AIIMS neurosurgery department acquires Rs 25 crore worth MRI machine BrainSuite

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The neurosurgery department of All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi has procured BrainSuite, a suite of image analysis tools designed to process magnetic resonance images (MRI) of the human head. The machine has two components — an intra-operative MRI machine and an attached image-guided surgical device, both costing around 12.5 crore each. The machine was inaugurated by AIIMS director Dr R C Deka on Monday.

Dr A K Mahapatra, head, neurosurgery department, AIIMS, said, “This (BrainSuite) will help us take multiple 3D MRI scans of the area of the brain as we operate, magnified on a giant digital flat panel. It will increase the precision of neurosurgery enormously as it will show the position and size of the tumour even as we operate on it. With images to guide us, the risk of damage to the motor and speech areas of the brain will also come down drastically.”

Till now, neurosurgeries at AIIMS were done on the basis of MRI scans taken outside the operation theatre. During surgeries, doctors had to rely on what they saw after the skull was opened up. An associate professor of neurosurgery at AIIMS said, “Some times, when a portion of a tumour is removed, its position may shift a bit as the spinal fluid is drained. This mechanical device is designed to guide doctors through such situations during surgery.” [Source: Indian Express]

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