MCI approves 3-and-a-half-year medical course, BSc in Community Health

Monday, September 24, 2012

New Delhi: The Medical Council of India (MCI) has cleared introduction of the three-and-a-half-year long medical course, called BSc in Community Health. The new course is likely to be open to students who have completed Class 12 with physics, chemistry and biology.

According to MCI chairman Dr K K Talwar, this special cadre of health workers will be trained mainly in district hospitals, be placed in sub-centres or primary health centres and will be taught some module of clinical work. “We intend to introduce the course from April next year,” Dr Talwar has said.

The health ministry has been pushing for the introduction of this cadre, in order to address the shortage of doctors in rural areas. Only 26 per cent of doctors in India reside in rural areas, serving 72 per cent of India’s population. [Source: ToI]

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Comment by narpat charan
2012-09-25 10:20:27

”Government & MCI must think course of general medicine after BDS or relaxation of one or two year in MBBS person having BDS degree OR BSc in Community Health course having minimum qualification like BDS,BHMS,BAMS or BSc Nursing so that right person goes to rural belt of india and right person get right line of their feild for future and after that they can do their master degree as MBBS person”

Comment by drd
2012-09-25 10:20:31

MCI certified quacks to treat rural patients now……

Comment by Dr.Alexander John
2012-09-25 10:42:33

These people can be very useful in Public health if employed under supervision of the Medical Officers . They definitely shouldn’t be treating patients but can assist the Doctors.

Comment by dr pankaj jain
2012-09-25 11:25:53

Its a good step to serve rural people. they may be posted at subcenter as a community health advisor.

Comment by santosh
2012-09-25 14:22:35

no one bothers about the career stagnation and low morale this obviously inferior course structure will create for a young graduate.I hope government will stop this quick fix attitude and address the basic issues that currently prohibits a medical graduate from serving in rural India.

Comment by Saikiran K
2012-09-25 15:10:10

Already many private medical colleges are rolling out MBBS doctors many of them can not give even intramuscular injections safely.Instead of improving the working conditions and offering attractive salary, the gimmicks of starting new courses like BSc in community medicine to substitute MBBS is only to decieve the rural people and to throw mud on doctors.The latest move by the MCI is nothing but making mockery of the medical education.The only way to make MBBS doctors work in villages is to double the salary and protect them from quacks in the villages.

Comment by Dr.M.A. Jaleel
2012-09-25 16:20:18

Considering that the greater proportion of our population is still living in rural areas, BSc in Community Medicine is a good area. The nomenclature sould be changed to’ BSc in Rural Community Medicine’ , so that the prospective students get mentally prepared that they shall be requied to offer their services exclusively for the rural population.

Comment by Dr.Kingra
2012-09-25 16:22:45

I could not have said it better.Does the MCI think that the health of rural people is less important than the urbanites?What can happen is these half baked professionals will start treating patients a if they were doctors,just like the quacks do it now.The way to improve access to care is to have good health care centers in small towns.They will be easily accessible to the nearby villages.And much less undesirable to the doctors.Of course giving incentives to doctors who are posted in these centers would be neccessary.Also why not train nurses to become Nurse practitioner.Of course what will be crucial is the supervision by the Distric health authorities to make sure nobody is stepping beyond their capability.

Comment by K.Pavani
2012-09-26 06:32:22

India has reputation of having high level of corruption in all corners and departments. Already there are high number of quacks with a number of fake medical degrees in villages.The new course to be started by the MCI which does not have any elected member is really the handwork of politicians who want to get the name that they are very much interested in improving the health care in villages but the doctors are always opposing their move.

Comment by Dr. Ramesh Vardhan
2012-09-27 14:47:34

govt .of india can allow foreign companies to start new medical colleges like f d i in retail business . i am sure with in couple years we can have n number of medical colleges . other wise our own business men can start any number of colleges . instead of starting an sub standard medical schools like nursing schools at every nook & corner of the country. it seems govt. is bent upon to destroy the health care of this country by giving licence start sub standard health care system.. there is nexus between the hospitals , medical colleges & govt. agencies in squid ling public money . dr .ramesh vardhan.

Comment by DeB
2012-09-28 10:14:36

ONE STEP BACKWARD in health care in India.

Comment by Adv, Jiji S.
2012-09-28 10:32:29

This is an absurd most violation move by the government as well as MCI. This move violates the fundamental right of a person living in rural area. does that mean only urban rich need treatment by qualified doctors? why these rural people are not voters? this cannot be allowed at all. rural service for government medical college doctors should be made mandatory and only after completion of rural service they should be given certificates. this discrimination is pathetic. if community health is needed, nurses should be used. this needs wide discussion and thought before introduction.

Comment by chiranjeeb kakoty
2012-09-29 07:03:18

the government should have considered utilising the services of the GNMs and B.Sc Nurses to be in the communities rather than opening another discipline- the long term results may not be very rosy . this is like thinking two wrongs will make a right !!

Comment by SP
2012-10-04 23:42:17

We have huge population having space for everything. I personally think there should be 6 months, 1 year , 2 year, 3 year, 8 year,12 year and life time study, course in all departments specially in medicine. but there should be a board outside there clinic mentioning what they have did and also what benefit they have got, like caste, region or religion benefit all. let the people decide how much they want and what they want.
Our govt. and politicians are killing indirectly many people, which no doctor or quack can do ever. but no one is worried. actually in our country people love to be exploited. maximum people know the quacks but they go to them only for there treatment.
Everything in our country is corrupted. you wont believe I have seen many mbbs doctors who don’t know full form of mbbs even from govt. medical college . also mbbs doctors I have seen from private medical college don’t know all the ways of administering drugs and never prescribed medicine to any patient ever due to lack of patient in private medical college hospitals. condition of nurses are even worse. list will continue. We truly deserve much worst course than this. this course is tooooo good for us, Really!

Comment by Subal
2012-10-08 08:46:29

This is a very good step by the govt&mci.why a group of people(IMA&related)protesting it from the very begening?This people are great politician.

2012-10-09 14:39:25

this is very good step for this b.pharma and nursing must give entry in direct third year of course

Comment by U.Patchaiyappan
2012-11-01 17:21:39

Decision of the government is very brilliant because of Poor students will get Medical Education chance.
The immediate need of the rural peoples is only first-aid then they will go to malty-specialty hospitals.
Hence, the decision of BSC Community Health Science is 100% fulfill the basic need of the very base people of India

Comment by SDhorepatil
2012-11-02 00:07:03

Will this BSc in community health called Dr’s..? Are they going to practice clinical medicine ? if yes then we are lowering the level of quality care. If not ..then why not increase the number of present BSc Nursing/ BSc para clinical subjects post & fill in the gap..I think starting such newer courses is more of socio-political answers than the real cause benefit to the society at large!

Comment by dr. upendra soni
2012-11-28 18:53:41

Government and MCI must think course of general medicine for BHMS/BUMS/BAMS doctors. By taking this step Government and MCI save more money, time and power. By taking this step atleast qualified doctors serve rural people in place of partialy qualified persons.

Comment by Rajshekhar. Hammigi
2013-01-09 09:02:32

I challenge that it will work greater than MBBS

Comment by Abhimanyu Thakur
2013-02-14 20:04:31

Pharm.D doctors have the same syllabus as that of MBBS. Even they do 1 year hospital internship. They should be observed at PHC rather than introducing new courses.

Comment by d c das
2013-02-19 11:39:59

we have notice in health sector that many of mbbs doctor unable to practice properly in rural set up such as chc/phc. they practice only simple from of medicine even in emergency they unable to work properly and refer the patient to upgraded level. then what is the use of theoritical knowlledge that could practice only a certaine level.. we need a doctor having skill base knowlledge who can practice properly even a minimum level of dregre..

2013-03-12 15:28:38

congratulation with thanks to Mr.Ajad. minister of Health&F.W.India for the decission

Comment by ahmed
2013-04-06 16:05:12

Such medical practice cadre exist in east, central and south africa. they are called clinical officers in east and central africa. in south africa they are called clinical associates . even in the US they have this cadre and they call them physician assistants. in east and central africa they undergo a degree course called BSc in clinical medicine. This is a three yr course and one yr clinical attachment in an hospital. In south africa they do BSc in clinical medical practice at Pretoria university and the University of Witwatersrand in johannesburg. They treat patients and do almost everything a doctor does except major surgery like Cserian section. They have been doing very well here in east africa.

Comment by Dr. S. Dutta, Kolkata
2013-04-22 16:57:22

This type of course was in place earlier also, which was a total failure. Those three years community doctors (jokingly called as bare footed doctors) were not given any status or duties after they successfully cleared the course. During my service in one of the BPHC as M.O., I have seen them only drawing salaries without any specific job responsibilities. Moreover common people including hospital staff are very much aware of the discrimination, leading to humiliation of the community doctors in some cases. They cannot be the replacement of MBBS doctors.

It is better if BHMS, BUMS, BAMS doctors are posted in the rural health centres along with MBBS doctors.

Comment by Kabiru. Ibrahim
2013-06-16 06:15:11

I wonder how such an unintresting comments exist about this current development in india! Dont these foolish pple &anti-dev. knew that community health has long been in practice allover the world?With a very positive impact and benefit?Is indira ghandi open university not offering bsc community health as a course?Is it nt an indian sch?Is india more developed than uk&us?&they all have this cadre of health workers.Are mbbs drs nt human being like those of bsc u lk it or nt,it must be offered

Comment by jagan
2013-06-22 18:20:39

whether hipocratus is mbbs ? then y u accept quacks study

2013-07-13 13:23:55

when this add. start for bsc comunity health & science

Comment by Kartik kumar
2013-11-05 12:39:14

sir, how can i take admission in helth community ??? i have passed 12th with chemistry,biology and physics… so plzz sir tell me

Comment by Supreme
2013-11-05 16:03:10

It would have been better if we had had a “nurse practitioner” system here in stead of a separate cadre. But, with proper training and clear guidelines in place, this new cadre should be successful in tackling basic healthcare issues. But vigilance must be maintained, so the black-sheep amongst that these people don’t start rebranding themselves as “doctors.”

Comment by Bhemmesh
2013-11-17 22:57:13

Hai Sir We are the BscNursing graduates govt can give special training to us and utilize in community services we r ready to give services Plz try to revice this sir Azad sir

Comment by bhavana
2013-12-13 15:51:14

i m completed B Sc Nursing after how can i take admission in health community so plzz sir tell me

Comment by vaibhav bajpai
2014-04-30 05:27:56

sir i m diploma o t assistent pass out in year 2010. how can take admission in health ples sir tell me

Comment by viveksharma
2014-06-28 08:47:21

I am b.pharma plzz guide about bsc comunity health msc comunity health andrural doctor course pllz sir tell me

Comment by saket patel
2016-02-07 23:53:51

i already completed bsc nursing and 3 years experience from chennnai can i open clinic

Comment by tina
2016-06-18 15:21:07

What is the real purpose of bsc nursing? Cz even d bsc nursing graduates student too had undergone such rural health posting nearly 2 yrs ..One in 2nd yr n d other posting during 4th yr…where will the knowledge of 2 yrs rural health posting b used ? The govt shut look into d bsc n syllabus …hw we hv struggle n after graduate where is r respect…Cz fo public whether it is and or gnm or bsc nurse for them nurse is nurse…so I feel the shud b a particular post fo dis bsc n too in d society ..

Comment by Dr.Zabiulla
2016-12-19 17:19:16

Are all mbbs doctors are giving quality treatment….. Y always des doctors indulge in providing health care to rural people….. Bsc nursing personnel can also give better care dan u guys. These mbbs r getting fear dat it may reduce their private business.

Comment by DR.Siddhartha
2017-01-06 12:26:05

Learn ALL The Subjects Of MBBS and still these MBBS will say ,you can’t practice Medicine Because ONly MBBS has that right even if any other course have imparted the same knowledge. MBBS ,it’s like the Hizra Community.

The B.Sc in community Health learn exacly the same subjects and same knowledge along with more skills too,M.Sc in BioChemistry Got same and Exactly same Subjects as of An MD Biochemistry. Then what is the point of letting a MD biochemistry practice Medicine but CAnt?(ONLY MBBS AND MD’s GOT RIGHT TOO LOOT INNOCENT PATIENTS)




Comment by Dr.Biswajit Ghosh
2017-06-10 22:19:17

My name is Dr.Biswajit Ghosh passtheB.H.M.S.Under theWestbengal Homoeopathic Medical Council.andDipC.M.S&E.Dcorse in Khanakul this place is rural area.please inform me.

Comment by tekram nishad
2018-01-23 15:12:20

my name is tekram nishad from chhattisgarh , i passed MPHW , DPharma (NSDC), and BSc. in biology . i live in ruural area. i want to do commutnity medicine . do please suggest amd inform mo.

Comment by moshin
2018-01-30 22:55:18

So, what about the pharmacist who have well knowledge about drug . Why they allow the pharmacist to practice in the rural area….

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