Dr Sethulakshmi not qualified to remove dead foetus from womb?

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Deccan Chronicle reports that Dr T R Sethulakshmi, who operated on 26-year-old Nithya to remove a dead foetus from her womb, was neither a gynaecologist, nor a surgeon but an anaesthetist.

According to the report, Dr Sethulakshmi was an anaesthetist at the ESI Hospital in Thoothukudi and ran a clinic next to her house. Her name-board says she holds a MBBS degree with a diploma in anaesthesia (DA).

Dr Sethulakshmi was allegedly hacked to death in her clinic by a man whose pregnant wife in serious condition was treated by her and died en route to a hospital after she developed some complications, police said.

The man went to the clinic on January 2 and allegedly attacked the doctor while his three accomplices waited outside. All the four have been arrested.

“Such a complex case of intra-uterine death of 25-week foetus, with the patient developing life-threatening HELPP syndrome, must be attempted only in an ICU setting. This patient should have been handled by an obstetrician, not an anaesthetist,” a senior neonatal specialist told DC, under the condition of anonymity.

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Comment by Anonymous
2012-01-06 12:35:36

Lets get the facts out. Dr. Sethulakshmi (gynaecologist) was not the only one operating the lady. There were 3 doctors who were operating on the Lady. The lady had several complications before. Infact the lady had 3 abortions prior to this one. The husband of the Lady (Mahesh) has 2 prior murder convictions. This man is a cold blooded killer. What if this same incident happened to your mother or sister. Would you comment or think the same way. Dr. Sethulakshmi was a very kind woman and she has helped many in Tuticorin and NO ONE DESERVES what happened to her. Is this website even legit?

Comment by rashid
2012-01-07 19:12:40

The incident is very unfortunate. This is sn extreme criminal act
If Medical associations involve in regulating the medical profession to improve public health it will enhence their credibility.other wise they are treated like any other trade union

2012-01-09 00:22:45

the most disastarous act of murder commited by a habitual criminal under the influence of alcohol
might have been prevented by the local police if they have taken serious view of the murdered doctor’s husband’s complaints oraly given well before the incident.The doctor is aged above 50 and is well experienced in handling any o.g case and after assessing the patient’s condition had explained the future possible outcome of the patient to the relatives and directed to get her admitted in a bigger institution.The arguement that she is an esi doctor and not permitted to see and attend any emergeny
case coming to get her medical aid, is unacceptable and unjustifiable and against medical ethics.The murderer has come with a c/o of chest pain to attract the doctor to commit his crime

Comment by Desi Geek
2012-01-09 21:10:17

a) Dr Sethulakshmi is a qualified Doctor who has worked for 30 years.
b) A MBBS degree qualifies a person to perform surgery.
c) Nithya was in fact delivered by this Dr and her family was known to this Dr since then.
d) The Dr refused to treat Nithya and asked the family to take her to another hospital which had the proper facilities.
e) The murdered and others pressurised the Dr to treat Nithya since they could not afford the fees at the referred hospital.
f) The Dr personally took and admitted Nithya to the referred hospital but the result was beyond control an unfortunate.
g) The Dr was well known in the area and surrounding villages as compassionate and capable. She infact has helped out a lot of people by giving treatment for free or low cost.
h) The murderer is a history sheeter with previous record of murder, attempt to murder and other criminal activities.

Comment by don need t know
2012-01-11 01:14:19

Mr/Ms anonymous
swer did u collect des statistics frm,,.. ? dey r absolutely false.. the couple wer married 4 less den 6 months.. wers d question of 3 abortions.. the patient was a nurse herslf….n wats with d murder convictions….? he was given clean chit by police… dont cook up stories to defend a undeserving person.!

Comment by C.TS
2012-01-11 11:36:06

Dr.sethulaksmi not qualified to surgery.With mere MBBS degree if she is eligible to surgery why Physios cannot prescribe the investigation for diagnosis. In india DOCTORS are thinking they are god.
They are thinking that they should be highest earner in the society.Doctor is highest honor profession in the society.
This incident just reflection of that attitute.
There must well defined laws to protoct this nation people from doctor.

Just ask yourself whether she will do surgery in this manner to any of following person
1.congress president president
3.local MLA

Comment by KALAI
2012-01-11 12:14:56

the medical association keen on controling allied health profession, not even bother how their members are practising.With just MBBS qualification they become eligible to spinal and gyan surgery.
INdian medical association will allow this practice because Drs wants to make money.I am asking medical board for supporting for supporting such worst practice..

What is eviendece for chossing this surgery?
Is this properly documented?
If this happen in developed country , you know what is punihment ? I think that was she was given.

Defiently this is time for strong public health law to protect people and doctor.
law should protect both medicos and public and not just favour doctors.

Comment by nishanth sadhanala
2012-01-11 23:33:20

dis was really a worst situation losing a doctor whom so ever…even if she’s nt a obg gyn spclst wat’s wrong in performing a surgery…she might hav attnd thousands of c-sections durin her lyftym …
If only a splcst must perform surgry am sure der will be a lot of maternal mortality….if dat’s d mattr even a gynclgst must not perform a n ultrasound examination as he/she is not a radiologist..
Guyzz jus think before yu comment..

Comment by rock
2012-01-12 14:30:36

Hello my dear friend nishanth,

I think u must be a medical practioner. With this developed world there is enough specialist in india..if not india cannot be in competition for developed nation.
If you agree that mere MBBS qualification is just enough to practice any surgery to compensate lack of medical pracitioners.
then why should not give diagnostic rights to allied health professionals as in canada, australia .In india, medical association wants this professionals as their servents.
They will do any surgery and kill any vulenrable population and they will call for law to protect them
Simply doctors in india wants this,
prestige………as god
power…………. as hitler

Comment by Tom
2012-01-12 15:42:56

According to indian laws, MBBS degree qualifies a person to practice general medicine, general surgery and Obstetrics & Gynaecology. So Dr Sethulakshmi is qualified to practice OBG. Whether she is qualified to perform the surgery that she performed depends on how much experience she has in that particular surgery. From the news reports i understand that she has long years of expeience in OBG. So she definitely must have been doing this kind of surgery.
One should understand that in numerous government hopsitals in rural areas of our country, MBBS doctors are the ones who support the health system of which OBG care and Surgeries form the major chunk. So the argument that she did a surgery she was no qualified to do or is legally wrong is total crap.

Our congress president and politicians fly to the west for their treatment. so don’t talk about those people. The local doctor will definitely treat the other ‘important’ persons if they go to him/her for treatment.

Now, doctors are not gods. This is a fact that the public should understand. Doctors do not think they are Gods. In fact doctors know what all can go wrong in a surgery like this. They do take all necessary precautions to avoid complications. However at times things go out of hand. This does not mean that ppl take law into their hand and kill the doctor. If the doctor was so bad, how come she was running a successful practice for 25 years? How come she delivered thousands of babies by caesarean sections? if the reaction of the ppl is to kill the doctor, then why don’t they kill lawyers for losing their cases, politicians for corruption and dadagiri, bureaucrats for delaying their files, the milkman, plumber, grocery store man for their grievances?

there are enough laws in place to find and punish guilty doctors depending on the merits of the case. I am shocked to find people coming up with arguments supporting the murderer.

How would you have felt if the murdered doctor was you mother or sister?

Comment by rock
2012-01-13 07:22:42

Dear tom,
This is highly unfournate event, I deeply regret for the murder.
Here three lifes were lost, a staff nurse, a doctor and a foetus.
.But there are high learning points.

What will happen if this medical case is brought to the court in developed country,
1.what are complications that led Dr.sethu laksmi to decide for surgery at last movement?
2.Is her hospital is equipped with the facility for this surgery?
3.are there any near by hospital to do this surgery? is there time for to transport before to start of the surgery? then why she didnot carry this govt hospital as she is doctor there?
4.what are the complication which led to nithya”s death during the surgery? and why this complications are arise during surgery?
5.was surgery properly executed?
by your arugment that doctor has 25 years of practice that means
She can do surgery in outdated manner in rural area. who knows previous morality rate in this hospital?

There is law in this country to protect people and people doesnot aware of this .and doctor in rural area take advantage of it.
Dear doctor, please fight for good public health law,
improvement community health care
innovation in health care model
Just do not fight for your right and money.
LIfe is life whether it is rich educated doctor and poor innocent rural staff nurse.
law is law for every body.
ask your self if you were brtoher of nithya……….. before advising us to think

Comment by Tom
2012-01-14 06:22:00

Dear Rock

Making assumptions about something which you don’t have the faintest idea is the easiest thing one can do.Especially more so when you are happy blaming people. It is impossible for a non medical person to understand the complexities of human life and medical traetment. Anyway i will try to answer your questions but dunno how you will be able to imbibe

– A dead fetus retained inside a womb can lead to disastrous complications to the mother if not extracted. it can lead to altered physiology of hepatic, hematologic, renal and coagulation systems in addition to the high risk of infection. Any of these can be lifethreatening
– removing a dead fetus by surgery is no more complicated than a caesarean section surgery to deliver a beby.( and Caesarean sections were going on in that hospital for many years)
– Any patient can develop complication from any treatment. doctors do take precautions to prevent the preventable ones.
– All complications are NOT preventable. some are inevitable.
-The patient in this case probably has developed HELLP syndrome ( Hemolysis, Elevated Liver enzymes and Low platelets) which can be highly dangerous . please do some net search to really know about HELLP syndrome.
– This syndrome has a death rate of 2-3 % even in the best centres of the world.( that means 2 or three patients out of every 100 with this condition will die)
– HELLP syndrome patients die even in AIIMS, new delhi. (Now don’t tell me doctors in AIIMS don’t kno anything!!)
– why do you assume that the surgery was improperly executed or executed in an outdated manner, when it is clear that she has long years of experience. Did she suddenly become incompetent??? in fact, i read that this patient Nithya herself was delivered by this doctor. So all the patients and babies who got cared by this doctor must be accidents!!!
-we cannot compare the healthcare / courts in the west and that in India. Both work differently simply because of the large number of population here and the lack of infrastructure

Dear rock, complications are part of medical treatment and this is known to lay public. But it is naive to assume that all complications are due to mistakes by doctors or due to their incompetence. if a patient thinks that a doctor is incompetent, she should go to a doctor , whom she has confidence in.

Naturally there is a tendency among the ppl to criticise doctors because they think “doctors make lo of money”. but let me tell you, barring the big corporate hospitals, 80% of the doctors make only a fraction of what businessmen make.
now remember that one has to toil 6 yrs to get MBBS degree. another 3 years for postgraduate degree. countless years trying to get a PG seat. it will be atleast 40 years of age before a doctors starts to earn decent living. When you look rthe effort that they have put in reaching there, it probably evens out only after the doctor is more than 50 yrs.

Just think about it…

Comment by Rock
2012-01-14 08:09:01

Dear Tom,
Donot worry about explaining the facts on the medical complications to non medical person. Here with I have attached few facts on HELLP from the internet . Do you what me go thourgh pubmed to look for medicle article? what level of evidence you will accept? This is information tech era
So the propable cause of the death is HELLP? the definte cause? what is evidence?
Why did she carry out such a surgery in her clinic without any blood bank, dialysis and other facility?please note she tried to transfer the case to near by hospita in the middle of surgery ?
Please note I am not against doctors. just thinking on public safety.The network between doctors, pharma and diagnostics is raising the cost . no professional limit on attending medical case is delaying the outcome and even dangerous complications.

HELLP syndrome is a life-threatening obstetric complication usually considered to be a variant or complication of pre-eclampsia.[1] Both conditions usually occur during the later stages of pregnancy, or sometimes after childbirth. “HELLP” is an abbreviation of the three main features of the syndrome:[2]
Elevated Liver enzymes
Low Platelet count
Signs and symptoms
HELLP usually begins during the third trimester; rarely cases have been reported as early as 23 weeks gestation. Often, a patient who develops HELLP syndrome has already been followed up for pregnancy-induced hypertension (gestational hypertension), or is suspected to develop pre-eclampsia (high blood pressure and proteinuria). Up to 8% of all cases present after delivery.

Women with HELLP syndrome often “do not look very sick.”[3] Early symptoms can include:

In 90% of cases, either epigastric pain described as “heartburn” or right upper quadrant pain.[3][4]
In 90% of cases, malaise.[4]
In 50% of cases, nausea or vomiting.[4]
There can be gradual but marked onset of headaches (30%), blurred vision, and paresthesia (tingling in the extremities). Edema may occur but its absence does not exclude HELLP syndrome. Arterial hypertension is a diagnostic requirement, but may be mild. Rupture of the liver capsule and a resultant hematoma may occur. If the patient has a seizure or coma, the condition has progressed into full-blown eclampsia.

Disseminated intravascular coagulation is also seen in about 20% of all women with HELLP syndrome,[5] and in 84% when HELLP is complicated by acute renal failure.[6] Pulmonary edema is found in 6% of all women with HELLP syndrome,[5] and in 44% when HELLP is complicated by acute renal failure.[6]

Patients who present with symptoms of HELLP can be misdiagnosed in the early stages, increasing the risk of liver failure and morbidity.[7] Rarely, post caesarean patients may present in shock condition mimicking either pulmonary embolism or reactionary haemorrha
Diagnosis and classification
HELLP syndrome can be difficult to diagnose due to the variability of symptoms among patients (frequently patients have no symptoms other than general abdominal pain), and early diagnosis is key in reducing morbidity. If not treated in a timely manner, a mother can become critically ill or die due to liver rupture/hemorrhaging or cerebral edema.

In a patient with possible HELLP syndrome, a batch of blood tests is performed: a full blood count, liver enzymes, renal function and electrolytes and coagulation studies. Often, fibrin degradation products (FDPs) are determined, which can be elevated. Lactate dehydrogenase is a marker of hemolysis and is elevated (>600 U/liter). Proteinuria is present but can be mild.

In one 1995 study, a positive D-dimer test in the presence of preeclampsia was reported to be predictive of patients who will develop HELLP syndrome.[7][8]

The diagnostic criteria for and subtypes of HELLP vary across studies, which “makes comparison of published data difficult.”[1] The classifications include:

Criteria developed at the University of Tennessee:[4][9]
HELLP is characterized by hemolysis on peripheral blood smear with serum lactate dehydrogenase >600 IU/L; serum aspartate aminotransferase >70 IU/L; and platelet count 50,000 and ≤100,000 cells/μL, and class 3 HELLP syndrome featured mild thrombocytopenia with a platelet nadir between >100,000 and ≤150,000 cells/μL.”
Criteria developed at the University of Mississippi, as of 2006: “For a patient to merit a diagnosis of HELLP syndrome, class 1 requires severe thrombocytopenia (platelets ≤50,000/μL), evidence of hepatic dysfunction (AST [aspartate aminotransferase] and/or ALT [alanine aminotransferase] ≥70 IU/L), and evidence suggestive of hemolysis (total serum LDH ≥600 IU/L); class 2 requires similar criteria except thrombocytopenia is moderate (>50,000 to ≤100,000/μL); and class 3 includes patients with mild thrombocytopenia (platelets >100,000 but ≤150,000/μL), mild hepatic dysfunction (AST and/or ALT ≥40 IU/L), and hemolysis (total serum LDH ≥600 IU/L).”
The only effective treatment is prompt delivery of the baby. Several medications have been investigated for the treatment of HELLP syndrome, but evidence is conflicting as to whether magnesium sulfate decreases the risk of seizures and progress to eclampsia. The DIC is treated with fresh frozen plasma to replenish the coagulation proteins, and the anemia may require blood transfusion. In mild cases, corticosteroids and antihypertensives (labetalol, hydralazine, nifedipine) may be sufficient. Intravenous fluids are generally required. Hepatic hemorrhage can be treated with embolization as well if life-threatening bleeding ensues.

The University of Mississippi standard protocol for HELLP includes corticosteroids.[12] However, a 2009 review found “no conclusive evidence” supporting corticosteroid therapy,[1] and a 2010 systematic review by the Cochrane Collaboration also found “no clear evidence of any effect of corticosteroids on substantive clinical outcomes” either for the mothers or for the newborns

he outcome for mothers with HELLP syndrome is generally good. With treatment, maternal mortality is about 1 percent. However complications have been observed, including placental abruption, acute renal failure, subcapsular liver hematoma, and retinal detachment.[5]

Comment by Newman
2012-01-15 10:22:22

Dear Tom,

Please do not think by writing medical terminologies you can convince the general public any error done by any physician as something that should be accepted.

The death of the physician is unfortunate, but the physician was not under pressure or duress to do the surgery. As a good physician, she should have foreseen the complications and the inadequacies in her clinic and advised the patient to go to other qualified hospitals. That is what the ethics of the common man says.

Suppose if the dead Nithya is a physician’s sister or any blood relative and if Nithya family is rich, and if the death had occurred, what would have been the outcome?

I want you to know about Dr. Kunal Saha. Please do a net search and imbibe the effects of a medical negligence that happened and the results of it.

In India, physicians, not all, generally want to be above law. The illiteracy in out country makes it possible.

Comment by veera
2012-01-15 14:51:12

clean chit by police? he is a henchman has two murder records and has accepted the crime many times. wtf is clean chit by police? are you his lawyer. shame on you to even support a murderer vs a doc who has saved thousands of lives. she is not a nurse you idiot. Wonder what you contribute to society apart from sheltering thieves and murderers.

Comment by veera
2012-01-15 14:56:25

you cannot always predict every outcome of an operation. if it were that simple anyone can be a doctor. not everyone can afford an expensive hospital. she is a 30+years experienced doctor so she will have much better judgement than others.

Comment by warrior
2012-01-16 07:30:00

idiot veera,
We are not supporting murder. we are just saying Dr.sethu laksmi not acted as per humanity ethics.
She is not running hospital as non profit base. it was hospital running for 100% profit base.
then all the conumer law is applicable.

in tamilnadu clinics surgeries are carried out even with out qualified operation theatre professional. .. somedoctors are supporting this practice to boost their idiot is not oppsing and just supporting those kind of practice to make money. If it is surgery which has major complications that cannot be preventable even settings like AIMS what makes her to decide to do surgery in her clinic without blood bank , dialysis , plasma transfusion and etc….
In Tamilnadu the clinics are carrying out surgery with doctors and operation theatre professional are those who failed in 10th and 12th std. their are controlling infection , monitiring vitals …..adminstrating drugs…are you opposing this view, just tell me any town or village
i will show 15 clinics if it is town atleast 2-3 if it is small town or village.

My personal experience in ramanathapuram in one clinic cardiac stress test carried out by a person who is 10th std failed.; with famous doctor doing consultation in two floors up with out even lift or ramp facilites

donot call us idiot…… we are no more fool …no more fear…..
just raising to protect from this medical practice…..i sincerely thank cdoctors who support our health with true concern.

Comment by George Thomas
2012-01-16 08:25:31

Here there are two extremely unfortunate events:
1. The death of the patient (it appears that the foetus was already dead).
2. The killing of the doctor.
In any civilised society, we expect all citizens to follow the law, and the law does not permit us to decide punishment ourselves, least of all an extreme act like killing another person.
From the available facts, it appears incontestable that the doctor was, at the least, unwise, to have carried out the procedure that she did. We do not know the circumstances which caused her to do this. I am a medical practitioner who spent twenty years working in Railway Hospital, and now, for the last few years, I am in private practice. It is not true to say that ALL doctors are always only after money. Many procedures which require a lot of equipment are very expensive. Patients press the doctor to do the procedure without being fully aware of the risks, and the doctor, knowing that the complications arise only sometimes, takes the risk in order to keep the cost down. Of course, even in the best equipped centres, deaths can occur, because, as one comment pointed out, not all problems are treatable. Note that the article says death can occur in 1% in HELPP. It is never zero percent. When this occurs to someone you know all you think of is that 99% do not die, why it happened to me?
The fundamental problem really is that we do not have an organised health care system. In an organised system, there would be a primary care physician who would take care of the day to day problems. There would be a clear and workable referral system such that patients with serious problems are treated only in appropriate facilities. Such systems exist throughout Europe. We have to ask ourselves why, so many years after independence, we have not established such a system. We have to force the government to establish such a system. The present lack of a system is not good for patients , not good for doctors.

Comment by veera
2012-01-16 08:29:20

So dont drag the doctor with very good ethics into this. This doc went to MMC and that should help you understand. She has done 1000s of deliveries and does a lot of free service for really poor people. What do you contribute to society? Even that murderer auto driver wont drive his auto for free. Do you think that idiot can afford a large private establishment? If he could, he would have gone there. Will you sponsor the grassroots folks? Right. I didnt think so. She didnt ditch the woman, she accompanied her all the way when it became complicated. She has 30 years of experience, more than that idiots age. So she is not stupid, especially being a chief as well. I agree there are some black sheeps but dont pull her into it without knowing her.
And it is this barbaric warrior mentality that is destroying civility and humanity in that region.

Comment by warrior
2012-01-16 09:57:25

hello veera,
Why I should not question her practice?
There is clear viloation medical and human ethics.. if you belive not so… Then please try to publish this kind of practice in international health journal ….. i think eveyone will follow this practice to promote their country health and well being . they will present nobel praize to the doctor for promoting rural health care.

who is idoit? it is easy call others idiot but to relaise what they are speaking. I think you are the first to call others as idoit on this conversation.
who is barbarian…. who is asking people to think for their rights
who is educated and cheating the people with complicated lanuage….

Which will improve humainity in the rural and innocent society …. whether eduaction and prompting awarness or theratening with law and asking the people to belive that doctor will always speak truth and nobody should not question them.

Comment by Kumar
2012-01-16 11:57:28

Did any one of you know that the said accused has two murder cases in 2006 and 2008 pending against him? The law never allows other to kill. There are plenty of cases where the life of the patient is beyond the control of the doctors. It is good idea that for every death which is taking place owing to inevitable situation beyond the control of doctors, the relatives of the patients should be encouraged to kill practising doctors. It is good idea. Never ever, the doctor allows the patient to be killed. He always tries to save the patient. Please understand that. There are some unscrupulous elements in doctors as well. Not all of them are unscrupulous and they do follow medical ethics. If nithya were admitted in private hospitals of repute, and if this incident had taken place in the said hospitals, can the accused dared enough to murder the people working in it? People will suck his blood. Dr.Sethulakshmi had become a sitting duck for the sinsiter designs of the accused since she being a lady, did not expect the plot of killing executed by the accused

Comment by veera
2012-01-16 12:44:41

I called the person an idiot since she claimed that the person who died was a nurse, which is untrue, and for justifying a history sheeter murderer/henchman (2 time murderer which is public knowledge) I dont know why you are getting offended unless you are associated with him or feel that what he has done is right.
If you think you honestly are not either of these then you are human enough to reason with, else you fall in the general bucket of illiterate barbarians.

You have to understand medical practice in india is a wide range. Not a lot of people can afford top notch care, which is affordable only by the filthy rich folks. For the middle class you have moderate private healthcare. For the really poor, they will go to any place that will do it for free (Govt hospitals). But for all others their lifeline is the so called affordable private clinics and hospitals, which I am sure try their best to save people like any other business. If you have a bad record, trust me the word gets around and you wont survive. So if you think that all these private clinics should be shut down then you will be responsible for killing a lot of people who cannot be served by the govt hospitals which are overloaded. I dont know what profession you are in but if you can vouch for a 100% predictable result with a cost that is affordable by the grassroots then thats great. As for the doctor speaking truth, I dont know what you are trying but the doctor wont try to kill, they try to save. Can I know what you do to understand how you think that everything has a 100% success rate?

Comment by Kumar
2012-01-16 14:04:52

Can any one talk about practising ethics for cold blooded murderer of the accused Mahesh? Can any one of you go and teaching him why the accused Mahesh killed two innocent lives prior to the killing of Dr.T.R.Sethulakshmi? Let us introsepct ourselves prior to writing biased views. Mr.Warrior should have gone to the accused Mahesh and should have taught him not to kill other in 2006 and 2008 since killing others is unethical. If this were the case, accused could not have killed and commited those cold blooded murders in 2006 & 2008 before killing the third one Dr.T.R.Sethulakshmi.

Comment by Tom
2012-01-16 15:46:22

Dear Rock and Newman

Dear Rock: Great that you are tech savvy enough to do a net search on HELLP and copy paste from wiki. but did you understand what is written there?
Please note the following lines from the article: “HELLP syndrome is a life-threatening obstetric complication ”
“The outcome for mothers with HELLP syndrome is generally good. With treatment, maternal mortality is about 1 percent”
Mortatlity= death. The above statements mean that one patient out of every hundred will die no matter whatever we do. there is no point in having even the highest level of evidence and pubmed and blah blah blah unless you can intelligently interpret it…..
The patient in the case in question did not have HELLP syndrome at the outset of treatment . it was only during and after surgery that she developed features of the syndrome. You do not need a dialysis unit and all the hi tech facilities to do a surgery. the surgeon needs to make sure that adequate blood is available from other blood banks. Now do you know that Dr Sethulakshmi did not do that?.
if surgery is to be conducted in places only with all those facilities, then all the Community health centres in India(lakhs of them) will have to be closed. our country just cannot do that.

Now if you ask me what is the definite cause of death and evidence- Only autopsy can tell that. And i did not do the autopsy.
Dear Newman:
Please do not confuse between complications and medical negligence. They are not the same. All complications are not medical negligence. Please read the following para from the Indian journal of medical ethics.

However, no human being is perfect and even the most renowned specialist could make a mistake in detecting or diagnosing the true nature of a disease. A doctor can be held liable for negligence only if one can prove that she/ he is guilty of a failure that no doctor with ordinary skills would be guilty of if acting with reasonable care (3). An error of judgement constitutes negligence only if a reasonably competent professional with the standard skills that the defendant professes to have, and acting with ordinary care, would not have made the same error (4).
In a key decision on this matter in the case of Dr Laxman Balkrishna Joshi vs Dr Trimbak Bapu Godbole, the Supreme Court held that if a doctor has adopted a practice that is considered “proper” by a reasonable body of medical professionals who are skilled in that particular field, he or she will not be held negligent only because something went wrong.
Doctors must exercise an ordinary degree of skill (5). However, they cannot give a warranty of the perfection of their skill or a guarantee of cure. If the doctor has adopted the right course of treatment, if she/ he is skilled and has worked with a method and manner best suited to the patient, she/ he cannot be blamed for negligence if the patient is not totally cured (6)
Sections 80 and 88 of the Indian Penal Code contain defences for doctors accused of criminal liability. Under Section 80 (accident in doing a lawful act) nothing is an offence that is done by accident or misfortune and without any criminal intention or knowledge in the doing of a lawful act in a lawful manner by lawful means and with proper care and caution. According to Section 88, a person cannot be accused of an offence if she/ he performs an act in good faith for the other’s benefit, does not intend to cause harm even if there is a risk, and the patient has explicitly or implicitly given consent.

Dear Newman
Please do not mistake medical complications with medical negligence. They are simply not the same. The facts of the case in question are not fully revealed yet. No doctor will willfully try to harm his/her patient. The merits in such a case can only be judged by a expert medical panel and not by a lay person. Naturally the relatives of the patient will be aggrieved and so is the doctor having lost one of his/her patients. But they cannot judge what actually led to the death. Please note that I am not supporting cases of medical negligence. All I am arguing is that only an expert panel can decide on the merits of a case.
Killing the doctor does not help anybody’s cause. The act of killing Dr Sethulakshmi is Barbaric and cannot be justified with any stretch of arguments from your part.

Comment by raaja
2012-01-16 16:36:52

Mr Warrior is pathetic. It is asif DrSethulakshimi brought the patient to her nursing home by invitation and iperted againt the will of her family members. People who support crime are also criminals Dr dare not attend any emergency in future

Comment by R. K. TRIPATHI
2012-01-16 22:30:16

Dr. Sethulaxmi’s murder should bring certain unresolved problems to the fore in the minds of right thinking people as first this murder was a premeditated coldblooded heinous crime by a habitual murderer who had already murdered two persons before this and was still roaming free to murder third person- a doctor who tried to save the life of his wife but unfortunately did not succeed. the best part was that the dr. tried to transfer the patient to another hospital where probably she could have been saved. long back when famous actress- smita patil died in mumbai- of more or less similar complications(i.e. septicemia) then nobody bothered because probably she lived in civilised educated society who understood the correct perspective. i wish public could understand the problems of doctors who are working in the remote corners of India and serving the humanity at large. Proper education and public awareness can mitigate our problems to certain extent but government and legal protection to doctors as well as patients for their rights should be fought for at right forum and pedestals.

Comment by warrior
2012-01-17 08:36:30

hello all above doctors,
Please ccontiue your noble prctice with person who failed in12th std to do pre operative procedure and follow up .. talk for commision with medical reps…

please ignore your …… …..{ whatever u want to fill up here}

What curse on me to be here,…. oh god they will sue me with law …

I have no money to fight with your mighty….

Just dreaming true innovative holistic approach in health care ….. … one day… to be realised… Atleast india is decomcrazy..
OH Almighty doctors ….. …… Are u people are happy now?
any way it is last comment on this net…..

Comment by Kumar
2012-01-17 09:57:57

Warrior must be a hard core criminal since he recomments and supports the action of the accused Mahesh. Mr.Warrior has to go to the murdered Mahesh and teach him ethics in life. Will he do it.

Comment by screw you
2012-01-18 00:55:10

i am really shocked to see some of them supporting that murderer….dr.sethulakshmi was a well reputed doctor…well. i read in an above comment that doctors think that they are gods…no that is crazy talk…do any of the so called normal citizens know how hard it is in a medical profession…to cope up with the studies and patients….u say medical profession is for profit..of course oit is…nobody studies for 10 years and gives a free treatment….

Comment by Raja
2012-01-19 12:05:18

As per the reports, Dr. Sethulakshimi was in the ‘death trap’ when the patient Nithya was brought to her nursing home. The Dr. was reportedly pressuried to accept the case because of the clientale of Nithya’s mother and family. Murderer mahesh and family were volatile from the begining when the Dr. was waiting to get the other specilists.

Even if the Dr. had rejected this case, the patient in any case would have been dead as her condition was very serious and the 6 months foetus was also almost dead. What had happened at the residence of the patient is not known for bringing the patient in a serious condition. The murderer mahesh would have in any case killed this doctor if she (Dr) had not attended the case in time of emergency. (As a contract killer, he needs to kill someone, therefore he killed this poor harmless lady Dr.). And warrior kind of fellows would be arguing why the Dr. did not attend. He would also argue since the patient is poor, the Dr refused to attend. The moral of the story, there is no place for the Good People in the society.

Now the murderer Mahesh trusts some Advocate, if advocate fails to save his life, he would also be killed. Since our legal system is a complete failure, his advocate would definitely win the case and get him the freedom and thereby save the lives of Advocates.

Comment by Dr.john
2012-02-17 20:26:02

A dr can do what she did a rural area where specialists in that field are NOT available, but in place like Tuticorin ,where specialists are available she must refer the patient there, it is medical ethics. A dr should know his r her limitations.

Comment by Vijay
2012-02-22 13:14:37

To C TS:
1. Are the abovementioned people “common man”?
2. The people you mentioned can easily afford the ten times-hundred times the medical expense of hi-fi specialists. No, Dr Sethulakshmi would not be likely to perform surgery on them, for obvious reasons.
3. The Govt. trains 8th Class pass ladies and “ayah”s and “Dai”s to perform delivery in villages.
4. Will any of your mentioned people- MLA/President etc. get their kin’s delivery by a half-educated dai, however well trained and experienced the Dai may be?
5. Cine actors etc earn in crores, whereas Army/Defence people/Well ntentioned Doctors are paid pittance in comparison to their efforts. Think of this when you say that “Doctors think they should be highest paid”. Yes, some of them SHOULD be.

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