervention in state so that all the ailing cancer centres can be treated on fast track basis…… a multiprong action to provide equipments, infrastructure , HRD , medical physicists, RSO and technical staff.

Just for the declared centres at Jhajjar and Nalanda one needs experienced expertise , medical physicist and medical technologists.
I am sure honourable Health Minister will now act to create institutions where this man power can be generated.

Increasing the number of seats in M.Ch surgical Oncology, DM Medical Oncology, DM/M.Ch pediatric Oncology, M.Ch Gynec Oncology, M.D.Palliative Care, M.D. Onco Psychiatry, Geriatric Oncology M.Sc. Medical Physics, Ph D. Medical Physics, BSc Oncology nursing and Radiation Technology, etc are the dire need of the day one if we have to deal with the EPIDEMIC of Cancer for which Cancer has to be declared as a NOTIFIABLE DISEASE.

Running of these centres shall require a huge budget but this can also be handled by Cancer Taxation on all the tobacco and aricanut and alcoholic products.Total Ban on tobacco will be another alternative to reduce national cancer burden. In a ward in Kozhikode I saw 30 males , all with advance lung cancers. What is this? This was stoppable if there is a total tobacco ban.

Great and increasing hopes from our Health Minister .May God give him more strength and thoughts towards improvement of national health and related infrastructure. He sets such a precedence that the next incumbent has to pursue it more vehemently .

Comment by Prof. Manoj Sharma
2012-11-27 06:00:19

why did political parties earned advantage out of Mr. Sanjay Gandhi’s Family planning implementation programme . It was the sabotage of the population controlprograme by politician and baboo class nexux rather than tyrannical implementation.
At that time nation should have stood up to help his cause instead of finding a clue to dethrone him from his place of pride and later have him killed. India would not have to see what you have describe if he was alive.

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