MCI suspends 25 professors of medical colleges for doing private practice

Friday, November 23, 2012

Bangalore: The Medical Council of India (MCI) recently carried out surprise inspections at medical colleges across the country and suspended 25 professors who were either running private clinics or practicing in private hospitals.

According to the MCI norms, those who have been appointed as professors at medical colleges are not allowed to run a private clinic or work at any private hospital.

The MCI crackdown found that most cases of such violations were in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Odisha and Andhra Pradesh.

The MCI has recommended to the respective state medical councils to remove these doctors’ name from the Indian Medical Directory and the state medical directory for at least four years. [Source: DNA]

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Comment by Sanjay Jaiswal
2012-11-24 21:43:43

Parliamentary standing committee has rejected National Commision for human resources for health on 23-11-12. It needs more coverage and opinion from your e magazine

2012-11-24 22:11:32

The MCI must be complimented for its pro-active action in acting against the medical college faculty neglecting their teaching duties and indulging in private work in college time. It is hoped the state medical councils and the state IMAs will take the cue and start acting on their own against the erring doctors in other states. Such private practice by doctors in service against service rules is rampant and is nothing short of corruption, especially when doctors get non-practicing allowance.

–M C Gupta

2012-11-24 22:15:32

m c i where are you ? why don’t you give a surprise visit to bidar , you can suapend more 50 doctors at once . forget about professors even residents are doing private practice with out any fear. dispite they are suppose to be in house. on several occasions i brought this to the notice of the direcror , his answer is, it a government policy .i want know the rules & regulations of mci , but no such book is made avalable in the departmental \ college library .like in aiims , pgi chandigarh , nimanhs , cmc , st .johns ,afmc pune etc no one should be allowed to do private pratice. teching is a special task , not for greedy people. on several occasions i have told to ban p p at once.even doctors who are on daily wages , mounthly , weekly visits should be stopped from working in the medical colleges. other wise this profession will goes to dogs for sure. is there any one to whom i can contact regarding these issues ? please send me your contact no, e -mail address.

2012-11-24 22:34:04

biometrics ( finger print \ face reading ) should me made compulsary in all meical colleges accross the country both for the teaching staff & for the students with an immediate effect . this should monitered by localy , by the health university , state & central govts & m c i with out further dealy . we see quite oftan empty lecture halls , wards etc. there fore there should be cctv in all important places . man can cheat , but not the machine unless the cunning man does it delabarately . i have been telling this to the concerned people( with secletive deafness) with out any positive out come . any way i am happy to put foward my views through aalatimes . sooner or later it may come it be implimented ? i feel it is the need of the hour . dr.ramesh vardhan.

Comment by Dr. Adarsh Kumar
2012-11-24 22:52:22

Dear Sir( Dr Sanjay Jaiswal)
your efforts are commendable and I have also lauded it last month when it was put in various fora. I request you to expedite the approval of revised MBBS curriculum which is pending since lomg with MCI.You may remember last year when we met at formation of Confederation of medical specilaities under umbrella of IMA and I happen to be General Secertary of Indian Academy of Forensic Medicine.
Dr Adarsh Kumar(Jaiswal)
Associate Prof. Forensic Medicine
All India Institute of Medical Sciences
New Delhi

Comment by dr R. K. Jaiswal
2012-11-24 23:34:25

I think MCI should made surprise visit to UP medical college also. I am sure that they will get highest no. of these doctors.

Comment by Pavani M
2012-11-25 07:07:27

It is strange that the MCI found only 25 professors doing private practice across the country. I have seen very few professors whether government or private working without having private clinic or hospital of their own.If the suspended professors go to court,then the biased attitude of MCI will come out.Till now MCI has not touched the private practitioners acting as professors in different private medical colleges and even conducting MD/MS examinations or private medical colleges indulging in all sorts of fraud. Whether suspending only 25 professors across the country had any other reason?.

Comment by dr n ashok
2012-11-25 08:08:54

Andhra MCI where are you.I think AP medical council is blind to look at Andhra govt doctors who are abscond their govt hospital duties at 12 noon and starting their private practice At 12 noon.(they are supposed to work upto 2 pm.)

Comment by pankaj jain
2012-11-25 08:45:04

Thanks everybody for for such awakening remarks. But please look why this happening- is this only money?
compare apathy of government medical colleges with private medical colleges, working environment, facilities, salary structure [where a pvt practitioner will get RS 100000 per month without attending his medical college] ,no avenues for teachers to learn and develop their skill to infrastructure, corruption in govt. hospital by non doctor staff, and high expectations by society. Find the reasons MCI and try to improve the scenario!!!!!! .
I also feel the most doctors will feel happy to do pvt practice than teaching in govt hospital. For few states, its the topper who choose teaching cadre and after few year they are at the bottom of the ladder.

Comment by biju
2012-11-25 09:04:38

come to kerala medical college ..all is doing same…all in private practise..

Comment by Y.Rajagopal
2012-11-25 14:44:35

Recently, the health minister claimed that private medical colleges in karnataka are buying patients during MCI inspections. Everybody thought that MCI will take his comments seriously. Nothing happened to any of the private medical college managements. Instead some professors of Bangalore Medical college and of other states were suspended.My friend in Bangalore who knows the level of corruption in Karnataka commented that the new health minister’s comments may be an invitation to private medical college managements to meet him. It is not the professors but none of the teaching faculty whether assistant professor or professor can practice during working hours. If they are irregular or absent,what the college principal was doing?.Principal of the medical college can suspend them or dismiss them.Why MCI should be selective in targetting professors?. Why no action was taken against the principals for suppressing the information. In A.P. people say that whenever new health minister comes,he will issue statement saying that doctors not working satisfactorily or working for many years in one place.So that the would be affected doctors will rush to Hyderabad and meet him.

Comment by sheo kumar,UP
2012-11-25 20:44:49

Whether only 25 medical faculty were involve in private practice across india who are responsible for such activities.if you inspect ,PHC,CHC,DH and medical colleges problem are same.whether Health Govt ,administration( eg health secretary, Director,principal ,HOD,CMO state MCI) are not accountable for these problems.

Comment by dr.virendra sharma
2012-11-26 08:14:53

mci has suspended these faculty as they had given their names in two medical colleges
not because of private practice. practice or no practice depends on the service conditions
which one has acceptrd at the time of joining

Comment by Dhruva Chaudhry
2012-11-26 15:36:25

It is heartening to note that MCI has finally acting against the fraudulent practice of appointment of teachers in the pvt institutions in particular. Any body with a postgraduate degree can be appointed as an Astt professor provided he gives an undertaking that they practicing after hospital hours. False records are created so are the patients. I sincerely hope that it is not a one time phenomenon. I will also make a sincere appeal to MCI to consider super specialist as teachers for both UG’S & PGS in Mesicine & surgery.

Comment by P.Narayana Reddy
2012-11-26 16:04:52

Giving two names in two medical colleges is different from not deleting the name from the college list once the doctor had left the college.Sometime back,I had seen same doctor’s name in the department of chest in two medical colleges of A.P. (GSL Medical College,Rajahmundry and Narayana Medical college ,Nellore). one of the two colleges must be still listing him as their faculty. Whether this is because of failure to update the details of medical faculty in MCI website or the management of one college does not want to loose him. MCI should protect the interests of doctors who are unaware of all these and send the information to know the facts.The colleges should be asked to send the details of attendance and salary paid to the doctors and they only should be listed as their faculty in MCI website(

Comment by Dr.Ghorpade
2012-11-26 20:23:55

Every one is aware abut the shortage of teachers but not specialists.
Present situation can be resolved by pooling available human resource and sharing it by needy
All can be happy and satisfied.

Comment by Ayub eskandari
2012-11-28 23:02:00

India is the home of democracy ,India medical council and university can suspend cotta Ts of professors under no obligation can revoke their license for four years ,that’s very unusual that medical council be authorized to cancel an MD,s license for four years very bad I figure those profs will have sue the medical council for unlawful act and violation of their constututonal rights

Comment by Ayub eskandari
2012-11-28 23:09:33

When professors are suspended students and patients are at loss it takes a long time until someone can be professor .why on earth med council be authorized to suspend profes for such a long time there is no malpractice involved.unfair illegal act no justification .

Comment by Saikumar G
2012-11-30 07:40:39

MCI action on 25 professors for showing their name in more than one medical college is right. MCI is not serious about the harassment of medical faculty by the private medical college managements.They donot give promotions and promotion orders.They appoint medical faculty only for MCI inspection.They don’t appoint clerical staff or qualified nurses.Except one or two medical faculty,there won’t be any other staff in some departments like psychiatry. Few years back, what local doctors used to say that the private medical college in Nellore had different teams for different works.One team of middlemen will visit famous colleges in Delhi,Vellore,Lucknow,Chennai,Bangalore and give attractive offers to the medical faculty working there.Once they join if they don’t have patients,they will be harassed.One team will bring patients in buses to the college.One team will take care of local politicians and press.One team will bring examiners and make them conduct the PG examinations and force them to pass all candidates.One team will take care of MCI inspectors.What doctors used to say was this college used to be the favourite college of Ketan Desai in A.P.

2012-11-30 21:07:53

why con’t m c i members be suspended or stipped from their degrees for not implimenting the rules ? look at the very top brass of m c i dr ketan ndesai. there are many more people like him ………….taken refuse under the mersy of bib vigs ………… times we see all sorts of funny people reprasenting m c i. i remember one of the mci inspector asking me how much it cost for the m d radiology seat in your college. there nothing much in that deapartment to talk about . for my surprise they got 2 more md seats alloted . ( the deal was over at the time of inspection , i think he was reach by 2 crores). one more lady inspector was busy in enquire about places for shopping ( she was suppose to be a teacher of dr amboo money das )

Comment by R.D.Raman
2014-10-17 23:36:10

In surgery department of B.R.D. Medical Colledge Gorakhpur the only professor who appointed as lecturer in neurosurgery then associate professor neurosurgery then professor of neurosurgery became professor of general surgery. Is it possible as per MCI rules? If not then how the colledge got recognition by MCI? It means MCI is not following its own laid down rules. Therefore it is big ? mark over the regulatery authority

Comment by Dr Ramesh Vardhan
2017-09-05 11:42:33

With out shame,fear or guilt in few of the Autonomous Government Medical colleges in Karnataka , with the blessings of the Politicians.

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